How to make Windows Snap better with Fancy Zones

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“Snap is as fundamental the nwindows as save windows. Today. We re gonna tell you you how to take it to the nnext level with fancy zones. So by now should have used windows snap.

But if nyou haven t let me give you a quick tutorial in windows of course ewa. We do nis on a daily basis is open windows closed windows. Resize windows and with nsnap it s very easy to take a window such as a web browser right here and pin nit to one side or another that allows you to open up another window over here nto. The side which allows you to essentially double your monitors space nfor.

The price of one screen. I use this all the time even on multiple screens. It nallows me to see more things at once with snap of course you can go ahead and npin things to either side. You can actually go ahead and pin.

These to a ncorner as well which gives you an interesting sort of arrangement like nthis where you have three windows on the screen at once. But with this though you ncan see them like the limitations of what we re looking at so for example nwith. This bing window down here below. You can t really see a whole lot did it nwith this window up here on the side.

It might be better if we were to use ncolumns instead of little tiny rectangles now we can do this with a new ntool called fancy zones and fancy zones is actually an app within power toys now nif you re a longtime windows user dating back to windows xp or windows 7 you nmight be familiar with power toys. In fact with windows xp. There were apps. Nthat would allow you to essentially turn anything that was not an audio cd into nan auto playable cd and with power toys.


Microsoft s rebooted it for the windows n10 generation. So this is a pre release piece of software and you have to nactually download it on github. But once you do that you get the power toys menu nand in fact it s gonna live way down here on the taskbar and in fact power. Ntoys actually has two separate apps.

Both of which need to be turned on there s nfancy zones. Here and then there s a shortcut guide. Here. The shortcut guide.

Nis essentially a quick overview that if you hold down the windows key for a nminute or two or sorry a second of two you get this sort of this list of nshortcuts power toys is really sorry fancy zones nis really what we re interested right now once we re in the general settings nwe can actually launch fancy zones from the left hand nav bar. Here and were nimmediately faced with a number of different configuration options. We ll ntalk about those a little bit later. But for right now.

We can launch the edit nzone of the zone editor by hitting this button. Here or going ahead and hitting nthe windows. The tilde key and you can see this hiding behind the menu. It s a nlittle bit quirky.

But here we are with the options now we have two options here nwe can go ahead and use templates. Which we re gonna go ahead and look at first nor. We can go ahead and create a custom layout. Now the custom templates allow nyou to go ahead and use say this focus which is sort of this you know windows nstacked on top of the other columns rows grids or priority grids which again ngives you sort of a bit of a focus on that center column you can go ahead and nadjust.


The numbers here by adding or subtracting and when you re ready let s ngo ahead and use columns. We can apply them now what you should see. And what nwe ve seen before is that when we use the windows key. We can go ahead and move nthese things around on the screen.

And we get a nice column look we can go ahead nand scroll on each we can go ahead and copy from one other you can see this nwould be quite useful. And you know say writing a paper or something of that nsort where you re sort of looking at one webpage and referencing. It to another so nyou can of course go back into the configuration menu and the zone editor nand actually switch. If you d like to give you a rose or priority grids and so nforth.

We re not going to do that right now instead we re gonna look at the ncustom templates. Which are on the separate page now custom templates can nbe performed in two different ways you can actually create one additively. Which nis a say basically from nothing where you re putting sort of window zones on nthe screen. And it resizing them and basically creating your own custom.

Nlayout or you can do it. Subtractive li. Which is it basically say our ni want to have an existing template and i just want to modify. It perhaps even njust get rid of a zone for example.

Then you can do another one nso. Let me just go ahead and show you what it looks like when you actually ncreate one additively. This is the custom layout. I ve done earlier and you can see nthat right now we ve got it sort of everything arranged in such a way and in nfact.


The windows should arrange by themselves. If we go back into the zone neditor and actually just edit. The selected layout. You can see that these ndifferent windows.

In fact. Let me just move this sort of away from each other nthese zones can be modified. I can drag them out. I can go ahead and close them nget rid of them we using this x button.

There s modifications. Where you can go nahead and create a little bit of space in between or thicker than the borders. Nfor example and this should show up on the screen. When you re actually creating na custom layout of course you can go ahead and go ahead and save it if you nwant and appliance to the windows on the screen.

And again you know if you re nselecting if you re switching between different layouts you can adjust the nwindows as you wish so that is the basics of creating a layout. Now again nthere are different settings to go ahead and adjust. There s a few of them and i ndon t necessarily think they re the most intuitive by default for example. I like nthe fact that i want to go ahead and override windows snap hotkeys the nwindows.

The arrow key to go ahead and move windows between the zones. Others npeople may not want to microsoft thinks that you might not want them either you ncan go ahead and keep windows ozone when the screen resolution changes you can nflash the zones. What i think is great when you change the layout and so forth. Nthese are all pretty useful.


There s one thing down here. It s worth knowing about nas well. And that is there s options to play with fancy zones. When you re nadjusting.

The multiple desktops you windows allows you of course to play nwith multiple desktops intent and task view you can use fancy of you zones with nthat. There s one catch to this all and one thing nthat can improve. Fancy stones. Only works on the default window.

The active window nso. If you re using multiple monitors. You re only gonna get fancy zones on a nsingle monitor at this point in time. It s the active one i use my laptop as nthe active monitor.

I ve had to move it to the actual my actual secondary nmonitor that s fine. I expect this to be improved in the future. But for right now nit s not so just keep that in mind in any event. Though that s pretty much nfancy zelans in a nutshell.

I expect again this will improve over time but nfor right now this is a fundamental. ” ..

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