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“It s adam from my virtual mission here. I m just going to show you you quickly how you can set up your mission using your mobile phone using our app. It s also available on the web. So if you don t want to use your mobile phone you can use it on the web and vice versa.

So download the app and now it s time to get going so if you re a new user then you can click start a mission and here you can sign up so you can sign up with facebook or you can sign up just with email by entering your details in there. Because i already have an account i am just going to go back and i m gonna log in with facebook. So now that i m logged in it just takes a second back on this screen. And it ll didn t give me the options to start a mission or join a mission.

So if you want to start your own mission. Then you click on the create your own mission button. If you have a friend who s maybe set up a group mission and has asked you to join. It then you can find the mission by clicking find a group mission.

And it s pretty straight forward from there. But for today s example. We re going to be creating our own mission. So i ll be tapping on that button.

And it s given me a couple of options here or three options. I can either go on a solo mission. Which is a mission where i do all on my own so no one else i can go on to different types of group mission and you can read about those two different types..


But for today. We re just gonna be going on a solo mission and i will click that and then scroll down and click next so on this page. It s all about setting up your mission at the top here. You ll notice that there is a white sort of band with some writing on it and that s just a bit more information on how to get things going you can scroll through that by clicking on the arrows and then you can get rid of it by clicking on the question mark underneath.

That is a search search bar. When you can search for locations. And it ll zoom you into that location. Let s say just for example sake today.

We re going to set up a mission that is from somewhere around here doesn t yep. I m just using it as an example and what i m going to do is i m gonna so you seen. I ve been pinching and zooming to the position and then i m going to tap on a point. Where i want to start and that has put a icon with the letter a in it and it s our starting position.

So from here. What we want to be doing is we re just going to be building a pathway to wherever we want to go. But by tapping on the map and placing markers. So i can zoom out again.

And i can pan over to another place and i can zoom in and then i can place another market now it does pay to zoom in quite close to ensure that you get kind of exactly where you want to go and you ll notice here. When i zoom out it s followed the road. So this has taken the quickest route from point a to point b..


And it s telling me at the top that you can see it s 50 17. Miles. So. If you want to change to kilometers.

Then you can just go to settings at the top there and you ll change between kilometers and miles. We re gonna leave it on miles for today and if you d like to go in straight lines. Rather than following the road. Then you can turn snipped roads off as well from this menu.

So i ll turn it off just for an example and now when i click on the map. It draws straight lines. So you can have a combination of snap two roads in straight lines. If you d like if you make a mistake then you can just click the undo button up the top here you can undo as many points as you want to do or you can click reset.

And that ll just reset the whole mission let s just say that that s the mission that we want to sit up. Today. You know i m going to be clicking next so on this page. It s going to help us plan.

Our mission and we can enter two out of these three boxes at the top here and it ll calculate the food. So you can you can start with the time and then how many sessions you re gonna do per week and then it ll tell you how much distance you need to do per session. So..


But yeah we ll do it the other way around we ll do it with the average distance per session as i say five miles and i do three times a week. So it s gonna take three point four weeks to reach their targets. It s not it s not too bad and i m gonna yeah. I m gonna continue on with that below that we into a mission name mission description.

Which can be anything you want a mission origin in a mission destination. You can upload a image to represent to you on the mission. And you can choose a public or private mission. So public missions.

Anyone can see in private missions are only for you to see unless you share the link with other people after that we ll click next. And we ll go to our mission. Ok so now we re on our mission page. And this is the page you ll get to after you have started your mission and from here you can just view some information.

But you can now go ahead. And do your exercise and you can log your distances. So the way. We do that is down the bottom you ll see a progress button.

So if we tap that it ll take us through to this area here where we can enter in the air mileage. So i did a 5 mile run today. I didn t actually about this decided and i was running outdoors..


But i can change that so i can maybe click running indoors. If i was on a treadmill you can backdate a distance as well so if you did if you forget to enter something you can just back date. It now you might want to enter a comment great run today and if you d like you can share it to facebook. And it ll probably ask you for some additional permissions.

If you d like to do that i m just going to turn that off for now and then i can just publish this distance. You should get a confirmation and it ll return you back to this page in case you want to into some more distances. But if you want to see where your progress is you can either click on mission. And i can see my virtual location information.

Where i am on the map. I can zoom out see how far i ve come zoom and see where i am i can click on street view. Here and view myself on street view. So that s i virtually am at the moment on my mission.

And i can see in my newsfeed. Then i just earned this award that i did a ran today in that i just added. This mission as well so that s really the main sort of part of it if you want to edit your mission you can click it right at the top here is mission control and you ll see excuse me a whole bunch of options and you can edit your mission it photo you can do a whole bunch of things from the it so i really hope that helped you get set up it s a short mission. I did today a lot of people do longer ones.

But you can do whatever you d like and welcome to my virtual mission. I really hope you have a good time ” ..

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