How to Update GoPro Hero 5 Black Quick & Easy! (Tutorial)

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“Hey guys my name is code naft and i m gonna be showing you a a quick and easy way how to update your gopro hero. 5. Black edition. There a camera.

There right. There black edition. Ok. I recently got this camera two or three days ago.


Because my hero. 3. Decided hit crap on me i don t i don t blame it by the way because you know all this stuff. All the things that had to go through you know it was ran over of ass stomped throwing into the snow was almost drowned had a very action packed life.

But now it s it s dead and it s sitting in my room. But anyway. I m gonna be showing you how to update your hero 3 black edition. The pros so this is being able to access the settings menu from other than the touch screen.


You know the the old fashioned go pro press. The button you scroll through the menus that kind of stuff here s a little menu you just press. The mode button on the side and press. The top button real quick and you get the little menu can scroll through and stuff like that if you re not able to access the touchscreen for whatever reason you re underwater you want to take clubs all because you phalanges are freezing out of them yeah.

I m going to show you a quick and easy way how to do that i m going to shut up now. I m going to go right to my can do i m going to provide a link down in the description of this video. And it ll take you to this page right here. It s the go pro page.


This is to download the quick app. This is how you will be able to update your camera you know the app the smartphone app is probably way easier than the desktop app is probably quicker and everything. But i chose challengingly. I guess i don t know so you just scroll down a little bit you press download.

Now is for desktop. Once you download and install that sucker that s not that hard you open it up and then you get you get this this nice close up of this woman s feet right here. But now you take your gopro cable and you stuff that sucker in the gopro and then slap that in the computer. Just like that and i ll take a second your files a pop up just get rid of that crap and a little menu should pop up here in about a second there you go there you go baby that s how you work it here it shows your sd card capacity.


All that crap a little menu or a little page and just pop up up here. That says your camera needs. An update you need to update. It now you press update.

And you update. It don t unplug the camera common sense. And it should be ” ..


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