How To Find And Download Movie Clips

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“Trevor. Guess. What trevor. I m guessing you wanna nknow.

How i find movie clips clips to put in my youtube videos that is correct electronic music. Hey. I m in real life and not one of those fake movie trevors on this channel. I teach real estate agents and other entrepreneurs nto create better videos.

So they can sell more stuff like houses make sure you hit that nsubscribe button right there and tap the bells. So you don t nmiss out on future content. Do it you might be thinking nsince. I worked in hollywood as an editor for 18 years that i ve memorized all the movies and i know all the famous movie quotes and i can just pull a nquote out of thin air to use in my youtube video.

The reality is quite the opposite. I ve never been a movie fanatic. I don t know who actors and ndirectors and producers are i d work on a movie nand for the first time. Learn the name of a major movie star cause.

I never really npaid attention before so i have not memorized all the movies and i cannot pull movie nquotes out of thin air. However i worked with the guys who were kind of movie freaks. They d be like and i d be like what an idiot. There is one movie nthat.

I do quote a lot that is the princess bride and i mean it anybody wanna see that since i am not a movie freak. I have to dig deep to find nmovie clips to use in my videos..

When i was an editor nthe first thing. We did when we got a new movie in to work on and create marketing material for was to break down the movie breaking down. The movie nmeans that we would watch the entire movie. And anytime.

Nsomeone said. Something important or potentially nusable in a commercial. We would place a marker. There and type out everything nthey said word for word or type out what was happening in an important action scene.

If we were doing a really ngood and thorough job. We would type out neverything. Everybody said in the entire movie and that nwould take a very long time. But you get to know the movie really well the advantage of that is nwe could search our markers and find something that somebody said so we could use it in our commercial and it made it way easier to nedit if you did that first i d be editing.

A tv spot and nthink man wouldn t it be great if captain america said. Something like i would literally type ni can do this all day and then boom. I could do this all day well that s kinda. What i do now i ll write out my script and nas.

I m writing the script. I ll think wouldn t it be ngreat if somebody said this and then i jump up on youtube. And incidentally. I get nall of my movie clips directly from youtube someone somewhere has probably uploaded what you re looking for i usually start by going to youtube and typing in the phrase nthat.

I m hoping some cool actor in some known movie said then i scroll down the search results and i look for a video nthat s from a movie. I watch it and i see if it fits like a glove sometimes it works and nsometimes..

It doesn t it does take a lot of nwork and you ve gotta try a lot of variations on the nphrase you re searching for and probably watch a lot of video clips. When i m searching for movie. Clips. I often wanna call.

My buddy nfrom. The last place. I worked jason who has pretty much nmemorized all of the movies. He can pull things out of thin air.

So i recently texted him like hey jason where s somewhere i can go nbesides you to find movie quotes and jason gave the name of a website. Where you can actually nsearch for any phrase and see what movies nthat phrase appears in that website is. Quodbcom quodbcom. I don t know which way it goes you type a phrase in their search bar and pretty much any movie.

That nquote has ever appeared in will show up and they also have options so you can click and see the context. What was happening before nand after that phrase. I think they have full movie nscripts that they pull from so the reality is you re nprobably not gonna find most of what shows up nin their search results on youtube. You have to be tenacious and never give up so how did i find that quote well i went to quodb.

I typed in never give up it gave me a list of a bunch of movies. Where the words never give up appeared. I saw one from galaxy nquest. So i went to youtube and in the youtube search bar.

I typed galaxy quest never give up boom. It gave me this list of options..

And i found one that worked another great option is top ten top 100 top 1000. Movie quotes someone has already created a list of the top 10 quotes from thor loki s beyond reason nbut he is akbar s god and he s my brother. He killed 80 people in two days. He s adopted or top 10.

Whatever quotes better yet just type nin top 100 movie quotes and you ll get a bunch of noptions to find some of the most memorable movie quotes of all time one great hack is to simply watch one of those top 100 movie quotes and figure out which one of those you might be able to work in your video and kind of write around nthe quote to make it fit. But here s the thing don t njust drop in random quotes. Because they are memorable movie quotes. There has to be context.

It has nto make sense in your video. It s all about set up and pay off either have the movie clip set you up dude were you on mushrooms. When you had this brilliant idea. No.

I. Hate mushrooms or have the clip payoff nsomething that you said yeah baby laughing. Okay. That one was kind nof a cheat kind of a hack just have the payoff nbe.

An exciting reaction to something amazing you nsay and it mostly works you do have to be a little bit creative. It takes a long time it took me a long time to find the quotes that i use in this video in fact. It s saturday and suppose to be on a date with my wife right now i think but instead i m recording this cause it took so long to find the quotes. But how do you get the nclips off of youtube so you can use them well i use apowersoftcom.

Ringing bells they have a web based nversion that is free you simply copy and paste nthe youtube link and boom. It downloads..

The video nto your computer for you they also have a paid downloadable app. Which is what i use you simply copy the link from youtube and paste it into the app and it downloads it to your desktop. This is not a sponsored video nor anything rattling. I just that s the dog ally in the background.

Annoying me some more this video s not sponsored nby apowersoft or anything. I just like that software. There are other options out there use one that works for you njust make sure. It s reliable.

I have used things in the past nthat were very hit and miss sometimes there ll be nmultiple versions of the clip. You re looking for so ncheck out a few of them and find the one that looks the best that is the highest resolution and remember you wanna nfind. These clips. Before you outline or script your nvideo.

So that it really flows. When you re recording it remember at any time you re nusing somebody. Else s content you run the risk of copyright violations for tips on not going to jail nfor copyright infringement. You should watch that video right there don t forge to subscribe.

I can t wait to see the nmarvel enhanced videos you have to share whirling sound and bang. ” ..

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