How to Watch March Madness On Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV & More (Updated March 2018)

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“Everybody luke from core cars news. March. Is here meaning spring is right around the the corner. And even better march madness is almost here even if you re not big sports fan.

I know a lot of people like to watch march madness. Even if this is the only time of the year they watch college basketball. The good news is you don t need expensive cable subscription to watch march madness. It has never been easier you never have had more options as a court cutter to watch the games and today.

I wanted to show you how to do it legally on roku. Apple tv fire tv. And more. So let s kind of dive in here.

And take a look at it now right off the bat. Many of the biggest games of march madness are on cbs. Now you can stream cbs on services like hulu. Directv now youtube tv and playstation view depending on your market.

But typically if i m most people one or more of these services will carry cbs in your market. There s also cbs all access. If you live in one the rare markets that don t have any of them offering cbs. I would go though if you want a streaming option with the directive analogy youtube playstation view because they will also give you the other cable networks you need.


But hey if you can and in tennis. The best way to watch cbs. 2 reasons better picture quality you can never get a better image than with an intent of personal opinion. There.

But i hear a lot of people say that you can also watch it without delay did you know even cable networks have a slight delay out there the technology required to reprocess it and send it back to your home. And it s a tiny bit of delay to it so i recommend if possible get an antenna and watch it on your antenna over the air for free and great hd with the least amount delay now don t run out to the store and buy any random antenna for instance. If you buy an indoor antenna and it turned out you live in a market. Where you need an outdoor.

You just wasted money the other way around you may say hey i m just gonna buy the biggest and ten. I need when you may only be a few miles from the cbs transmitter and a paperclip may get it. What you want so i highly recommend go to antenna recommendations uncom antenna recommendations comm. I ll link to it in the show notes down below.

Enter your address. See what type of antenna. You need before you go to the store. Before you buy one that will save you a lot of headache of wasting money either buying the wrong antenna or over buying an antenna so check that out right there.

But hey not all the games are on cbs media games are on tnt. Tbs and trutv. The good news is core cars have more options than ever stream league s youtube tv. Just added these networks about two weeks ago.


Now. When i m recording this hulu sling tv places review and directv now all offer these networks. So i highly recommend you check these out now. If you re new to the this world.

And you haven t subscribed to one of these in the past. I recommend trying them all one at a time. I often hear people say oh well i took advantage of the free trials for all of them at once i subscribe to two or three or sometimes five at once don t do that it s very hard to give them an honest test. If you re doing multiple live tv services trying them out at once you know they start at 25 a month for these services with sling tv if you re a hulu subscriber already you can add their live service for 32 if you have an 18 t.

Unlimited subscription. You can get directv. Now with 15 off a month. They also are running great device deals out there playstation view starts at 40 and the best part is many of these offered dvr sling tvs extra fee hulu youtube tv and playstation view have it included different restrictions apply there so make sure you are aware that so.

If you want to be able to dvr a game and watch. It later you know if you work during the day. Hey i feel yeah i work too and now always able to watch the games. When i want.

But i ll keep that mind check tv. Now it does have a dvr in beta. It s gonna be 20 hours for free a hundred hours of you pay i m not sure that s gonna come out to everybody increasingly. Though it s easier than ever to get access to that dvr beta.


But i won t promise you it ll be public to everybody before march madness starts in 2018. So keep that in mind get the service. That s right for you they all offer the same sports ones for march madness. It s really come down to you know if you have an antenna sling is probably your best cheapest option.

If you don t you may want to look at like a drink scooby now places view hulu youtube tv and see if it has cbs in your market. The other one out there the option to keep in mind is the march madness. App. Now there is some free content.

Here. It s not a hard percent free. Though you do need a login with a pay tv provider. I believe playstation view.

Once again will be included don t count me in that but other streaming services. I believe will others will not the reality is if you have sling tv or youtube tv. You already have an app on your phone that will allow you through a slim tv app through the youtube app to stream. The games on networks like t.

And t. The so i don t really you know this is cool that they have an official app. But if you re using a streaming service. They will allow you have a phone or tablet app and stream it through their app.


Too but it s here they often have free content included and more if you log in so keep that in mind wanted to include that option well there you go. It s that simple march madness is covered you are able to watch the games. And not have to pay long term contracts so watch pay for it when you want it don t pay for it. When you don t that s the great freedom.

A core cutting out there is the ability to watch those games. Watch the network s when you want it subscribe to the services. When you want it no device fees no long term contracts. If you have a suggestion or a question leave it down below hit that thumbs up we ll really appreciate it if you re thinking about becoming a core cutter hey join us every wednesday at 8 pm.

Eastern. I would really appreciate it your support is great we are live on youtube every wednesday 8 pm. Eastern for bount hour answering your corcoran related questions what devices should you get trying to help answer questions are you looking for something. In particular.

Hey. I m here to be your resource to help you get the most out of your core coding experience. So hit that thumbs up it helps me share this with your friends a lot people know you don t need to agree to a two year contract to watch march madness. ” .


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