How To Convert A File To A Perfect MP4 In Handbrake

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” s going on everybody joshi over scrappy our films and today. I got another tutorial tutorial for you and this one i ll be showing you how to use the handbrake to convert your footage from anything any video file kind of like avi or mkv to an mp4. Which is compatible with most media players and compatible with vegas editing software. This video is not sponsored by handbrake in any way shape or form.

I just used this program a lot and decided i m gonna go ahead and share my knowledge with everybody so let s go ahead and show on my desktop here. I have an nkv file. If i right click and hit the properties. We can clearly see that the extension is dyed mkv and i m gonna be converting this to an mp4 if i try to drag and drop this mkv into vegas.

It will not work now vegas. 17. Does have the option to read some mk b s. But it s experimental and still doesn t read all of them.

And any version before 17 will not read an mkv so let s go ahead and convert it so the first thing you want to do is go over to handbrake dot. Fr type that into the url and go to their main web page from there click download handbrake and once it s finished downloading go ahead and install it and then load. The program up once. It s opened you ll have some options on the left or you can just drag and drop files directly into the program.


I have ma am kb on the desktop. I m gonna drag that into the program once handbrake accepts it you ll see it automatically gives it the preset fast 30 right up here to the top left that s a perfectly fine preset to start off with but we re gonna change them things around under format if you click the drop down you ll see mp4 mkv. We re gonna want to make sure we choose mp4 that s all we re gonna change on this tab. And then let s go to the dimensions tab from here.

It s gonna tell you what your source resolution is and you want to go ahead. And make sure. It is exactly what you want it to be by typing in the numbers. And the width and height right here.

I m gonna go ahead and match my 720p footage by changing the width to 1280 and the height 720 after you ve done that we don t need to change anything else in this tab you can click the filters tab. But there s nothing we re gonna be changing in there either next go over to the video tab and under video codec drop that down you re gonna see a ton of options. We re actually not going to change it i just want you to be aware that these exist just in case you want to change it to some of these in the. Future but what we re gonna do is keep it at h264 frame rate click that drop down box and make sure it says same as source or you can customize it to whatever frame rate you want next below that you re gonna see constant frame rate and variable frame rate.

I m gonna keep mine on variable frame rate. But if you convert it and you experience some sort of audio desync you may want to go back and change. This to constant frame rate. And see if that improves your results over on the right hand side.


You ll see a quality slider and if you drag it to the left you ll see the number increase and we drag it to the right you ll see the number decrease. This is a quality scale and the further right you go the bigger your file size is gonna be but the higher quality. It s gonna be i like to keep my number right around the 17. Yeah.

That s kind of my sweet spot. So you can put it around that area and kind of play with it and see what you like better we see a few options on the bottom left that we re gonna mess with it we go to the encoder profile. If you drop that down you re gonna see baseline main high and auto. I like to change mine to high.

But it s all about personal preference you most likely won t see difference so you could put it to whatever you want i m just gonna choose high we can leave in coder tune and level the same we don t need to change those. But you re gonna see encoding speed up there. This is basically you telling your computer how much computer processing power. You want to utilize to encode this and essentially.

It s also a little bit of a quality scale. If you drag it to the left. It s gonna be using less cpu power. So for weaker processors.


This will help it go faster and be dragged to the right that s gonna code a little bit slower. But it s gonna have a little bit of better quality and that takes a stronger cpu to do so if you drag it to the right. If you don t have that good of a cpu your encoding may take a little bit longer than expected. I like to put mine right about medium that yields the best quality for me so you can put it to whatever you want next go over the audio tab and this is where you gonna see all of your audio tracks.

We don t need to change anything in here. But if you have multiple audio tracks. Then you can add a new track and then select the different audio channel. If you wanted to make sure your video file had multiple audio tracks.

I m just gonna leave it as is and next go to the subtitles tab here. You re gonna see a subtitles track in the metadata. But if your video doesn t have any subtitles. Then you can delete it by pressing the little red x.

To the right over there and finally you can go to the chapters tab and if you wanted to add and customize different chapters for your video file you can do so but mine doesn t have chapter. So i m just gonna leave it as is if you didn t wanna have to do all this again you can save this preset by clicking the save new preset button and once you re ready to convert go down to the bottom right and click browse navigate to where you want your converted file to show up at i m gonna put it in this misspelled temp folder. And i m just gonna call it converted once you re done go up to the top left area. And then click add to queue this will add a tier encoding cue and you can confirm that by clicking the queue button near the middle and that ll show you what s all in line.


If you see your video file. There you can go ahead and close that window and then hit start queue and that s gonna start encoding everything in your queue. This is a really helpful function. If you want to do multiple files at once so if i load up the folder that i ve put the converted file into.

I will see my converted file the right go to the properties. We can clearly see it s an mp4 so let s move this over to the right open back up vegas and drag and drop it in a timeline and it works and there you have it you now know how to convert your video from a popular file. Maybe. That s not even working like an mk p.

Or an avi to an mp4. Which is highly compatible with most media players and video editors. If this video helped you out maybe go ahead and shoot a like down there and even a subscribe to try to hit my goal of 10000. Subscribers and once i do i m gonna release a free let pack for everybody so thanks again for watching guys and i ll see you all in the next video and also want to thank all my scrappers especially my super scrapper zelans chpl gamers and walter heaton.

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