How to pair Bluedio Bluetooth headphones to Iphone 6 Plus

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“Right hey what s going on bluetooth synergy here today and i want to show show you guys how to peer deep blue teal bluetooth headphones over here to my to a iphone 6 plus this also works the same for an iphone 6 as well including the iphone 5 to is you have that and to start the pairing process first things first let s get into the settings of the phone and power on that bluetooth. Because that s usually usually the first thing you got to do and we re not going to use the swipe up feature over here. Because it s our very first time pairing. The headset.

So we re going to go to where it says settings over here. And right under settings just come out of here. The phone was asking for an update. But when you go into settings.

You ll see this menu here and we re going to go to where it says bluetooth. We re going to tap on that once and then we re going to power it on and when you power on the bluetooth settings. If you look to where. It says devices.

You ll know that it s searching for a very long time. And if you have any apple products like an ipad or so you and you have bluetooth paired something before you ll know what i m talking about now the next step is to power on the blue do headset. The power button is located over here these are the t2s by the way. So.

What you got to do is just power it on no need to hold down the button for any pairing mode or anything like that so you don t have to they re pretty easy to pair. Actually so once you hold down for about two seconds to power. It on you re here power on all right. And then when you hear this just listen for a while until you hear ready to pair all right now when she says that go back to your phone and you ll notice that it it s going to show up as blue do now just simply tap on that and it ll appear for you and you hear the headset.

Say pairing and connected alright and once it says connected on your phone. You are good to go. And that s basically it for this video. If it was helpful in any way don t forget to leave a like share and subscribe.

Thanks for watching have a wonderful day and enjoy that blue you do support led strips so that s something that we ll talk about a little bit later when we look at the board and of course..

An led accent overlay. Which gives you guys more customization. Features. And also gigabyte will be doing different things to share with you guys on that accent.

Led overlay. It has creative sound. Blaster and a creative sound. Core3d chip gigabyte s one of the first manufacturers to implement a quad core audio chip directly onto the board.

And what s more on the cooling. We talked about bitspower earlier. So it does have a bitspower logo as vrm cooling solution on the heat sink is using a bitspower design. This is a bitspower g chill hybrid waterblock so you can use it with or without liquid cooling implemented and with smart fan.

5. This board has 9 temperature. Sensors. 2 being thermistors external.

Thermistors which you can connect to an m2. Mechanical. Hard drive or even an optical disc drive. Depending on what you guys want to do to test the temperature settings or read outs from those devices it has 8 hybrid fan pin headers these fan pin headers can automatically detect between voltage mode or pwm modes of the type of fans that you guys connect to the board.

So users don t have to worry about what fan they need to connect or what fan they need to buy and one of the more important things about smart fan 5 you can actually have each hybrid fan pin header respond or react to each thermistor or temperature readout on the board and this can actually be interchanged through the smart fan. 5. Application. You have dual killer.


As well as an intel. Nic. So you have killer. Doubleshot.

Pro. Meaning. One of them. Is an ethernet.

One of them a wireless interface. And the intel is also an intel. Nic directly on the board and earlier. We talked about thunderbolt.

3. And thunderbolt. 3. Is in that usb type c.

Which means you automatically have usb type c. Available at your disposal. A lot of these features at the bottom here you guys may have seen or heard us talk about it you have your q flash plus you have your hdmi. 20 your u2s but one of the other ones that i want to point out would be our usb dac up 2.

We ve actually improved upon this feature where it provides you clean power one of the additional features now for usb dac up 2 is you can actually control the voltage. So it has an adjustable voltage setting. Which allows you to give power to power those power hungry external devices so for example. Now all the keyboards have rgb leds on keyboards are gaming mice or even gaming headsets and even vr headsets all of these power.

Hungry devices will lose connection..

If you don t give it enough power and that s why on your next gaming motherboard or any board or system. That you choose make sure you have an aorus you have this gigabyte solution on it for usb dac up 2 alright. So let s take everything out of the box. And we can look at the peripherals accessories and all and of course.

The board alright guys we have all of the accessories that come with this z270x gaming. 8. Board laid out for you guys and it comes with the usuals you have your user s manual. You have a multilingual installation guide.

If you guys aren t familiar with building your own pc. Gigabyte does have a diy pc guide online. That you can reference off of and of course. A driver disc of course if you guys are looking for the most updated drivers be sure to download or go to the aorus or gigabytecom website and look for your product to find the most up to date drivers comes with the door hanger so you can make sure that your siblings or your parents aren t bothering you when you guys are gaming and of course some cable ties to wrap up your keyboard mice or even your monitor cables to the back in a neat friendly fashion and with this board.

It comes with 2 packs of sata cables. Each of these sata packs comes with a right angle. Connector. So that gives you a total of 4 sata cables.

Now with the sata cable. You have these stickers that allow you to label it in a proper manner. So you don t lose. Which drive does what and right down here you can see that there are 2.

External thermistors. These are the. Thermistors we re talking about. Earlier where you can connect to an m2.

Or even an optical disc drive or mechanical hard drive..

So you can test the temperature. Read out directly from your smart fan. 5. Application.

And you can set your hybrid fan pin header to ramp up if one of these temperature sensors get hotter than normal as we move up from the top you have your wireless antennas for your wireless module and of course. You have this silver bracket that allows you to lock in the antenna modules in place with this set up you also get bitspower plugs. The board comes with some black plugs bitspower has included silver plugs for you guys to use so you can actually install with the silver bitspower plugs. If you want to have a difference in color and make that pop out right here.

We have 2 extension cables for rgbw or rgb. Uv. Led strips and these basically bridges. The gap from your motherboard onto and connects your rgb led strips now this board comes with an sli bridge for two way sli a g connector.

So you can actually connect all of your front panel headers in a neat and friendly fashion. So you can connect it directly onto the board. But you can do all of this outside of your chassis. You also have some hdmi and displayport plugs to ensure that dust doesn t populate inside these ports.

When you re not using it because you have a discrete or dedicated graphics card installed and last. But not least you have a rear padded i o. But this i o is a little bit different it actually has these rgb cables. Because this i o can actually light up so that s all of the accessories that come in the box that was a lot and there s definitely a lot more on board.

So let s swing. The camera around and have a look at the board alright guys so we took out all the accessories that as we re putting away. We found that we were missing one of these so you actually get ” ..


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