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“What s up guys exodus welcome back to my channel today s video. I m m gonna try to become a famous rapper in under 24 hours yes guys. 24. I know that may seem like a little bit of time.

But in today s age it takes so little or you gotta have as an instagram a soundcloud and crazy here. And i have like two of those bottle have no crazy here so i don t know what s gonna happen. But in today s video. I m gonna try and no teach you guys how to become a famous rapper in under 24 hours and yes guys.

It s gonna be crazy so make sure and stick along subscribe and let s get right into the video. So the first thing..

I did was make an instagram account to get my shit poppin to get my music you know out there and i came with the brilliant. The brilliant name of lil jim bob. But then it hit me will you take a picture don t wear no bunny eyes close man cuz you re gonna look like a stupid ass rapper. So go in your closet and get the freshest shit.

What the fuck am i doing get the freshest yachak closet and you know clean up real nice and you don t have no jewelry my best option is to you know use tinfoil cuz. You know pick it to your making man you guys do what you gotta do music after the pictures you gotta hit the studio man cuz you can t be no rapper with no fucking songs like what s the point of a rapper with no goddamn songs hit the studio and if you don t got a studio. I don t know man if you gotta might use it cuz. You know your best option is that after house new studio finally found to be on youtube and boy.

Do i ll fucking. Tell you this shit..

Is fucking music. Okay okay. I fuck with a fuck with this music. I think.

It s hot right now next. I got to write the lyrics to the song cuz. I can t have no song with no lyrics so we know it s time for that sound for that grinding out which no i m saying after writing some life changing lyrical lyrics. I decided the next step was to make a music video.

Because i can t have a song with no music video and have a youtube channel. So i found some locations to make the music video and let s see how this goes music got to make it sing hey..

I ll make a city got them niggas sing hey gotta make the sit yeah they always say a contested trip. Hey yeti aussie you can t just as good ain t they kicked us a trip. Hey i poop in the whip hey i go skirt skirt. I m and the first a city doesn t serbs get in love me brother hey take a break now back up back up this pocket is not that i just started my wave.

So they hate just in cases if i m falling in my place. I m gonna load. It up hey. I m a smash it up hey state pikas.

Big heavy dub. This is how you make a song and a better one day..

I could play with this lead like his fucking child s play music. But overall guys hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure and comment below. What you guys think about the music video from me to be honest was like a common 5 out of 10 remind you guys i only had like a day to shoot this shit and obviously i m not going to become a rapper in under 24 hours. Unless i m like low eid or some shit.

But make sure i m following my bro will help me shot the video its link to his channel be down below. In the description make sure and subscribe to him and overall guys. Thank you guys. And it s been your boy exodus peace the earth music.

” ..

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