How to Target Zip Codes (Postal Codes) in Google AdWords via Location Targeting (Geotargeting)

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“Hello. My dear students. My name of course is jason mcdonald and i was born born in 1963. That s the year that they invented the zip code.

And i had a lot of students asked me hey jason. How do we do target and adwords down to the level of zip code. So i thought let s investigate okay so for best youtube browsing or watching set your settings to 720 hd. And maximize your screen.

That way you ll be able to see everything i m doing so the first step in zip codes is we need to know the actual zip codes themselves so i did a little googling and i found a couple cool things here s an interactive zip code. Map..

You can see it there on the top of the screen you can put in nine oh. Two one oh the famous zip code. They re in beverly hills and you can drill down and see within los angeles. You can see all the zip codes you have to know your zip codes.

Now with la. I also did a little research. I got a pdf here map of los angeles and it s got all the cool zip codes in the city you can see that you really might want to target down to a level of zip code in the city. As big as la okay.

So first thing you got to know those zip codes. That s your first step then after that you re going to go into your adwords..

Account. You re going to drill down to campaigns settings. Location. Edit show map.

And then the trick is you ve got to enter the city name plus. The zip code the city name all by itself doesn t work so how do we do that i ve got a little adwords account here. I m going to click on my campaign s tab let that load and i ll do it for once from a new campaign. So click new campaign and then when you set up a new campaign down here make sure you ve selected united states you re gonna enter a location right now you re gonna hit united states you re gonna hit show map that s the magic thing it s show map now you re gonna put in target a radius so it s got to be show map then target radius then los angeles california nine oh two one oh i would get that down to five miles for a good zip code and hit enter and now i ve got that radius within that zip code and i hit add so now i m targeting essentially the zip code within five mile radius around that zip code okay then what s our next if code number nine one three six four so i m going to go over here.

And i m just gonna type in nine one three six four hit my enter key hit my ad key get my next cut 945. It s going to go over here..

I m gonna type in 945 hit enter hit add and then you can actually go down here show locations and it ll show i ve targeted those three zip codes. Within a five mile radius of those three zip codes. So that s how you do that now let me show you on an existing campaign. So i ve got an existing campaign up here so for animal boarding in los angeles.

Let s say we re a vet or something so i m going to drill down i m gonna click edit to get into the settings then i m gonna click edit again then i m gonna click show map then i m gonna put in here let s put in tulsa oklahoma. 74 135 well i m sorry you gotta hit target a radius first then tulsa oklahoma. Several one through five. I know that zip code because that s where i grew up at five miles hit enter so now i ve targeted.

Tulsa oklahoma. As well as those three zip codes in los angeles and you can see up here on my screen but i have no targeted zip codes within a five mile radius so that s the easiest way to target zip codes in the new interface on adwords..

I ve got more free stuff on my website at jm seo gordon slash free. I ve got a good webinar on gotchas for adwords. I also teach adwords as well as seo and social media. So if you have any more questions post a question to the youtube channel send me an email or give me a call.

I am happy to ” ..

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