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“Hello. Hello. My name is gabi and welcome to my channel um. This video is is all about publishing facebook.

Albums photo albums without letting anyone know that you did. But still having those photos. Available to schedule out or share publicly the reason. I m making this video is because i made the same video in 2013.

And obviously a lot has changed since october of 2013. Another reason. Why i m making this video is because i still to this. Day get questions on this 2013.

Video and i know 16000. Views isn t a lot by any means. But it s more than this regular joe schmoe girl ever thought that any video that she would get mugen. So i want to just do an update on this because again.

I just got a question three days ago. Asking if this would still work or what not and a lot of the questions will also entail other privacy issues so if you have questions about a privacy or you know your facebook page whether your business or an individual let me know in the comments below and i will do my best to get back to you i don t have a huge following..

Obviously so it s pretty good chance that i will get back to you and maybe. Even make a video to help answer your question because a lot of these times. It s hard to you know respond to somebody in alt text. And really show what you re trying to say.

So. Again. If you re looking to post publish a facebook album without actually letting anybody know that you re doing it ah stay tuned or you know you can go on cook. One of these other videos so i made a facebook page for you guys totally.

I made it 15 minutes ago 44 minutes ago um and but these are all my photos and whatnot. So i m going to go into my photos and then i m going to click my albums and i m going to go to create an elbow. So um. You know this would be where you want to post.

You would have a folder with all the images you want to share or whatnot. I m going to share some old photos of me from new york in 2012. Or something so here are my photos you know you would create your album name so i m going to go old gaby in new york whatever. I was obviously very excited to be in central park.

Maybe. That s what i m into central park central park..

Okay. So um you can check you can do any details that you want that s great again. You do have privacy options with whatever posts that you post out. There you can post to only me so only i only you could see it you can post to your friends except specific people like i don t know your boss or you know people you don t like or i don t know whoever you don t want something to see you can call them out and like they would never know they they don t they didn t see this photo album of a party.

Maybe you didn t invite them to or something of course you can show it to all of your friends or you can have anybody on or off facebook be able to see that um so choose wisely and you can always update the privacy settings of your elbows your photos of your posts at any time. And if you want to learn more about that tell me in the comments below and i will do a video about it so um outside of that usually you would go ahead and post. This photo album to your world whatever friends or whatnot you want but in this case. I m going to go up to my url bar.

Which you can t see. But i m just going to go and hit the refresh or reload. This page button. I m going to get this pop up do you want to reload this site.

Because you know maybe some of this stuff won t be saved well. I m going to say yes. I want to reload this site. And you will see that s not a huge issue.

So now you can see i m still on my albums page in our refresh. If a page..

It s the same url. Why not and you can see that my two photos that i uploaded from central park are here. But if you were to go to your profile newsfeed or your friend huge be the mass where you get all the ads and your friends updates or whatever you wouldn t see it there. But before i go and show that you do notice the difference between these two photo albums you can see that this photo album is shown to whatever privacy setting.

I had it at. Which was my friends and this one automatically just saved as and only me. Which is great because that s all i wanted it at that time. But now that i m ready to share it out with whoever i want i m going to go ahead and share.

It with my friends so now the privacy setting is updated. So now i can go ahead and share these posts with anybody i want to whether it s you know copying the url link that goes that s associated with this image and posting it to my friends page or you know just sharing it out whatnot um. So if you go to your page your your personal usage. You ll see that you this album did not post on here.

So if you bleach you didn t want this album to be shared here. Its purpose is a perfect way to get around from that and then also if you were to go on to your personal newsfeed. Which my newsfeed is filled with nothing because i have no friends on this page. Um.

You it didn t show up here either. So..

This is a great hack um. I m not sure how people are using it anymore. But if this is helpful to you let me know again in the comments below let me know. There s other questions you have about facebook instagram twitter pinterest linkedin.

I would love to help people with their linkedin. Profiles. Because i have an all star profile um and it s just fun. It s getting really fun to work on linkedin.

So any of those platforms um. Let me know in the comments. Below. I d be happy to help.

And thank you guys so much for tuning in i really appreciate it ” ..

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This video goes through the process of how you can upload a photo album to facebook without everyone knowing. This doesn t go through the privacy settings that Facebook offers (publish to friends, public, etc.) this is a hack of how you can publish content to your page without sharing it to the newfeed.

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