How to play/install any game on Nvidia Geforce Now (PART 1)

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“Guys welcome back to another video on my channel and today. I m going to to be showing you how to play any game on g. Force. Now so yeah sure to like and subscribe and turn on those billet notifications and come on to this video that you liked it or you hate hopefully you like it and hopefully y all.

Get entertained by me probably not but let s go so let s just hop right into this video. So i ve already got the steam opened up and if you don t know how to do that just go to your g force now and click on your little click on your name up here so you ll click on your name and click go on steam whatever and already launched it and i already got a new account created because my old account is like taking or like i ve already did it on there and i don t feel like it cuz. I don t ya just i created it okay alright so i ll be right back. When i log in alright.

So this is my other account. Oh my god alright. So this is gonna be my this community username did you force test one one these are all the games from my other computer. So they re like they re installed and they re still here well the other account.

My other steam accounts alright in this in this like tutorial you will be needing to install unturned. It is a free game. I mean i pull it i have like 200 plus hours on it i m a real steam account so you you don t really have to like play. It you just have to open up a workshop on it so go to community workshop and you type in sorry for my terrible laughs.

I was gone all right so you would click on turned and try not to make this video long or too short or too. Long. So. Yeah.

You know type in firefox..

So i ever come in because there s like three of them right now i don t recommend doing this one by you me you know what you mel let you mean light ticks or whatever. I don t know how to pronounce. It and then this guy. I top goo and this one.

I was a this isn t that s five m on it but it s bad for everyone because somebody try cheating on it and then it got everyone banned on this compare cuz your personnel uses one computer. But everyone has like different. I don t know. But so this one has five m.

That s the only one i use that for so i would just recommend going ahead and subscribe to this one all right now. I would go back and then this one. Because the firefox on that one has it s like a russian. One and then you would have to change the download location.

I ll show you how to minute and you have to don t let the english one. But this one has a lot more stuff and then it also has the english version so huge shout out to him i m magnet pronounces. I m not gonna try to pronounce his name again because i was terrible trying to do it i m gonna go ahead click installing it cuz it s it s gonna install instantly alright so you re gonna go click play on this click play and it would good and watch on turn because for it to download see it shows that it another download is that s probably. The unturn workshop and because the you re down you subscribed to the firefox from the unturned workshop.

So you would have to download the unturned workshop and then you would be able to open it or a real to fail. So make sure that you always do that and then i ll show you after hold up because i m using bandicam yeah do this back when it s done exit. I mean you can good play. If you wanted to but good exit.

The game sure yeah alright so and you would go to the downloads and workshop content of unturned is under completed and that s when we can go ahead and start so i ve already subscribed to the stuff in the workshop of unturned and you would have to go up and click big picture mode..

Alright you have to click this click. Add library shortcut and find directx texture tool ct. 4. Bit you have to click that and you go back and click execute put your own alum use of water cuz.

It s my third film beauty. Ah my channel much turn into a yes. March anna. That mind me crazy alright so you would when you do that this would come up and because originally you would be in the i mean if it s a no steam account it wouldn t have the geforce now section.

Because it would be the g personnel section of these games. But i don t have the g personnel games in this because i don t have my first three. I m an original computer you know and just not one so you would click playing directx and follow my steps carefully alright so yeah click file click open click desktop desktop and you would have to do this extra step because you can t you won t have to search executable files instead of image files or all files know it sounds weird. But and you would go to in view desktop monitors right click and go to that like enable go to hotkeys miscellaneous run application click browse and sorry.

If i m going too. Fast click. This local desk program files. X86 and go to steam look for steep maps go to workshop.

Content and you would probably only have this if you never like played on turn for a while and have like a whole bunch of workshops. So you want to have this and then i mean my other computer has like a whole bunch of them. But this one is for firefox. And if i am this one s like the russian.

One all right you see in this one a friend to say..

It has discord in the other one right right here don t have discord. But it has a lot more stuff so i m good to it all right so you would hold it and like drag like this and click hold down alt. And would say create link in her link or whatever. And you would drag it to the desktop and like stop clicking on you know it would create a link to the desktop.

So i m gonna go ahead and add most of these that i want you can add all miu you don t have that on but i m just go ahead. Add my stuff so i ll be right back. When i am done with that all right so i added them all to the desktop and you can go click desktop and you can see that all of them that you added are gonna be here. So we have five of them firefox discord and stuff like that cheat engine.

And it would be executable files. Only so click cancel oh right sorry. So i could cancel cancel cancel. She checks out all these and then you ll click this i don t think the winner works yes change the way installs don t like well you could try got all of them good x out of big picture moon.

All right so now in your game. You should have a lot more and you can look for the game. You want to play. But if like if you want to browse the internet download stuff cuz it s gonna be hard i m not hard.

But like if you tried down with something i ll kick you out and you got a place where that you download files like the download location somewhere else to where it won t crash you and i know that so click that go to options. I m sorry if my voice is cracking. Everyone small all right click go down and click father. No questions were it would say files to go here.


There s bc go to local disk and go to here and click click you can double click on it or you can go back or you could just click on it and click select folder it don t matter it does the same thing zack thing because look it s already called it s liked it and if your mouse gets stuck like this everyone s wrong you ll click the little windows key on your keyboard you know it do that and you click back on it and then there you go alright so you would go you could just double good alright. I m good install something i mean this is what sometimes i do play on this login bareback phantom forces because my computer can t handle it sorry if i like the mic sounds terrible right now because i m trying to move it alright it s a quick download install always save it do not click open because if you open one with like the notepad of this computer. G. Force.

Now don t like you open two computers files. So just open our alternate files so click save and up here there would be this little donut icon click on whenever you do or whatever you know what successful install so let s go ahead. Do that but also i could show you one more thing. One drive alright so this is a good way to get mods on gta or get extra files for gta or get extra files for other stuff that like you can t drag in to geforce.

Now. I mean i probably sound like a freaking idiot right now. But it s alright so go to microsoft onedrive and log in to your like your host computer and geforce nut computer and drag stuff in it and then when you come back to this one you can install the stuff. So yes.

I m a be right back when all again all right yeah. So yeah. That that s what i mostly didn t use it for see this is my onedrive account in the background. I ve script to for mods and stuff like ” .


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