How To Use iPhone 30 Pin Adapter to Lightning Review

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“Right part of my set up inside of my car. I like to plug in in my phone as i m driving because i listen to music all the time. I also use my phone for navigation. So i don t want to have a dead battery.

Whenever i get out of my car. So i have it set up as a wire this new car. It actually has bluetooth which is nice. But i never use it i don t like the way the bluetooth how slow it reacts when i want to change music or i also don t like it when somebody calls into my phone and everybody in my car can see who s calling.

So that s why i choose not to use the bluetooth. I use the auxilary outlet and in order to have that i have an iphone 7 to hook it up into the car. I bought this this little contraption any i bought this when i had the old iphone. I think it was an iphone floor.

And it has this old pin setup right here..

The new iphones. As you probably know have this new little setup. Here so the auxiliary cable that i use it s a mix between a charger and it s like a y cable. If i guess it it s a charger and auxilary outlet and then it just goes into your phone.

Here anyhow. So i have this old accessory. I didn t want to buy a new one actually i couldn t find a new one so i went ahead and bought this little guy right here. So.

This is the converter for iphones so on this side. It has the female mount for the old iphone chargers and then on this side it has the new new iphone charging male attachment so that s it so all of your old charging cables you can still use. But you have to buy this though generally if i didn t use it for my car. I wouldn t have bought this this is actually pretty expensive.

I think i paid around 40 which is quite a bit but for my job..

I spend a lot of time in the car. So it s important for me to i guess be comfortable in my car. I ve had this one for about probably about two and a half years as you can see it s kind of worn and torn it s a little dirty and right here. The cable is starting to worn out.

We re out. I m sure he s more than started. It s pretty much gone. So i went ahead and bought a new one which we can take a look at right now all right so.

This is my new cable lightning to 30 pin adapter. So i was struggling for the word earlier. But this the lightning cable. This is a 30 pin cable.

So as you can see in the picture..

They just kind of they re connected just like we looked at. But this is the genuine apple product. I usually buy apple products if i can find it the main reason is because i believe apple put a patent on these attachments. So if you buy a knockoff or aftermarket one a lot of times.

It won t work the computer. The phone won t read it so i had to purchase the genuine apple product here s what the box looks like here s the instructions so lightning to 30 pin adapter shows the different outlets and then basically what the setup. And what it s for so you can use your old chargers pop it in here and work on your new iphones. A little bit about the company there in cupertino on the side yeah.

So that s some information about what its compatible with yeah. Let s go ahead and take a look inside all right so it looks like it has this was on some sort of display. This is how they sold it to me has this like an only good safety really let you know if somebody had opened it so i just killed that off take this to work with one hand here. Packaging is usually pretty nice for apple products.

40 for one freaking cable and this is the new cable..

So it s it just a little cable let s take a look at both of them side by side side by side on the bottom is a brand new cable and on the top is about two and a half maybe two two and a half years on the top. So it s kind of like looking into the future isn t it this one at the top. I would still continue to use it. But it started to wear out the cable was not charging the phone every single time that i plugged it in that s why i had to purchase a new one here alright.

So basically that s what it looks like on once its installed. So you can just set it up with any of the old iphone chargers and then it just connects right in so this is an iphone 7 and as you can see it fits right in just perfectly alright. So. There you have it that s the lightning to 30 pin adapter for all of your old iphone accessories hope you liked the video and you found it useful if so click thumbs up and i hope to see you on the next video thanks again for watching.

” ..

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