How to fix Otterbox rubber silicone that is getting loose.

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“But is mcp um. As you can see we got a otterbox defender or cellphone cellphone case. It doesn t say on there his otterbox it doesn t say defender. It says.

I don t know whatever anyway. This thing s all stretched out down here at the bottom museum in cqc. See that it s really kind of getting on my nerves just a pet peeve. I guess.

But still so what we re going to do is we re going to take and drop this and boiling water for about three minutes supposedly that ll shrink. The silicon or make it tight again. Oh no i doubt it because i tell you right now that i know silicon is it really affected by heat. But maybe it is we ll see we don t know and then after that we re going to drop it in a bowl of ice water.

And it should be tight back on here again. So let me go ahead and pull this apart and pull that apart and click that set this over here and we ll go ahead and we ll drop it in there for three minutes..

So let s this time we re here okay i m dropping it in now three minutes 30 seconds to 5 sec hour five minutes is what s recommended. But i don t know i don t think this will work it will see. But we got for three minutes. So we re going to turn the heat down on the boiling water down to low and we re sure we got there we go there we go we re going now all right drop this in there for three minutes and slowing down.

I also put a one note here i put a canning jar lid in there to keep the phone with setting on the the actual burners. So i don t want to make phone too. But if you do we ll put this on the cooking channel to make bone soup. But we ll see equal to happens.

The links that it turned down to low on so the lowest setting. So that s the stuck planner start turn time there we go here this so i ll be back in in three minutes. And we ll see what happened here and we re just over here. This it s already getting kind of my evil.

There we go all right three minutes. We re i ll pause this number back okay timers power to go off..

I went ahead and pulled this out because it s kidding. It s uh. It s getting kind of indie around and kind of molding to it so let me move you over here and let me get the coal lottery. All right it s very very malleable right now it didn t turn into soup down there.

But that s it for a second just fill up get rid of this boiling water over here like that i don t i don t know i don t think this will work. But one one second it s getting cool let me uh. Let that set for a little bit. And then i ll go ahead and put it on the phone and we ll see where we stand very bad.

Okay. I see no change that the corner here is still off yeah. It does not work well it didn t work in my case. So in the case of my case.

It did not work so there you go thought we d try it maybe mines different than the other ones. We ve seen on the net..

I get to have two three or two five minutes. So i went three. I don t think i ll bother trying again because there s no change that i can tell then if anything is probable fatter and the sides are good. But still like here.

This is a lot of issues this side might be just a little bit tighter. But that s that s the same as it was as far as i m concerned and if i go ahead and push it in i go ahead and snap in little ports. There it holds it up but like i said this is still the same it was just like that and that was my pet peeve. So i think i can just go buy the new another silicon for it but like i said i pulled.

My case on and off a lot a lot i do a lot of vr with it. So. My phone is my iphone. Like samsung.

At 7 00. So it just seems a little mortgage..

You know. It s got a lot of room back there if i squeeze it i mean. It s not the dustproof one but come on all right i mean. That s clearly i shouldn t get that much of a room off there so i don t know this is my experience.

My otterbox defender. You know you know that s that s not good and that s after we suppose the trunk it butters like that before you know it does to get in there duster getting under the screen protector governor here so alright so there he goes on can pepper. It did not work for me. But we thought we try it so bone soup can t shrink.

The otterbox defender case. In my case. You couldn t do it so there you go check out pepper. Please rate.

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