How to: Run 32-bit apps in macOS Catalina

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“Today. I wanted to take a look at running 32 bit apps in mac. Os os catalina. Now since apple released catalina and they ve kind of been hinting at since mojave that 32 bit apps are no longer gonna be supported and what do they do in catalina.

They killed 32 bit support so now any apps. That were 32 bit. You can t run them. Anymore my app of choice here is wide bottler and i ve used it for a real long time.

I love the way it works and now. It s kind of dead. So i ve been digging around on how to make this work came down to a solution. So we re kind of gonna go through it together using a virtual box and a vm of mo maca west high sierra ten thirteen six so let s get into it first thing.

We re gonna do is go over to chrome and let s get virtualbox alright go directly from the website here i m gonna download virtualbox we re gonna download the os ten host and i m also going to download the extensions back immediately because it always just comes in handy to have usb capabilities download that here and let s go into the downloads folder and open up the dmg alright. So drag it in to the applications folder and that s running from here. All right continue between you install put in our admin password close both of these windows. And there we go the installation was successful sometimes you ll find that it says the installation has failed it actually succeeded.

But there s an extension that was blocked. I ve already allowed it once before. But if you get that message open up system preferences go to general where is that yes security and privacy and then from security and privacy. Under the general tab.

Allow the oracle extension that pops up over here. That s what s causing. It all right and we can close that out let s close this no let s open up virtualbox all right there. It is excellent you may also find that there are other permissions that are being restricted to virtualbox that you want to add those as well they they are under security and privacy and then you ll see it in the accessibility tab virtualbox.


You want to add retro box to that and then i also allow it full disk access. So you can add virtualbox into here as well because it doesn t need to read and write from the disk. So i think that doing that is ok all right let s start off by adding. A mac os.

Virtual environment and it s not by the plus button. It s actually by clicking new and we re gonna call this. Hi. Sierra mac.

Os. 10. Perfect mac os 10. 13.

High sierra 64. Bit it actually does that for you by default because of the way. We named it to continue. I m gonna give it at least 4096.

Which is four gigs of ram. If your computer has eight gigs you can give it four. You know if you re running a mac. That only has four gigs you might run into some trouble because you re the max you can probably do is like two.

But in any case. You want to give it at least four as it continued and then we re gonna use an existing virtual disk file. I m gonna have this linked in the description. So you can just download it directly and let s go hit the plus button to add one and believe it s in my downloads folder yes here it is hi sierra open and choose create alright so there it is it s been completed.


One other adjustment that i make is for the display. I give it 128 megabytes of video memory. Let s just go through these settings to make sure everything is ok here that all looks good that looks good. The efi has to be enabled.

It s good processor. I ll give it to give it four cpus. I have an i7 in this imax. I can spare four if you can t spare for you can you re probably gonna have to stick with two all right all that looks good it s it okay and let s start the virtual machine.

I m gonna minimize that window from behind you want to turn off notifications all right now let s expand. This now the thing about this kind of startup process here it will take a little while where it might be three four minutes. So it might look like it s not doing anything. But it s actually booting so we ll just fast forward from here.

But just be aware on your end. It will take a while and that s normal behavior. All right i just switched to scaled mode. And there you go you can see that mecca west high sierra has launched.

We re at the welcome window. Let s go through this kind of setup process and see if we can launch our 32 bit app. In my case. It s going to be one bottler i m not gonna sign in with my apple id i m gonna skip all this stuff.

I m not gonna be using the high c or operating system for anything. Except the 32 bit apps. That i need so i m literally just gonna be in and out for the things that i need and i m not gonna bother with anything else in here and then you know there are some people who succeed in getting imessage working on here. They get a serial number i feel like that s overkill as long as it gets the job done launching with 32 bit apps.


I don t need anything else from it and keep in mind that the performance of the virtual machine will depend on how much resources you allocate to it so. If you re on a macbook air. And you re trying to you know allocate a ton of resources to it you re gonna slow down the host side things where you re actually doing all your other work and then you know you but actually might get slightly better performance in your virtual machine. But it s just not an ideal environment.

You want to have a at least a macbook pro from the 2015 maybe 2013. Era with at least 8 gigabytes of ram to get a decent experience. And let s see if we can install wine continue. Excellent.

Looks like it s working. He will add 64 bit support that 64 bit support for apps. That you re running on the window side all right all right wine has installed let s just make sure that it launches applications and there it is alright guys. So that is the process.

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