How to Make a Private RTMP Server & Re-Stream to Twitch, YouTube, etc (WINDOWS)

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“Know what s going on ladies and gentleman is your boyhood actual and today. I i m gonna be showing you how to set up your own custom rtmp server. A windows environment. I ve showed this method before but on a linux environment with ubuntu so if you don t know what a rtmp server is basically it s a streaming services so what the goal of this video is to set up a rtmp server on your windows machine to stream out towards a and other services so basically what i am trying to get at is if you ever heard of joey caster.

Here s a lillis tration or there s also a restream so these are wonderful services. But i want to get to the cons about these services here in a second so in this illustration. Here is you will the broadcaster. That s streaming out to their services or in this case example your windows rtmp private server and streaming out to youtube to twitch to facebook to mixer to the k periscope and here s just to say they re both the same services here s you enjoy caster or you know the rtmp server.

That we re setting up and straightening out to youtube periscope and facebook. Live. So there are wonderful services and i personally use them both however i ve came to discover if you use these services twitch facebook youtube. They don t like you using these services.

Because you are providing content on their competitors. Other competitor excuse me towards their competitors and they want exclusive content. So if they see that you re using. It is and they can check on the type of connections.

Thingis companies weren t born yesterday. They have software developers and they know very well what s within the community. They re not stupid. So what they do is they re going to not feature you or they re just gonna bury you within the feeds of more people or if they were just not even gonna make have any you won t be able to be discovered so easily so if you stream from exclusively so without using these services and you re just streaming from your own connection.

Basically you re kind of beating this so they have connections out so i can go on with another video and tell everything about it so anyways. What we re gonna do is going to set up our own restream or our own joy caster services. So here s the windows and whatnot and if you guys can do me one big old favor is to go ahead and subscribe towards the channel. If you haven t hit the post notifications every time that i livestream feel free to come through or even ask me tactical questions.

That s what i m here for i love and enjoy helping people out to the best of my knowledge. And i do other things as well so just view the description..

If you want to follow me on all my other channels. So let s get to the point. What we want to do is create a folder and i put it in the c drive you guys can put the folder. Wherever you want on your desktop.

So i gi and x and x. And we re going to drag and drop this into the ign x folder. Everything you will need will be listed in the description. Once again at the script here the downloads.

I need to give you guys a fair fair fair warning and it s really recommended that you need to download the microsoft visual c. 2010 okay so you need to download the 32 bit and the 64 bit so even though that you might have download a new version and if it doesn t work out for you just download this and it ll prompt up option with a repair just go ahead and repair. It then you ll be good then i m using notepad for the editor. And this is the ign x.

Version that we re using so. I recommend downloading this version. What we want to do next is go to our comp folder. And we re going to make a copy of this so basically we re going to drag and drop this in basically and it ll bring up into their script and we re gonna scroll all the way down and paste.

This script that we have right in so if you are not using a web server. This is for a little bit advanced users if you were not using web stuff with it and don t worry about this but if you are using a web server um this will conflict with your web server because it s running on port 80. So it s either that you can run it on port 8080 or in a different port or you can just remove this entire http block out and it ll be right on this line. Just go ahead and remove that out and you ll be fine.

If you re trying to make a server out of this and try to like put it on a vps or dedicated server just make sure that you have that port forwarded or if you re running this on your machine. And you just want to have a friend connect to it to make sure you port forward the 1935. I ll have a link in the description. If you don t know how to port forward this right here is what we need to talk about so if you want to stream up to multiple services youtube mixer facebook periscope etc etc so this is for each streaming site they re gonna be connecting to you re gonna be modifying these lines.

So it s going to be the rtmp then the url then after that it s going to be slash in the stream key. So for example if i were to go towards my youtube here bring that on over and i scroll down..

And i want my rtmp stream key and paste that right in right there then after that we re gonna hit slash and put in this stream key which i m going to do so i don t want to show my stream key so i m gonna move this towards the right and i m gonna save it so let me get the stream key here stream key entering that and enter that in i m going to save it and make sure you end it with a semicolon that is very important so always end it with a semicolon. So if you re going to enter within multiple sites. Additionally. You need to make sure that you have the upload bandwidth so if you re using a bit rate.

If we go towards our obs. Here. And you can use xsplit or stream labs. Obs.

If you re using multiple services. And you whatever your bitrate is you re going to make sure you go to speedtestnet and use your bandwidth. So if we were to if your upload speed was is like poled megabytes per second then basically and then if you re streaming on four. Sites then you ll definitely be.

Fine so bitrate is that equals. 25 megabytes per. Second if you re using a bit rate of. 4000 then it ll be 40.

Megabytes per second so make sure that you have the bandwidth with your upload speed or else you re gonna be lagging especially if you re playing multiplayer so to make sure that you customize your bitrate correctly. So we re gonna go ahead and move on over towards the stream. Here and basically i ve already put in my url. So how do we find out what our ip is basically all you have to do is type in just type of this our rtmp colon slash slash so.

127001. Slash live. Whatever your stream key is just it doesn t matter you can just spam. It with that it ll be fine.

So this is if you re running it locally or if you re running it on another machine on your local network. You know what an ip or we re gonna go to command prompt and type in ipconfig let me type that in and there s some stuff that i don t want to show..

Okay so my ipv4 would be 1000. 94 and i ll just replace that with the 100 94. Either or so if you re running it from another local machine. But however were locally we re running on localhost here so we re gonna go ahead and hit apply hit okay and go ahead and close out of that what we want to do is we re going to run the service service here so we re gonna go back.

And we re gonna run the ign x. And if i hit refresh nothing pops up again it s also a web server so we re going to run that let s run it as administrator and if i did everything correctly uh. It should be popping up with the task manager should be ign x. It also disappears okay.

However i did not do something correctly let me go look at my config folder. Let me cut out the rtmp server real quick snippet. Okay. So that s not popping up for whatever reason.

Oh is it because not still running on port. 80. Oh. That s where i did it wrong okay.

So basically you need to make sure that whatever you just edit is to save it as a config file alone so basically it needs to be ig and x dot config. That s where i made my mistake and now we re gonna go ahead and move this towards the right i would go ahead and run this command now should be running. It is okay so that was my mistake you want to make sure that you have the where you edit the win. So.

The id and x. Dot. Config excuse. Me.

I have a speech impediment. The ign x dash..

When a dot config edit. That and also make sure you save it as the ig and exedoc config. Now that we have already did the settings here setup. Our stream.

Let s go ahead and actually start stringing out and make sure that i m on private here private yep. So i just don t want to alert everybody with a notification that i m going live start streaming. And it s actually sending out that bitrate and we re live we re good we re golden. We re good we re good we re good so yeah.

That s how you set up a private server with ign x. Ig and x go ahead and hit enter. And yeah. We re good man so it s streaming out to youtube.

If you again if you want to stream out to multiple services. It s highly important that you have the upload speed the bandwidth for that i hope that you guys enjoyed this video smash. The like button again subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions or any of that sword feel free to hit me up and i hope to see you guys soon you guys take care getting back to my shitty kid chasing bitch you miss running till.

The very end yeah every day. I m feeling great better than the day before you can see it on my face. With my glasses. Knowing like i m blind to all the hate.

I can see all of you waving. I m the second like a cake as long as you can see me i ain t worried ” ..

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