How to download Spiderman Web of Shadows PC 2017!

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“Guys welcome back to another day with me i mean in a vittoria with me me sick rafter. What s up guys in this tutorial. Sorry about that in this i am going to be showing you how to get spy main web of shadows or web of warriors right web of shadows. Technically on mystical all right you want to do this down a link and i m glad you want to puts down line.

Know that when it s now 18 i already downloaded it so i m gonna post canceled i try to do this mom mock dog i know what to do now this is my 600 corner coat. I mocked up the first time. But i know what to do now alright um. Just return it s finished downloading that you want to go to here.

You know that you want to press extract. And that decided extract you know yeah. But i ve been looking for this game for about three or four years can you complete kingi can you believe that three or four years like goings. Likes me or you wanna open this open this good a pc.

And i m like you want to go to your outlook. Account settings are out of date. Yeah i need to restart the computer soon all right you wanna on click date one day till one know that this will pop up you know that you want on click this no but you want to pull this is like a safe file so i m gonna save my phone in hand if i make a new folder. I probably made a loads of folders apparently uh huh.

I can say about that okay jaim like to folders no free for i think for free. I didn t count it alright. I m gonna call my safe hold a spot amer okay and there press that um do you want to update..


Me right when i gonna have that nobody when i go to i think you could do your say file nope okay um. Okay after that you want to extract the file. Okay copy. Me copy one on the wing on a no room for i won t well wrong file.

No no oh crap close wrong fire whoops. How do you mean to do that alright i extract the wrong file alright i m gonna extract the file like like had this folder in a thing i m gonna close that down you know that you want i go in here in here. And i m like you want to do this again. I know that um you just want to impress.

It was that wait for it know that tada alright here comes the tricky parts okay okay. If you want to make the game like sounds and languages to work you need to follow these okay extractions okay. Under data one you want to click data to you know that you want to press r in raw. If you don t see bring mine you get a more apps.

And there you look for look for another app on the pc and on that i m going to bring wanna fold and pc. This pc. And if i click on greenland like that app. Whatever in the folder.

So um yeah and i m like you will find it know that you want to click ring rock click okay know that you wanna i m a like put wait put movies put them maybe files this way. Yeah. A real all right you want to put the movie files movie files into the mine spider man folder..


So the background. You heard like a door shot isis the bathroom all right it will just take a while so yeah you just have to wait all right this one. We re not done yet now you want to go to date. Date are free or date worth cord.

Okay i better shut this i m gonna shut this down all right let me click it again all right you do it again you repeat. It repeat. It over and over again yeah not done just yet. I haven t even played the game yet and i m going to make a video of the game i m gonna beam clean of let s play of it and i m bobby i m darling i m ultimate spider man i already made a video of how to get the game and i deleted.

It accidentally so after we download that again so yeah. So yeah you will be seeing two of let s plays on spider man. So i m an optimist now you was you ll you re going to be seen cheese series s of spawning ultimate spider man and spider man web of shadows. I know that you want to click date free so i m gonna of that i m gonna click date free oh i already click that apparently i already did sorry about that okay you want to click date for then date.

Six. Actually nevermind ok you want to put the sounds in now look. It s on deploying all the sounds and the effects and in the spider man folder. So yeah oh my god screaming my brava.

The girl and girl if you know they all right um after that you want to go to day eight. So i mean get with that sorry about that i m gonna go date a open that s okay that s normal um. You wanna open..


I think you opened this nope. Okay. You open set another bar way this attacks about 10 15 minutes or so. So yeah have fun of that wait just in case.

Yeah you have to click that as well um. Because that s what the guy said because it does something and i ll let you click this set up the reel and this will take about 10 15 minutes or so because the guy said in the video. He didn t talk in the video. He just put a message up on the video saying.

I m ruining this part because he said this would take about a few minutes or so so yeah. I ll see you when is this is done and we ve if you re doing this part have fun cuz just go and make it sandwich or whatever just do something for a few minutes. Because this takes a while so yeah. I ll see you in a few minutes.

A few minutes guys alright. We are back when i first three when i piss on at 93. It clicked this alright. I m when is it when it s done it will stay press.

Any key on to i m going to continue i have nobody wasted on on to continue that doesn t make any sense. But it will say press any key to continue this press. Any key on the keyboard and of that i open up this again alright you can get out of that now where you can get out of this..


I m drawing get out of that xbox inner dome that black box came up doing don t press the x. When i says press. Any key to continue this press. Enter and of that you know that big who s on deck spring came up.

I m just gonna have that because us enough things is telling you whatever i know that you re giving launch the game. So um. I m gonna i ll be right back. Achieve a minute let s see all right i m here it is and on that first play see look.

It s working. See i know that every message pops up on the game. Just press ok ok. And look.

It s working see on me. And i can read the places. And i can t we have to make a series of this well guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial with me your sticker after and i ll see you in the next video bye.

” ..

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