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“Is tampa tech. And learn something new from pc tvs. And game to start and and projector. Screen is 120 inch electronic projector screen.

And it drops down in front. The tv and the receiver has two hdmi outputs one hdmi output goes to the tv. The other hdmi output goes to the projector and the tv must be turned off before you turn on the projector. So this 3d projectors is how to set it up we have this 120 inch screen is the electronic screen that drops down in front of the tv and basically.

The 120 screen you have to have the projector about 89 inches back from the screen to the front of the lens right there. So that s 89 inches back seven feet five inches. I believe and this hdmi cable is going to the back of the receiver. A receiver has two hdmi outputs.

One hdmi output goes to the tv. The other hdmi output goes to projector..

You have to have the tv turned off before you turn on the projector or else. It confuses. This system to set up alright. So either the projectors on or the tv s on and not both on so anyhow.

This has two hdmi inputs right here so you actually hook up another hdmi input. If you wanted to and this is a full 3d. You know 720p projector. It s really highly recommended optima pretty good you so there s detail right there we re on contrast right there and the contrast.

We have it at 7 00 any higher than that you start losing detail and then everything you lose your shadows and everything else so you lower it to right where you see the shadows and the buttons. So it s right about there again display settings is where we have is all set on the format is set to auto all right if you change it you notice the picture and getting bigger and smaller okay so it s recommended. If you have it on auto. We have the edge mask.

Which brings it in left and right on the the width. It makes it it brings the width in and out okay..

So. And then the zoom zoom basically you just zoom in on the picture. It s not so much the screen. Making the screen.

Bigger vertical image. The image shift that shifts the picture up and down. Now we have that set up forty. The zoom is set at zero.

And then the vertical keystone the v. Keystone is if you have the projector mounted high or low you can adjust skew what do you call it to get the name of that but anyway you can adjust that so it doesn t see how it s coming in like that so let s set it up back at negative five. So it s square shaped or rectangle shaped and then the 3d. This is the 3d features in here.

So that s active shutter with the 3d glasses that comes and comes within the box. Let s go ahead and go to the setup..

Now the setup right here we got it set to projection right here. And see there s a little picture of it and it tells you right there with that little picture. So we ve set it this way everything s backwards and so you ll see once you have it the right way it ll look perfect. So.

If you have it on a tabletop or on the ceiling you go adjust all those settings projector id you see audio settings you know i really highly recommend using the most around sound receiver. Don t use the speakers in the projector. Unless you re doing a presentation or something. And let s get menu to back out of that now right here you got a source lock.

So it doesn t like you know search for the source you just just lock it on to your hdmi. One input. Which is on right now okay and then high altitude. If you re doing this installation and denver colorado.

You set that to on and what else is there keypad locked so no one messes with the remote. I guess test pattern..

If you want to test it out and see if you have any pixels popped like you know white or you could have like a green dot. Which is a pixel that could be popped and lamp settings. Tells ya like the hours of the lamp. If you have to reset it or whatever i think that was a five thousand hours in the lamp.

I believe thirty thousand three thousand and here s the auto power off in the sleep timer. All that good all that good stuff and direct power on so that s how you do it. That s how you set this whole thing up let me know what you guys think. If you have any questions supposed to comment below so after calibrating the projector using calibration disc.

You can see all the darks are accurate. All the brightness is accurate the colors are accurate using the calibration disk. We used monster calibration disk. So i think it looks ” .


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