How to Upgrade RAM on HP Pavilion

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“Guys hu kairosoft here coming at you with a video on how to upgrade your your hp pavillion g. Seven ram. So first thing you want to do you want power off your piece on in windows. 8.

Like me. It is very self explanatory just go to the charm bar power shutdown power light on the power button is off ensuring that computer is off make sure you unplug any usb ports in your plugged in so here s my keyboard i mean my mouse here s my keyboard here is my fan and my power bi charging cable. All the reason you want to do this is because you re about to take off the take out the battery. And you must have your computer shut off when you take out the battery or can just cause trouble.

That s where you have closed your laptop and flip it around ensuring that is off remove your battery by this little switch. Here. All you want to do is slide to the left and bring scible hand guys. I m sorry i am recording this in my ipad.

So i m having a little bit of difficulty doing all this so i apologize for the very poor camera work. So you just want to slide that and just remove the battery and set it to the side somewhere so after you got that you want to flip the laptop back around and hit the power button once just to discharge all of the leftover energy. That is in the envelope. All you want to do is just tap.

It once and then now you re good so flip it back over and then you could start removing it so the way you remove the back panel on this specific model of g7 is there is a screw locator right here and it s on this larger back panel. This is kind of tricky. If you don t know what you re doing because this screw actually doesn t come out all the way..


It s actually a spring loaded screw so it will just sit there and spin until you slide this off so i ll show you guys want to take a screwdriver. I actually don t do not have my tools with me right now so i just had to grab a screwdriver from the house and you just want to screw. It counterclockwise and you ll start hearing this odd noise. Which is completely normal and fine so just keep on screwing this until you get about to the stage.

Where the screw looks like this we focus on that for you guys i do apologize for the video quality. I m kind of in low lighting. And it is not going well so once you get to scroll like this all you want to do depending on the way. You had the laptop facing you just want to take the panel and just slide.

It towards you and this is kind of difficult there we go slide it toward you and just pop it off. There you go to do this get this back panel off some people may be intimidated. But don t worry it s nothing too special right here you got your hdd your wireless card. And there is your ram.

Which are which is what you are going for so. Stock you will just see one four gigabyte stick in let me get a little closer to it sorry about the bad camera work once. Again. You will see these little tabs right here.

And here. You ll see this bar right here. Which is where your secondary slot is good to go and right here is where your main slot is good to go so what you want to do is you want to take your stick of ram right here..


I just i just have this crew shirt. Crucial for gigabyte stick. And what you want to do is you want to take it and let me get a little closer to this right here. I apologize once again you want to take that and you want to just kind of insert it about a 45 degree angle into these desktop just kind of slip it really nice into there until it s snug like this all you got to do is push it on down.

And yes. It may feel like it s about to bend and just ensure that the ram does not wiggle side to side or push back any. No you can check your crease and right here. I kind of messed up a little bit.

So i just want to push this and in a little bit actually might have to disconnect that one and done turns out. I had both of them incorrectly in correctly not in correctly. They were both in correctly or the one i was putting in so after you get that done you want to just basically start reassembling your device starting with the back panel. I just want to kind of like you took it off again.

I apologize. I do not have any of my equipment here currently you just want to get it on there nice and snug just push it on forward just so basically like this you don t really see too big of a crease and then this screw hopefully it didn t fall out it shouldn t it really shouldn t like whatsoever. So you just want to take your screwdriver. And it s kind of weird looking through the screen doing this and to screw it in nice and snug not too deep because you can strip.

It just to you start feeling resistance just check it make sure it won t slide. And then you are good to go reinsert your battery. Which is very self explanatory every laptop is different..


But mine is back first so you just kind of want to snug it in there. And just click down to you hear a nice assuring click. And then here where you take the battery out some laptops have a locking mechanism mine does not and you just want to feel resistance on this now you know your battery is in a hundred percent securely. So now i m going to hop onto my laptop and show you guys what you do to check.

If you did insert the ram correct correctly. And if the ram is working in everything. So i will see you there alright so once you get your pc. All booted up hopefully.

It booted correctly. It should have there shouldn t be any problems on one thing. I did forget to mention is try not to be on a carpeted surface. When you do this just because it could shock the memory.

And i probably should have told you this before i m very sorry. But um. It s not likely. But it s still the chance that it can shock the memory and cause issues in the and in the head of time so what you want to do to check if your ram installed correctly if you re running windows 7.

It ll be a start the start button down here or if you re running windows. 8. Like i am you want to go and type in computer..


One second we re getting a little bit of lag here apologize for this i don t know why peter never always on the video right never legs like this okay. So okay. This is this is wonderful there we go so once you type in computer come on okay you want to right click. This thing is just being awful today.

I must bend the fresh boot maybe i didn t install my ram correctly you know but once you get to this stage. If you finally get to this stage. You want to go to properties right click. It and then click properties once it loads here and you ll come to the system tab and you will see amd aid 4500 m apu with radeon trademark hd graphics ok so that doesn t matter right now you want to see your installed memory slash ram.

Which before this should have said. 8 gigs. And now mine says eight gigs seven point four seven gigabytes usable. So once you see that you know you re good.

You know you installed your ram correctly. And you guys can go get the better performance that you should get with the upgraded ram. So thank you guys. ” .


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