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“I m mike pokey tips mike and today i m gonna teach you how you you could breed for shiny pokemon and pokemon sword and shield in this guide. I gonna teach you everything you need to know about breeding for shiny pokemon how it works what you need and what you could do to make this method as fast as possible now i m assuming that you already know the basics of pokemon breeding like if you want to breed. A pokemon you need a male and a female in the same egg group and the offspring will always be in the same family as the female or you could use a ditto with either a male or female pokemon and the egg will always be based off of the pokemon that isn t ditto. I m also not gonna be going into detail of iv s natures or egg moves in this guide.

Since you can easily change those later on with mints hyper training and other mechanics. If you want to know the details about all that good stuff check out my full breeding guide. Which i ll link in the description today. We re just focusing on shiny pokemon so shiny pokemon are pretty rare.

Normally you have a 1 in 4096 chance of encountering one or getting one to hatch from an egg. However through breeding. We could do something called the masuda method to bring those odds down significantly to one in 682 or one in 512. If you re lucky enough to have the shiny charm and all you need to do to activate the masuda method is just be breeding 2 pokemon.

Together that are from different language. Games. That s it this method has actually been in every single pokemon game. Since pokemon diamond and pearl game.

Freak. Director genichi masuda. Actually programmed it into those games since diamond and pearl being on the nintendo ds were the first pokemon games where he could really trade worldwide with people across the globe. So obviously with that being said the first and most important thing that you ll need to do this method is a pokemon from a different language game so for example.

If you re playing an english game you could breed an english pokemon with anything that s either japanese french italian german spanish korean or chinese and you ll get those increased odds of having a shiny pokemon you can tell a pokemons from a different language game. Because first off the name is probably to be a little different than what you re used to and also in the right hand corner of the screen..

You ll see a little symbol that shows what language game. The pokemon was originally from there s a few different methods on how you could get yourself a foreign pokemon. The first and probably easiest way is by having nintendo switch online. The online service and using the surprise trade system with this you can randomly send a pokemon off and somebody will randomly send the pokemon right back to you since pokemon is popular worldwide you ll easily get pokemon from different language.

Games by doing this now a strategy that i ve used to get some foreign pokemon is do surprise trades late at night during the united states time. I ve done a lot of surprise trades around the midnight eastern time which is very late to play pokemon. I know but when it s around midnight in eastern time. It s about 2 00.

In the afternoon in japan. Most american players are asleep around this time or just not playing pokemon and japanese players are awake and doing surprise trades. So with this you ll be very likely to get a foreign pokemon. You could use for the masuda method for example a few nights ago.

I did some surprise trades and i actually got myself a japanese saba which was perfect because i want to shiny hunt for some of the starters. But ideally you d want a foreign ditto since ditto can breed with anything so once you get one of those you really don t have to worry about getting any other foreign language. Pokemon and since you can t control. What you get surprise trade since well.

It s a surprise then surprise trade might not be the best place for you to get one of those so in that case. There are a few recommendations. I have to help you get a foreign ditto. Number.

One is you could go catch a ditto at the lake of outrage in the wild area. Then go into the comments section..

Below this video and try to set up a trade with somebody who has a different language to know than you number 2. You could go on reddit and check out the pokemon trades. Reddit or the breeding ditto reddit. If that one s open right.

Now or number 3. You could check out pokemon related. Discord servers and i m sure somebody on one of those will have a deado to trade here. Follow those steps and you ll easily be able to get yourself a different language ditto.

Now once you have the pokemon you want to breed and a different language pokemons do the masuda method with there s a few things you re gonna want to get before you actually start breeding. Just to make this method as fast as possible number one go to route 3. And capture yourself. A roly poly roly colee has the ability steam and when you had this pokemon in front of your party with an egg in it it ll actually cut in half the amount of steps that you need to take to hatch an egg pokemon with the ability magma armor or flame body.

Do the exact same thing. But rolly coley is so easy to capture so just go ahead and get yourself one of those then you ll absolutely want to have beaten the game. So you re able to obtain the item. The oval charm now if you don t know what the oval charm does the oval charm basically makes it so you re more likely to get an egg from the daycare people.

When you re trying to hatch pokemon and get a shiny. You re definitely going to want to be going through as many eggs as possible as fast as possible so. This is an essential item you could easily get this item by going to search esther and going into the hotel on the second floor of the hotel first room on the left. If you go in there you ll see a little police guy.

And his name is morimoto and he s based off of the game designer should get more a motel. He is a full team of six level 65 pokemon..

So he can be kind of tough. But when you beat him he ll give you the very precious oval charm. So at this point. You should be ready to breathe you have rollie kohli.

So it ll have the amount of steps you need to take to actually hatch an egg. You have your foreign pokemon. Hopefully get ditto so you could do the masuda method. And you also have the oval charm.

So you re more likely to get an egg from the daycare lady so now it s time to go to the daycare nursery in sword and shield. There s actually two different nurseries you could choose from and both are pretty much the same although they do have some minor differences that might make you like one more than the other the first one you could go to is on route 5 east of turf field. Now this one s really nice because it has a very long straight path they could easily run left and right on to hatch your eggs. Pretty quickly so it s not a bad option to use for your daycare at all.

However i prefer using the one in the wild area. This daycare is at the bridge field section. In the wild area and the whole reason that i like this one a little bit more than the other one is because you could easily breed pokemon without paying much attention here. If you hold both of your joique on sticks to the left or both of the sticks on your pro controller to the left the game has you run around in circles since you re moving your character and moving the camera at the same time now.

This is super good for breeding. Because it allows you to breed hatch your pokemon really easily without changing your direction. Like you re gonna have to do eventually when you use the route. 5 daycare instead now another reason.

I like this one a little bit better is because you could run around in circles and basically keep the nursery woman in your sight. The whole time you re doing this now..

The reason. This is important is because you ll easily be able to see when an egg is ready you ll notice that she crosses her arms. When she has an egg ready for you to take since you ll be running in circles nearby her it s very easy to keep her in your line of sight. And you ll always be able to know when a new egg is ready for you to take which will speed up your breeding.

Pretty tremendously. I d recommend if you breed here do it around the spot where i m doing it if you do it too close to the grass. A pokemon might spawn and come at you and chase you down. And you definitely don t want that when you re trying to breed pokemon either way both of these daycares are great and it s all up to your personal preference on which one you d use although i d say personally i find the one in the wild area a little bit faster since you re always keeping an eye on the nursery lady and you re running around pretty consistently and with that you now know how you could use breeding to shiny hunt in pokemon sword and shield you know how it works you know what you need and you know how to hatch your eggs as quickly as possible so with that information.

My friends. I hope. The odds will be ever in your favor. As always my friends thank you so much for watching the video.

If you enjoyed it and you haven t already make sure you give it a thumbs up right now subscribe to the channel. If you re new for more pokemon content. Just like this follow me on instagram at pokey tips. Mike and my friends.

I ll be seeing you in the next one ” ..

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know to easily breed shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield – Masuda method, ways to speed up hatching and more!

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about breeding shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield!
In this guide, I will teach you about
– The Masuda Method – Origins, what makes it work, and how you can get yourself a foreign language Pokemon
– Items and mechanics you ll need to speed up breeding – Rolycoly s Steam Engine ability that halves the steps required to hatch an egg, how to get the oval charm
– And compare the two daycare centers, so you know which one is right for you!

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