How to setup and use Moto Assist on the Moto X 2014

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“Everybody its rob nazarian. With talk android. And we have the moto x. Here.

2014. 2014. Edition. And i want to talk to you about assist.

Assist was on the x last year. And it s now going to be on the moto g. For this year. And i guess yeah actually in the older edition.

As well and the e. So now assist is pretty much the same it looks a little different..

Now it doesn t have its own app. Anymore. If you remember in the past. If you did have a moto x.

You would see an assist app. Here no more what you want to do as i mentioned in the other video for moto voice all these types of things the actions. The assists. The voice and the display are all part of this moto app right here and i ve already gone through the settings or an initial set up and have set up different things and right now it s giving you it s telling you to actually speak and you can giving you some ideas for different phrases.

That you can say so. What i ll do is i m just going to hit this setting this icon. Here and this is where you get to all the different different apps within this master app and assist is what we re here to talk about right now and assist lets you set up different things for when you re sleeping driving home or in meetings now for example let s look at sleeping. What you can do is silence.

The device completely. But only allowed favorite people or someone someone that calls twice..

You can check either one of those you can keep your screen dark and then you can also set this to automatically happen between any specific time that you d like the default is 11 00. Pm the 6 00 am. But you can change that to any particular time that you want so that s going to happen automatically. There is a command in the voice that you ll be able to say goodnight to the phone and it ll and then that ll go right into it for you if you d like now driving is another area.

And what s all about driving is keeping hands free. And so what you can do is to set it up for talk to me. And you can enable this and when it detects driving right now. It s not i m not driving.

But you enable it and it ll read your text messages. If you d like and i don t know if i can actually enable that now while not i could say agree oops go back in there driving so. There i can do i can check that off and then play music you can also say what you want is your your default music. App.

And then you can have more options. As well and looking for bluetooth devices..

So what will happen is while you re driving your text messages will be read to you and you ll be able to respond to them in a similar fashion you can do this while you re at home as well with text messages you can add a location for your home address. So you just push push that in right. There you can add your current location or type. One in and then you can say and then check off once you ve done that you can check talk to me.

And again. What will happen is text messages will be read to you so from afar so if your phone is sitting on your counter and you can t get to it you can then hear the text message and respond to my wife uses that all the time actually on her original motox and she loves it meeting is another area here. Where you can if you have a meeting or if your market is busy in your calendar. It you can have it automatically silence.

Your phone and again it will work where only favorite callers come through if you d like silence. All or allow favorites or someone who calls twice. Obviously because that s an emergency and allow vibrate only you can do that as well and then you can have auto reply settings as well so pretty straightforward. It s pretty much the same as last year.

It s just now within this master app called modo and actions is great. I know a lot of people who like them and use different parts of it use all of it so definitely get into it it s convenient..

It s there there are other apps. That do similar things out there. But it s already embedded in the phone. So definitely if you ve picked up a moto x.

Give this a try and if you have old moto x. Definitely. I would assume they re going to update to this setup as well. But you do it right now have the assist app on there as a separate app.

And then eventually with this setup. As well you can do all the same things so that s moto assist. I hope this helps thanks for watching. This is rob nazarian.

” ..

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