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“Guys what s going on so today. I m gonna be showing you the best best way to level up your crafting skill lines in the elder scrolls online. So is an expensive faster way you can level up your skill lines and there s also a slightly slower cheaper way you can do it so i m just gonna look at both of those i mean you guys can choose. But when you want to do so the main reason that people want to level up their scout lines in the first place is that because to use certain height fits on certain styles to make your character look.

Nice. You have to have certain levels in crafting so as you can actually unlock them and use the motifs. So you can see here for example at the blue book s only require level one. But the purple book down here requires level it so you would have to level up all of it level.

It to get yourself these motifs. Another big reason when people level up their cross and skill lenses. So they can do their daily rate. So daily rates is probably one of the best ways to make money every day in the game.

So you can get both gold rewards. Here like temper now noise. And it walks and stuff you also have the chance to get yourself motifs recipes and other things such as the little blacksmith in ritz and these can go for quite a lot of money for example. It s by five hundred gold per red.

So if you got home 400 red. So you d end up making over 50k from that so very briefly if you guys don t know how to ask you complete your data. Crafting race. What you want to do is you go to a little notice board here and any major time you re late.

They ll be like a little blue are above it you just collect all your rates there you just collect all your little toss. There and then what you want to do is just complete whatever it tells you to do so for example it says make three platinum rings so make three platinum rings and then after you complete all the other missions. What you want to do is just take those two a little crafter place. Where you can hang them all in and you ll get your reward boxes.

And that s what s going to contain all the nice items so we re gonna look at the faster and more expensive methods of well fill up your graph lines first because this is sort of what most people want to do so the best way to level up your craft in lines for blacksmithing clothes and woodworking on joey crafting is to just simply destroy intricate gear. Until you hit level 50 you can start at level 1 as are destroying cpu 160. Intricate gear and you ll get a lot of xp for it basically how you want to get this is you want to go to your guild traders and you just want to rummage around usually i put a max price of 500 coins in when i m looking for a piece of intricate gear. But you guys can pay more if you feel like it and the same thing for jewelry.

Crafting so you want to go in there. And you want to sort of just try and buy a lot of jewelry. But usually i pay about 2k and max for my intricate jewelry as well. So you can actually filter this in the guild store.

So all you have to do is go over to the guild store check on like maybe apparel for armor. And then you could down to intricate and then you can just select what max price is so i m gonna put in 500 coins. Because that s how much i want to pay i want to pay any more than irl. So it s kind of not worth it so essentially i use go through all the little girls.


I usually go to your bank. And just go through the first 5 kills. There and then move on to alter kill traitors around the place. Just did i ve got our boy your entry gets the same thing for drill ray so for jewelry just exactly the same except we change from appearance over to you no jewelry.

I needed something for weapons so for enchanting profession and alchemy. What you want to do is basically destroy cp 160 purple lives and for how many what you want to do is make sure you re buying the best solvents for each level. So if you re doing the cheaper method later on you can let s just use one and tori s opens and you re fine. But if you want to do it the fastest way you want to make sure you re buying.

These solvents were every single level for provision of biscay is want to make sure that you have enough ingredients. It s not really an expensive way to do a professional or a cheap way essentially. It s the same in the expensive on the non expensive method. It will be the fastest way if you sort of use the same recipes although for the more expensive method basically what you want to do is its behalf more ingredients.

Where you can buy every single recipe as you level up or isn t the cheaper one you can just sort of use the same recipes a little bit also a very useful tip for a leveling local faucet is to use your xp potions or scrolls. So you can get up to an extra 150 percent xp from using the potion over a scroll. So this is obviously really really good because you re getting like more than double the xp so for enchanting biscay. You want to make sure you re getting the best tier ten little potency runes.

So you want to try and get a reporter gusteau s artists ep 160. But you don t feel like spending that much money yeah because they re usually a little bit more expensive you can buy other ones like shehadeh and they ll be cp 150 for your aspect rings for the expensive method you re gonna want to use the purple ones. The purple ones are usually about 500 gold each. But you can find that quite a bulk of them for a lot cheaper if you just sort of look around enough stores.

And you want to also just grab some essence ring. So you want just buy some cheap essence rings is ready to not matter at all so basically once you ve bought these all you want to do is just basically go on to a different alt. If you already have a character max enchanting and you just want to make all these little glyphs on that character and put them in your bank. Or the guild bank or into your little box in your house.

And then switch characters are the one you want to level up and deconstruct. There and also if you haven t got a character level. Two is your first time leveling just asking a guild or ask a friend. He is leveled up and just lost time to make the class for you so for alchemy basically what you want to eat you want to go in and buy a poison solvent or a potion soften.

So you want to make sure you have one for every 10 levels. So you ll see some say for a level 10 level 20 level 30 love 40 and so on so you want to make sure you have enough of those for each level. So you can just get the marks xp at each level for making the poisons or potions. So i would recommend if you can to get the poisons because they are gonna be the cheaper ones.

But they re still gonna do the exact same xp as the potions and the potion ones. If you can t get the poison ones just so you have hit every single xp things or you can hit so say you re going from level 20 to level 30. And this one level. 30 poison.


Once is corrupt you push them once because it s going to eat about xp also regions don t matter at all you can just buy any two so i recommend buying two cheapest ones even for the expensive method. Because it doesn t make a difference at all just to the mix and yeah. That s what you need to do so when it comes to provisioning where i go is i like to go to grout wood. Because there is a shaft right beside of cooking fire so basically every single time.

You lup you can go talk to the chef. And you ll have a new recipe for you that you can use so it s quite good if you can sort of have another character there so you know exactly what recipes you re gonna be making them what greens you re gonna need. But if you don t know essentially you can just run really quickly to you to stores and eldery anyway because they re quite. Near particle traders and you can just buy the materials.

There and just pop back up to your little cooking fire. So essentially every time you level up. He s gone off a new recipe so just by that recipe start cooking the hop and that s just the best way to get xp here and make sure you ve try and cure exp pushin. So now we re gonna look at the slower and cheaper methods.

So you can see have a lot of mornington in this way. You re just gonna sort of take a lot longer to level up your skill lines. So the best way to level up your blacksmithing clothes and wood working on jewelry. Crafting and the cheaper method is to just destroy any non valuable gear from your kill.

Puns. You also want to buy. Cheap. Cp 150 gear from guild traders and i d recommend you sort of buy anything.

That s under 200 gold and you can lower this. If you want to be quite cheap about it any jewelry under 500 gold because it is quite difficult to find your rating for that shape to be honest. So any lord. Not you re probably gonna have a hard time finding any so you can see here in the guild bank board is gone through and there is quite a lot of sort of junk items in here.

And just like andrew gets stuff in there for people to use so you just wanna go into you go punks look like any intricate any sort of armor. You know isn t expensive or isn t really useful to anyone i m just deconstruct art and that s the cheapest quite it to you so basically most times. Most guilds aren t gonna be too fussy about you take my andrew gates or little bits of armor. And i go to scrap because they re being put in there for free and most people just take them on again for free to help the guild.

But it s always nice to leave a little tip for some gold if you take stuff away so for your enchanting you re proficient on your alchemy on the cheaper method. What you re gonna want to do is just destroy. Cp 150. Wyclef s or blue glyphs because the white to blue little aspect rings are really quite cheap.

You can pretty much get a stack of blue for maybe 10 k. So it s not that expensive at all for your alchemy. You want to choose the cheaper solvent. So maybe you re not bothered buying for every single level increments of 10 20.


30. You come before now. So you just three level 10. And maybe to level 40.

And then maybe to level 60. And you only do those if you can get the little poisons or pushing things cheap unfertile professional enough provision. I would just recommend just looking at what the ingredients are for each recipe. So you still want to go to grant would you someone used to see him chef.

I don t use all his recipes when you level up so for example if you get small game those require expensive so what you want to do is you want to just sort of skip over those and just use the recipe that you were using before up until. The next time you level up. I didn t see about next recipes and cheap as well so i still recommend using asp potions for the cheaper method because they feed done you re gonna have to use over double the materials for each skill line. And that s just gonna not really be worth it when you can spend quite a small amount of money really and have a 30 minute an hour buff so where i personally go to do all my deconstructing and just generally my daily ritz is foreigner fell because i feel like it s the best craft in re write line in the game.

So. The reason. This is so good is because there s a bank right here. And it s right in the middle of all the little crofton tables.

So it s very easy to get ahold across in tables on deconstruct your stuff. And then go back to the bank to grab more stuff out of it and also because it s a natural bank and not just your banker. It means that you can buy boxes to kill banks. So for example.

If you have your own guild. Made just for level you can have 500 items in there. And if you re in a guild. Who you know people uncle s going to take stuff.

I if you put it in you can just put in like say a lot of glyphs and switch character and just take them all back. I even if you re ready on the hult deconstruct them and just keep taking on the guild bank. I m also going to do a little run around here so you can see to all the tables are quite close together door not to spread out so so you got your blacksmithing station here closing station. Here.

And that s we can get your reds on the right. There on the noticeboard your working table and then you come over here. You ve got your little provision in the fire. There you have your little enchanting table.

You ve got a little java crafting table and a little hockey table and then right up here is the bank again. So this is a very very useful place to go for levelling up. So. Whenever you have also you finally create all your glyphs and all your items.


What you want to do is just go and deconstruct them here. So you just run around to each table and deconstruct him so a lot of time you re gonna get materials back. So you re not gonna get all of them back obviously. But for example.

If you were a bit hesitant about doing some of the more expensive methods. Especially for stuff like enchanting and joey across me are gonna get a lot of materials by so i wouldn t worry too much about it. But for other things such as alchemy your blacksmithing your woodworking and stuff. That s always pretty much gonna be a straight loss.

Because your alchemy things aren t gonna set off right well because someone wants a level 10. Poison really and blacksmithing stuff. We just generally deconstructing. It on this is going to turn really into ripa die or.

Which isn t very expensive so have another tip on its million for jewelry crafting. But you can use it for literally. The blacksmithing and stuff like on the clothing. And it works pretty much the same so what you want to do is busy just grab a lot of platinum for quite cheap.

And it s just go onto an altar country house already level 50 in joey. Crafting and just make a lot of platinum rings. And just put them in the buying guy and deconstruct them on your old. It s gonna take a little bit longer.

But it s gonna be a lot lot cheaper than if you were buying intricate jewelry for to cage. And you can also have a friend make these for you can offer at level 50 underneath your characters. And then same thing applies for blacksmithing and closing. Just honda.

Your friend or your old. So just get yourself. Some ruby die or get yourself some repeat old leather. I just make some cp 150.

Armor just throw in the bank change two year old on deconstruct. It and it s gonna be a lot slower. But it s gonna be really reaching so hopefully you guys find this video. Helpful.

If you did remember to leave a like on it. Maybe subscribe to my channel for some more videos like this and i ll see you next time ” ..

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