How to Outline Text in Inkscape

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“Ladies gentlemen go ham in here with misfits studios as always and today we re re going to be showing you how to outline text in inkscape. Okay. So putting outline around text in inkscape you can do in one of two different ways first. We re actually going to get rid of this page border.

So we re going to go to the page documents take the page border out and then we re just going to add our text you re gonna come over here to the text tool and click anywhere you want you can start start adding your text all right we ll go back to the selection tool. What we re gonna do is hold ctrl shift and make this a little bigger. So we can see it you want to change the font to give us something a little bit heavier..


So we re gonna go up to our text and fonts and over here you can just select you know different different texts that you want to do we re actually going to go to the acme font. It gives us a little bit heavier a little bit heavier text. So we can kind of see the outline a little bit better okay so to add your outline to your text. What you want to do is you want to actually pull up your fill fill and stroke menu okay over here.

You re gonna go make sure that your text is highlighted and you re gonna actually highlight to go to the stroke paint tab and we re gonna actually go flat color. And what that s gonna do is it s gonna give us an outline basically a stroke. Just like with any other object that you put it into inks game now to change that color of course..


It s black. So we can t see it so if we change it to you know say green. It s gonna give you that outline the nice thing about this tool is you can actually go into the stroke style and actually change this to any size that you want we re actually going to go to pixels and change it to ten. What that s gonna do is it s gonna give us an outline of any color that you want you can do this with any font that you want to use you can you can use this with some of the little tools over here on your stroke style.

You can add those to your to your text to give it you know a little bit different look depending on the font that you re using so we re gonna hold ctrl and actually scroll in our mouth squeal and so you can see these edges. And if we use these you know select this chamfer it ll give of course a little chamfer on all of the little edges here. If we want to just follow the outline we can give it a nice sharp clean right angle..


I do like the the joint that has more of a radius on it it makes it with this particular font makes it a little bit more smooth alright. So now that we ve got to our new text put in what we can do is we actually give this kind of a shadow kind of a background and so what it s gonna what we re gonna do was wear make sure that our text is highlighted. We re gonna come up here to path and then linked offset. What that s gonna do is it s gonna give us one single node right in the middle.

Okay now we re gonna go ahead and change. The background. The shadow color to let s go like a little bit little kind of a red all right so now when you grab this node and move it up what it s going to do is it s going to increase or decrease..


The shadow that this text creates the neat thing about this kind of tool is if you grab your text and move it down you get a shadow behind it so these are now two completely separate images okay to get back to aligning things. Let s go to our align. And distribute menu and we re actually going to highlight both of these both the text and the text shadow okay so we want to realign those we re gonna go ahead and realign to the vertical and then we re a line of the horizontal. And what that s gonna do is it s gonna put it exactly in the center.

And that s just another way of showing you how to use the text tool. It s really super simple thank you ladies and gentlemen for watching gore heyman here with misfit studios as always and we will see you guys next time you ” ..

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