How To Play On A PS4 that Has A broken HDMI Port

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“I m going to teach you how to set up a roleplay on the pc pc to connect to your ps4. That currently has a broken hdmi port this thing works the same exact way on the mac osx version android and the iphone version that s coming in the future now i m going to assume that you have the official sony remote play app installed on your machine and that if you don t just go to google and type in role play and your machines os whether it be ios android windows or mac os when you type in either one of those you should be presented with an official sony link pointing you to their download once that s installed it should be presented with this on your home screen open it. Click settings. Set your resolution to high frame.

Rates are high and click the sign in button. Once you click the sign in button. You should enter your psn. Login.


Information and click ok. Once you ve done that your psn id should appear right here click ok. Before you click start you want to make sure that the ps4 that you re currently using is in rest mode and is connected to the same network that your computer is currently connected to the reason for that is so that the ps4 is automatically registered because your hdmi is broken will not be able to get the 8 pin. That you need to input it if you had done this manually also you need to make sure the account you just signed into was the account that s on the ps4 and activated as primary.

Once you ve made sure of those things you re going to hit the start button. As you heard my ps4 just turned on because it s on the same network. But for you it will not be as quick it ll say for you searching the internet and within 30 to 40 seconds. It should find your ps4 for me it was quick because mine is hardwired now you re going to see.


It s going to open my display. And it s going to show me my ps4 is home screen now for this part you may notice that if you re on a computer. You can t do anything except move the arrow keys on your keyboard. But you can t start anything what you want to do is you want to get a usb and connect it to your computer and at that point the remote play app should automatically recognize your controller or what you can do is have two users on your ps4.

One of which you sign into through the remote play app. So that you could turn on your controller and log in to your main account using the controller so you have less i want to say controller like you can if you don t have a second user you can create a second user by connecting to remote play on your main profile go into the user section click and create user accepting these terms and clicking next when you click next. It should offer you a window to sign up or sign in to playstation network. This is how you connect and play s no pressure built up inside.


Unlike a pressure cooker. So you ll be able to open this and add those additional ingredients. So we re gonna go ahead and let this go for 45 minutes. And we ll check back in and see how our meal turned out alright.

So our cook time was right at 45 minutes. We re gonna go ahead and open up. The cam cooker and see how we did you want to be careful at the top. Here.


Can t get hot stew looks like it turned out really nice. Everything s been fully cooked. What i really liked about the cam cooker. I was able to put all the ingredients in the pot and just completely forget about it i was doing something else while i was cooking.

Which is nice cleanup for this we re gonna take it over to the sink and use a little bit of soap and water and a sponge and it ll take care of it all the rice really nice product. I would highly recommend you guys taking a look at it do you have any comments or questions on this please be sure to post those below. If you enjoyed the video please be sure to hit the subscribe button thanks for watching today and have a great day ” ..


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