How to hack Your Friends Psn Account (2019). Not PATCHED

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“My god this is how you had peace and accounts um like i m elaine. Elaine. But this but you re gonna go to gmail click on gmail app or google chrome anything search of gmail is assigning to it click this place right here on the bottom of your screen or is it gonna be a pencil somewhere anything to make your message and you wanna click to right i ll put this exact eat. My head ps in ps in dot help you run up this is the real email cuz like i wouldn t make a fakey month to do this okay people can clearly tell so you want to go in either just type in peace in help like for friends like that so you re basically contacting them you re going to want to say hi.


My name is an integer name my friend lost is a count and for nation. And he doesn t speak english. So he so like this basically you telling them like you want like like they re gonna give you his email password. You don t cost you you can contact you later.


So messed up so basically you just might want to just say you say well they can cause like your lego check your fees on my friends list say you know if you wanna check to see if he is my lady. I just say yes and they put pink like thank. You well what has happening for the support that s all you want right and then just putting that out soon and i guess how you do it i made a random email so consumer you know i don t want that getting blood on my junk or anything you re gonna click the send button and bam assessing assess it so i walk on i ll pause the video. I will come back when they and text me back like the tear information is tough hmm okay guys.


This is like about two hours later and they re contacting me back from zeus s as pearson helpful right yeah. It just says okay i checked if he is on your friends list. It was like he is so all you need to do it s on his email and password arrays okay i m gonna buck that out his password is day without you thank you for contacting position support okay. I m just click take photos like that okay guys.


I ll just let you do it and like subscribe and coming from more ” ..

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