How to Get New Fonts in (2018-2019)

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“Was all about to love you what is this well and today. I m gonna gonna be showing you guys how to download more fonts for paint on it so is paint on it this is a photo editing software. It s free so i ll leave that in the description below the download link for paintnet. Only um and more download links not only i take that back this is a pink.

I just download that i paid on that okay so um click on google whatever you guys have don t use internet explorer or you will have the most miserable life in the world just. Kidding i don t care what you. Use but just go to dafontcom literally just..


Tightened all font calm don t go on. Porn click dafontcom. So once you are on this website. It looks like this so once you are done picking of fonts.

There s more options over here obviously whoa. I m gonna pick one that looks kind of okay so comic here s more stuff like here and some more over here groovy groovy um. Ruby kicked no double bubble bubble bubble keep it truckin omni on our steam disco boom ooh okay pol pot but i like that one so once you re done picking your font click download wait for this to download give it a couple seconds as you can see it s done already so drag that file into the desktop and you just put it next to your paint on that application make them have up okay my life is horrible right now what have i turned into so what once you re..


Done downloading the font um go into search for windows 81. Or whatever drag your cursor. And think. A bar should pop up click search type in control panel for windows 10 and click the windows thing with windows symbol on the bottom left and type in control panel is right here open it go into appearance and personalization or personalization and click fonts and these are all the funds you have right now installed to your computer.

But you want another extra font so open the file that you just downloaded if it said readme or any crap like that you just all you need is the font unpack. So it should look like this all you want to do is only drag this don t drown don t drag them in this like this is like going to internet explorer. See i already ruined my life..


So once you re done just drag the from the font. Only the font not read me just the font and drag it in here give it a couple seconds. It should disappear automatically yes. There we go close everything out.

And i think you guys can handle this part. I m open paint on it and once you re done that i m just see if your thing has um. You know downloaded so there is pac man font..


It s very nice and bold. Just for us to see with our asian eyes. And yes. Just uh that s pretty much it so um.

Yeah subscribe guys and subs subscribe guys. And i ll see you all ” ..

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