How to Cancel an Order on ebay

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“Everybody welcome to the presentation. I want to show you guys really quickly how to to cancel an order on ebay because inevitably at some point or another you ll to cancel an order what then that could be for a lot of different reasons. Maybe you ran out of stock on something maybe the customer wants to cancel the order because they made a mistake and they actually don t want it anymore. Maybe you have to cancel the order because something happened on your end.

Or you have to get rid of it whatever. The case may be there is going to come a time as an ebay seller that you re going to have to cancel an order let me show you how to do it. It s really easy to do okay so i m going to come over here to my ebay account. I m going to zoom in just a little bit so you guys can see this better right up here at the top is my ebay.

I m going to click on that and it s going to take me into my my ebay section. Now where i m going to look. Here is i m going to look on this left hand column. Where all these links are down the left hand side.

And i m going to find my sold section. Okay..

When i click on the link sold. It s going to take me to the things that i ve sold. Most recently and here s a little list right here okay bunch of these necklaces recently. I ve been selling so let s say let s as an example okay.

And i m going to zoom in even more. So you guys can see this better look at this one right here. I ve got this. Jessica vic.

Who purchased this item from me on 10 19. 2015. And they ve paid and in this case. I ve actually already shipped this.

But let s pretend for just a second that something went wrong. And i ve got to cancel the order..

Okay here s all i would do first of all you see this link right here where it says more actions. I m going to click more actions and i m going to get a menu here where i can cancel the order. Which is right here. See that cancel order.

I m just going to click on that okay now ebay is curious about why i m canceling okay. They they have a little drop down menu here they say why do you want to cancel the order. Well why does ebay care because they want to know if it was a mistake you made or not a mistake. You made if you made a mistake you ran out of stock or did something wrong they want to know about it because they re going to put a little mark against your account.

See here s the two options they give you here s the reason i want to cancel an order either. I m out of stock or can t fulfill the order for for another reason. That s this option right here or the buyer asks to cancel the order or there s an issue with the buyers address so even wants to know is it your fault or is it their fault. Why do they care because they keep a tally on your seller account of how many orders you canceled because they don t leave a doesn t like that you they doesn t like when somebody pays on ebay buys an item and doesn t get their product.

Even if you re going to refund it ebay doesn t like it so try not to cancel with this top option too often because eventually you could get suspended or kicked off ebay occasionally that s going to just happen. And you may have to do it if at all possible..

I hope most of your cancellations are because the buyer asks to cancel okay and then of course. If i selected that i can come down here and hit continue and at that point on it would take me through another. Win. I won t do it because i don t actually want to cancel this item right here.

But it would actually have me. I can refund the buyer right here and then and then you ll be all set all the paypal will take care of the refund. Most likely you ve done a transaction through paypal and it ll it ll go ahead and be refunded through them directly. And then you re done that s it pretty darn easy to cancel an order.

But like i said be super. Careful if you re a regular seller on ebay. You don t want too many of those seller cancellations because out of stock issues. You may you may lose your account.

But i mean it does happen and ebay understands that so it is what it is so that s how you cancel an order you may also want to consider this if you need to community communicate. A little bit with your buyer as well sometimes..

I ll come over here to more actions and i ll hit this contact buyer option as well see that contact buyer. Sometimes i ll send them a message. I ll be in and i ll say hey jessica. I m so sorry here s what happened you know my vendor just barely ran out of stock.

And and so we can t get you the item right now we ve scoured our other vendors and none of them carry it the minute they get it back in we d be more than happy to send you a message and in the meantime. We re going to go ahead and cancel the order and refund you right now boom and then hit send so i could i could of course type all that up right here and send that to my customer just to make sure that i m being open and honest and and you know the biggest thing on ebay is just being being in good communication with with those that you sell to especially. If there s a problem. Okay so anyway guys hopefully that helped that s how you cancel an order not too difficult the refund will be processed that way as well you can also process your refund directly through paypal.

But it s just easier if you do it right here through ebay okay alright that s all i want to show you hopefully that helped out ” ..

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