How To CANCEL Twitch Prime! Trial or Regular! DONT GET CHARGED!

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” s going on youtube. It s your boy malone and today. A lot of you you guys been asking how to cancel your twitch prime membership. I should have probably over that so you re gonna go to amazon.

This is the easiest way i know how to do it you go to amazon as soon as you sign into your amazon account cuz. I told you guys amazon and switch is the same thing. It s this congratulation. Most use unlock these exclusive benefits.

I m now a prime member and actually this doesn t pop up i m gonna show you how to do that what if this pops up for you a lot of people in minot you re gonna click continue the membership management you just click that and now you guys see here it says hello. Most this is your membership from free trial. This is how much i ll be charged after that and then if i scroll to the bottom. It says end trial and benefit so i ve clicked that i got told you guys.

Though if that doesn t pop up you re gonna go over here where it says like accounts and lists you re gonna click here you re gonna scroll down you re gonna see your prime membership you re gonna click on that and once you click that it will bring you to this page now we re gonna click end trial and benefits at the bottom left and now we ll get to this page. You ll be like we d hate for you to miss out on your free two day shipping. I cancelling you will no longer be eligible for your unclaimed prime exclusives. We understand that you get a free two day shipping one day shipping.

Some city whatever and then that one would be your twitch prime. So you re gonna either keep your benefits send me a reminder before your renewal. Which you could do that or you could just enter your benefits now it also says here that items tied your prime membership will be affected if you cancel such as your twitch prime..


But you can end now or you could wait till later so if you guys want to take advantage of your shipping. Do that and then just send me a reminder. But right now we don t need any of that we re just gonna end our benefits here. I ll say most we re starting to see you go like to offer you the chance to continue enjoying your prime minutes and then this is where you d have to still click on something you can still click remind me later keep my membership or cancel membership and i m going to click cancel just to show you guys and bang just like that your membership will end on march 17.

2009. Teen. Which is a month from today so you still have the advantage to use the shipping and all that which is amazing. I ll say here i ll almost membership prime free child your next payment is on this date your car.

Will not be charged and your members and on march 17. 2019. Payment history says you have not been charged for this free trial and just like that you canceled your pretty prime trial. You got your 25 kv c.

And 2 k. You ve got your five moment scars. You still have time till the end of the month. If you have not used your twitch prime sub.

So you get this up to one person every every month. When you have twitch prime slash amazon prime. So i want you guys to use that you have a full month to use that i don t care who you use it on you can use it on me you could use it on ninja..


The biggest twitch streamer in the world or you can use it on anybody that you want to support so make sure you do that i will show off how to do that one more time right now as you guys can see right here. Mg lakers swag actually subbed to me with twitch prime when i was offline so shout out to him now i m gonna show you guys how to sup to someone with twitch prime what we re gonna do is we re gonna go in here. Well you would basically be able to do is we go into someone stream. We re gonna click on subscribe and it s gonna say subscribe free since we are a free subscription with twitch prime this only works on pc.

This does not work if you on your phone or anything like that so you gonna click subscribe free otherwise you would have to pay 499 a month so you can just subscribe for free to your favorite twitch streamer. The link for my twitch is down low as well so make sure you check it out it s just most ballin same as our youtube and i will see you guys there if you re new make sure you subscribe like this if this was helpful in any way comment. If you have any questions down below. And i ll make sure to help you guys out.

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