How to Track Unfollowers on Twitter

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“Everyone thank you today s video is how to track unfollow us on twitter keep keep watching. And i leave my thoughts are to break hi. Everyone so here you i m logged in neither. So my followers following fifteen thousand three hundred eighty five thousand two hundred followers recently.

I had quite a lot of followers just leave me so obviously i can withstand that emotionally. But i just wanted to see you just unfollowed me and then unfollow them i think that in 2018. I think well i never did this anyway. But in 2018.

People should be over there following unfollowing nonsense and people do it to inflate their accounts perhaps. But i just think it s a waste of everybody s time if you don t want to follow somebody don t follow them. But don t follow them to unfollow them and then trick them into still following you it just seems a bit pathetic..


That s my perspective. Anyway. We need to keep our social media. Accounts.

Healthy so everything from time to time we need to go back into our accounts and keep them clean of of unfollowers. I m going to use this tool. It s called unfollow spy. I ve just logged in so it s got my d details here welcome to unfollow spy.

I used to use a tool called status brew. But the amount that you can unfollow through that at all i think. It s only ten per day..


So hopefully. This one yeah will allow me to do to unfollow more people if i need to so i m going to have a look at this and see who s not following me back and processing. The data. So who s not following me back unfollowed in app.

Today users who don t follow back 1394 right details of the accounts that don t follow you back appear below. I m not going to unfollow everybody. But i will unfollow. I don t follow that one i ll leave those clients solid bar company follow just doing this as a demonstration really.

But it s a free tool similar to the the app. The ie i demonstrated for the instagram unfollowers. So let s get quickly go through some of these and then you can see how easy it is to use a tool..


There s gonna have to be a good reason for me to continue following them if they re not following me a lot of these people i don t even remember following. But my methodology is normally is to follow back people who follow me so that will be they will have followed me at some stage and in decided that they were going to unfollow. Me and here i am in real time. Doing the same thing you know i won t spend too long on this.

But this is a good free tool. It doesn t appear to have any limit let s go to the next page let s go to the next page. So yeah and follow these people i don t even remember coming through and i look at my twitter account every day. I don t remember these people i don t have i didn t have any interaction with them and follow them they ve unfollowed me i m just responding by unfollowing.

I won t i won t make this video 100 100 minutes. Longer or you know several days long. This is the tool..


Let s scroll up let s go it s called unfollow spy. It s free so you can find people who are not following you and then unfollow them and then keep your account in the good healthy order. Hope this videos been useful to you and i look forward to speaking to you next time. If you like this video smash.

The like button click on my face to subscribe to the channel. And i look forward to speaking to you next time you can watch another video by clicking on one of the screenshots. You can see now alright. Bye bye.

Take care. ” ..

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