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“You accidentally buy something from the playstation store that you didn t want to by by accident well in this video. I m gonna tell you what you need to to get a full refund from the playstation store coming up next on your 6 studios let s go ahead and put a game into my car. Here and we can go step by step of how we can get a refund on one of these games. So let s go ahead and add this one to my cart and then go to proceed to checkout so i have these two games in my cart and let s just say i accidentally bought when these games are both of them what would i do after that now the first thing you have to do if you want to get a full refund on the playstation 4 console is you cannot download any of these games so if you get to that point i m sorry you cannot get a refund you can still try to contact sony s support.

However most likely you won t get a refund so do not do not download any of your games. And you have to do this all within 14 days so those are the two requirements 14 days no downloading your digital content. Okay let s jump over to the computer because we re done on the playstation 4 console. We have to contact playstation support now this is where it gets a little bit more difficult sony doesn t make it easy.

They don t advertise hey you can get a refund this easy by clicking on this button. So let s go ahead and go to google and just type in playstation refund. And that should bring us a quick link to where we need to go so playstation refund. And it should be this first one up here from support how to request a refund for playstation store purchases.

So let s go ahead and click on this link and all i also have it in the description down below..

If you want to check that up we ll make a little bit easier for you now this first one will be what s important to us if you bought something on the playstation store. But change your mind about the purchase you may able to request a refund to your wall on the playstation network to find out more including how to request a refund please find the type of content. You purchased below. So let s go ahead and see what we got we got refunds for games.

Dlc and add ons refunds for pre orders or digital content now for pre orders. It s kind of the same thing. Where you could have bought the game. But before that 14 days is up you can request a refund for the pre order.

But just remember. You cannot download anything during that time so if there s like a skin or a theme or if it starts pre loaded on your console. And you won t be able to get a refund. So remember that ok so 14 days from the date of purchase and do not download.

Anything is what is same to request a refund on add ons content dlc..

Please contact playstation support like i said. There s no like specific form you fill out they don t say anything regarding that they just say hey contact playstation. Support and then they give you the policies to read over and on the right hand side. You see two options over here.

It says contact us chat or twitter. Now. I m just gonna scroll down all the way to the bottom page and just go to the contact support page right here located at the bottom. Let s go ahead and click on that it ll pop up this page to sony support now there isn t a formal email address.

You can send your information to you have the option to chat with them and this will bring up a live chat with a sony representative where you can go in and chat with them you can provide them your information about your counsel. What you purchased and they could possibly give you a refund through this if you are eligible for a refund. And that will be the quickest way you ll have to open up. With this chat box and then go to digital content game or dlc.

And then you need to go to contact us right here..

And you will have to login with your information. And if there s a qr a waiting period. You ll have to wait for that a certain amount of time. But then you ll be in a chat with a sony representative and you will be able to provide your information your date of purchase your counsel type your online id all that good stuff and if you re eligible for a refund you haven t downloaded anything i have to keep repeating this because it s so important you haven t download anything and within 14 days of purchase now.

There s only certain times in which you can actually chat with them they ll be listed here now this says pacific standard time 6 00 am through 10. 00 pm and saturday and sundays is 7 00 am through a pm. So there s a good amount of flexibility in there also you can go ahead and show at them on twitter by going at sign. Ask playstation if you guys are into twitter.

That s another way you can contact them. And also there is phone support. Available you ll have to call this number one eight hundred thirty four five sony seven six six nine and you ll be able to provide them your information over the phone. And you should be able to get a refund that way so they do provide you three different ways.

The chat twitter or if calling them through the phone..

So i ll have this link down below for you if you want to just check. It out quickly is kind of a annoyance to get to it otherwise. If you go to all the way at the bottom of the page and go to contact support. And it s kind of knowing that you can t do this all on the playstation.

4 console. You need a pc available to you or possibly your phone. If it s a little bit easier for you to do on your phone. So i hoped one of these methods helped you out if it did go ahead and leave me a thumbs up on this video and subscribe to my channel down below and check out some of the other videos coming up next on my channel your 6 studios.

” ..

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