How to use Scuf Vantage on PC Fortnite

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” s up guys in this video. I m going to show you how to get get the scuff image working on your pc. And then after that i m gonna you the best key vines to use on for tonight with the scuff vantage. So make sure you thumbs up share the content comment.

If you have any questions and subscribe. If you haven t already thank you guys alright guys so we re gonna jump right into this you re gonna need this link right here i ll put in the description for you guys just got to scroll down how to set up your scuff image on pc hit download. Now see this pops up right here you just hit save you see it down here. It s loading and pop.

It up. Yes. Agree need both of those checked next that s where it saves up it s installing boom boom boom and completed closed. It s that easy.

It s all you have to do alright. So the next thing i ll do we re gonna go ahead and set up our paddles and our sacs buttons on the scuff vantage for the key binds so i got this made up here for you guys. So. This is gonna be your right hand right here.

And this will be your left hand. So i ve x square circle right on the d pad triangle and then down on the d pad. As well so go ahead and do those mmm. If you guys don t know how to set the key binds on the scuff in and just super.

Easy. What you do is on the bottom. There s a switch you ll switch it to the right and then once you do that let s say we re gonna do x. We re gonna hold down the paddle we want to barn.

So we ll hold it down..

Then we ll hold x let go of x. Didn t let go with a paddle and then switch it back to the left. And you ll just do that for every one of these and then we ll jump into fortnight here in a second alright guys so we got the controller on our pc. You can see right here moving it around and then we also got the paddles set up next thing.

We want to do is go to the settings go up here first thing you have to do is sprint by default. That s a must gotta have that on and then i would go ahead and copy the rest of my settings. Just because i feel like these are the best they help the most control at a whole time that s not important actually. I had that on to for a certain reason.

So i put it on two or higher. Nothing lower just go ahead and make sure you have all those you don t need to copy the sensitivities because i play on a pretty high sensitivity. So it might not be comfortable for some people. Just work.

With what s comfortable for you okay. It running over here to the controller. I ll go ahead and switch to the vantage. Now okay so go out down to custom over here.

I went ahead and moved the emote picker from bottom to the left just because that s how i ve always has done it so we ll make that emote picker on the left will make the right deep add edit bottom d pad. Interact place marker. I went ahead and put it right here since i don t need to sprint anymore. I ve got a sprint by default on so i don t need that to say sprinter auto sprint.

Anymore over here on square really important switch it to reload circle switch mode edit you can actually just put that on switch mode. Only you don t need to edit on there since we edit with our right d pad. Now and then the rest will say this time go to build controls make sure this stays is edit. We re gonna make this trap.

Picker place interact and our square..

Will actually be our change material trap. I think before the change material trap was one of the deep ads or something. Which is really hard to like run around and switch and materials and traps. So it s really easy let s put this square.

You ll use your paddle to switch it so let it be easy edit controls make sure you have this for your confirm and then that should all there should be all you need on this one just make sure that s confirmed build controls yeah. Common controls yep dead. Zone mmm. If you ve had problems.

With your scott vantage. Where you kind of just kind of spin around or walk forward. When you re not touching the controller. Just raise this up a little.

Bit i think mine was at like. Point 8 or 09. And i was having that problem so i moved it up just to point 11 or point. 12.

And it stopped immediately so that s a quick fix for that when i sang so once you finish all these going through there copy all those and you go ahead and go to close that this is gonna pop up and so let s say please find the sprint such auto sprint. Just ignore that it doesn t matter. We ve got sprint by default on so that won t affect us any just click out of it and then you re good to go alright guys so we re in the game with all our key vines and paddle set. When something go ahead and show you like the reason behind.

Why we do like what we did ok so what we re gonna do is since we shot right there we ll act like we just shot somebody here. We ll say this is their loot say i want to reload. Because there s somebody else coming from a different direction. If i tried to reload normally.

I would pick this up on accident and now i don t have a shotgun right i don t want that so if we have square and just as our reload..

Now we reload. While we re looking all this loot and we actually reload. We don t pick anything up on accident. That is why we swapped our reloaded and interact different buttons.

And this is a definite must it helps so much especially in tough situations. So definitely make sure you try to that get used to it and just keep practicing all right guys so i m gonna teach you how to put the traps down real quick so say we re in a box. Put your builds out your right sacks button. Is down on the arrow.

Which you can see that s our traps. That s actually how you ll place your traps down. It s super quick super easy once again you want to let go of the joystick you want to let go of the trigger. It s perfect.

Let s say you need to change materials. Before you would have to like jump maybe and like use your d pad blah blah blah to switch materials. Which is kind of tough now you just tap your back paddle with the square and get while you re running it s super easy you can do it in the middle of the fight. If you had to say you re building up like oh.

I m getting kind of high and what steel super easy so be sure make sure you practice that son get used to that it ll help a lot alright guys. So the other thing. We did was we have a specific edit button. Now you can see that right here s our right on d pen.

If i hit circle to try to build or something. I don t accidentally edit a wall. I pull my builds out every time so right on the d pad your edit. Ronde pads are confirmed.

Which is also this button reginald to the left let s do that real nice real simple look at you to that really quick next thing..

We did was hmm. We have our ping as our left stick. So just click your left stick down you see right there. It says cancel your marker.

So this is really easy you don t to let go the joystick let s say there s somebody over there you jump ping them over there double thing for the enemy stuff like that super simple we have our triangle as our left sex button. The reason we have it is our left over our right. Is because obviously if your pointer pick. X.

Out. You probably want to farm. Something. So you do that on the left side.

So that way you don t have to move your right finger right so. While your left finger is moving over it your right finger is already on the trigger super. Quick. We don t have to let go with the right trigger always ready always keeping your thumbs on the sticks.

Super. Important. So i think that s about it for this video. Guys hope you enjoyed up this helped you guys out please.

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