How to fix your Astro A50 Mic Cut Out

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“Everybody its fondren. I woke up early again. Today and wanted to go over a a quick little kind of tutorial video for you guys here because i had some in some previous videos. If you ve seen any of my streams.

Lately of the my new headset. The astro. A 50s. The mic has been cutting out pretty pretty bad so i did some research and i did find a fix and i was going to go over that fix with you all i will double check this video for the live stream purposes.

But i ve done a lot of local recordings with it a problem seems to be a result resolved by following these steps. If you go to astro gaming comm. Which is going to be the website there for the ashtar..


A 50s you can just go to the actual a 50 page and once you re there you re going to scroll down. And under description here you ll see a firmware update. And you re going to want to click on that firmware update. Select whether your pc or mac grab.

It you re going to download it after you download. It actually what it s going to do is going to give you this file here. The astro device manager when exe when you open it a curious thing about this and i ll show you in a second is it s gonna actually open in your browser. So make sure you have your browser open you re right you do that it ll give you a little about this.

It ll say hey you re just going to follow these steps you re gonna once you have this set up you re gonna plug your headset. Which it s on right now and i m utilizing it so i m not going to do that right now. But what you ll do is you ll plug it in you ll go to the next step and you ll have to update..


There ll be two firmware updates. There s going to be one for the mixed amp and one for the headset. Do those both separately. When you do the mix amp.

Your going to do it. And then you have to repair after you repair then you ll then you ll update the headset and you ll repair again and you should be good to go so i just wanted to give you guys that quick update i m gonna upload this to youtube and give you guys the link there i ll put a direct link to the firmware update. Which is seo gaming coms less firmware. So you can go straight.

There. And hopefully that will fix y all s problem. I know it fixed mine..


And thank goodness. I also did grab a little foam cover for the mic to help with some of the pop filtering type stuff. There. So anyways that s about it i am going to get on with my morning.

Here. And i should be on later. Today to stream for y all. Thanks for checking out.

The video. And i hope. This helps don t forget to follow..


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