How to Fix Potential High / Low Pricing Error or Set Price Limits on Amazon Seller Marketplace & FBA

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“Like me you ve had the situation that in your amazon seller. Account. And this this can be any country in the world usa europe and australia. And so on an item is no longer active because the price is outside the parameters.

You set or amazon is deactivated you re listening because it s outside the parameters. They think of reasonable then the way to find and reset that is you go to inventory as you look at the top left corner of the login screen. When you ve just logged in you see the amazon seller central logo. In the top left below.


That you ll see inventory just touch inventory. And even if it s fba inventory. You don t go to the fba inventory screen. You go to the top selection.

Which is manage inventory. So that s very important because it s very frustrating you re on the fba screen. You can t find this that s because it s not there so touch manage inventory just loading and here. We go.


And then if you just look under the title manage inventory go down. And you ll see all is currently active and then you ve got the active then inactive so you want to press. Inactive and that will just reduce the clutter on the screen. You can see what is not active and if you look down the left hand side column of the screen.

It says status in blue and as you look down you ll see this one highlighted in blue inactive potential pricing error here so that s where you ll easily find what s been so here. The reason is because it s in euros and amazon wants euros putting in with a comma not a dot. So when i wanted to put in 35 euros. 99.


It came out as 3000 and so actually on this one. I ve not set a limit if you look here these two boxes. These are where you put your limits in so you can put a limit of a minimum of let s say 20 euros and a maximum of 50 euros. There and we can save it and just to clarify for anyone who s not quite sure these numbers are only to help amazon or you detect when you ve input a price that s wrong it doesn t change the price it doesn t work as a tool to compete with others within those price ranges.

That s a completely separate thing. This is just to avoid putting in a price there s too low or too high by mistake once you click save those parameters will disable any listing of that ticker item outside of those two numbers. And so. What i would want to do here is delete that put 3 5.


Then a comma and then 99 and then save. And that would be resolved so i hope that s been helpful if you ve got any questions message me in the box below. If this video has been helpful please leave me a like and that just helps me be able to dedicate more time to posting stuff. ” .


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