How-to Connect your IPhone/IPad to your TV

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Here back with another how to video. The last one. I did on how to connect your laptop tc. We got quite a decent amount of views in just one week.

I really appreciate it thanks now for this video. If you want to know if you read the title you should have done that s probably all you clicked on this video how to connect your ipad to the tv. This is slightly more complex then uses how to connect the laptop..


But anyway. Let s get started so we have our ipad here what you gonna need is of course your ipad tv you can get one of these cheap. It s a hdmi converter or it does is it turns it kind of exports. The video from the ipad to the hdmi cable as you can see the hdmi cable can fit into here you can get an hd mike cable.

Quite cheap as well but first i ll show you how we re going to need to do is get your charger. You need any apple charger. That is the newer ios..


If you have the first generation of apple way won t really work so you got to do is plug the charger into the hdmi converter right when it s been plugged in you re also going to want to plug in the hdmi cable into the converter. Once you ve plugged in the hdmi cable into the converter. Finally you re going to have to get the ipad and get it plugged into the converter also right so once you ve plugged your ipad in it should say that it is charging as you can see there it s charging right once all that is done. It s very simple all you have to do is plug this in to the tv.

Pretty straightforward. So here is the back of the tv. This is the port you re gonna want to plug it into now let s just get that in there yeah right so that is in right now..


And it should look right. It s like the other video. If it doesn t work first time then what you re going to have to plug it in further in and here we have it we have the ipad or the ipads video on the tv as you guys can see so if i click return the ipad on you can see that it is on fully functional as well anyway thank you for watching guys ivan. The dart beast official hopefully you enjoyed this video be sure to like and subscribe and ” .


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