How to Create a Google Review Link

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“Everybody its josh here. I ve got a fun quick and very handy little tutorial tutorial for you here and this one. I m gonna show you how to create google review link and we re gonna create two versions of a link. I m going to show you how to create one where the website user will click and it will show reviews and then i m going to show you how to create one where they can click it and then it will bring them right to be able to leave a review.

So a prime example here s a site that we re wrapping up right now. Where this client has several review sources and they wanted to link to their google reviews. So what we did is we created this to where you click the google reviews and then it pops open this locations reviews so people can scroll through see all the reviews. And they can also write a review here now that s kind of an extra step so if we wanted somebody to actually click to write a review like i have a moving forward page that i offer to my clients.

Once a website goes live what i do on this one. Is at the bottom of this. I give them an option to click to write a google review and watch this this is actually gonna pop open my google review page to where people can just leave a review right there. It s a really handy feature.

Now one thing. I want to say is there are quite a few different sites that will give you the option to be able to create these links like this is one i ll link to below this is one i used to use quite a bit..

But what i ve found is that a lot of these sites will have trouble finding the business or creating the right link or in some cases. If a business s brand new on google. It won t register that business to be able to create the link yet so what i m gonna do is show you how i create these links. It s very easy to do it s kind of a manual way to do it.

But it s super easy really handy what we re gonna do is we re gonna create these two different links and put them right here and these buttons and the cool thing about that is these links could be in a button image or anywhere else on your site. And this does not apply to just divi or wordpress this could be on any site or you could add this to your email or anything you want to do so with all that said let s dive into it first thing. I m gonna do actually i ll stick right here on this page here so i ve i ve essentially googled in terms of studios. My web design business and i need to replace my adorable dog.

There with a more professional picture here. But what i ve done is i have googled in terms of studios. And what i m gonna do is click the google reviews right here now if you google a business and you re not on their actual profile. You do want to make sure you get to their profile to where you can see the reviews because this is how we re gonna do this.

And what we re gonna do is click that and then that s gonna bring open the window where again people can either scroll through reviews or they can click to write one now. What i want to do is i m just gonna bring my screen down here..

And you ll see that this link when i popped open. The reviews is very very large. But this is technically the link that opens this window up so. What i m gonna do is take that i ve got a copy that i m gonna go to bitly.

Which is what i use for for making long links a little shorter. But you can use any sort of link shortening site and i m gonna paste that link and let s create this link and there we go we have our link for the reviews. So let s add this in the button here and divvy. Again.

You don t have to use divi for this so you could place this on the menu or any site. That you want and let s add that in there. And let s go ahead and save and exit. The visual builder here and now what i m gonna do is test this so.

When i click see reviews. We should see that window pop up with all the reviews..

So let s click that and there we go you can see it s opening and then pop opens. The reviews. And again people can scroll through all these or write. One now again.

We did want to make it so that people could write a review as well so what i want to do in that case is if i click write a review that will change the url up here to where it will pop open this window. Now. Again you can take this whole url and you could put that in the button. But that s gonna get very cumbersome when you put a massive url as a link and a button or an image so again i use bitly.

But you could use any site that you wanted to do shorten a link so i m gonna create this link and let me put this back up here for us and there we go that one s already copied so let s go back to our site. Ok so we re back on the site. And i ve got that new url copied. Which was the one that is going to bring them to the window to leave a review and let s add that in there and check this out go ahead and save and exit and now this should bring us right up into that window where they can actually leave a review.

How cool is that easy peasy right so that s it guys all you have to do is literally just search a business and then make sure you re on their profile click the reviews. And then if you want the link for people just to see reviews or have the option to write a review..

When you re on this window. Just take that url then you i would recommend using a site to shorten the url or if you want people to have a link to actually leave a view. A review directly just click that button and then it will change the url ever so slightly again highly recommend shortening that and that s what you ll use so. Easy.

Peasy guys hope you ve enjoyed this my clients love this feature and i often give them like an email template or something for them to be able to use if they want to capture reviews. It really helps i m actually gonna start applying this to more of my sites. And and again highly recommend using this for your sites. And also your clients.

They ll really love you for it so hope you guys enjoyed this one and i ll see you on the next tutorial. ” ..

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