How to Automatically Convert Videos with Adobe Media Encoder CC

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“Will to everybody doby masters here and today i d be showing you how to to automatically convert video clips in adobe media encoder so what we can do with is that we can actually have a file or a folder that we put on the watch list right here. And whenever you add footage to that watch list into that folder just anywhere on your desktop. You just drag new clips into that folder media encoder will actually take all of those those clips. And it ll convert them into whatever forms that you need them convert it into maybe you knew you have a bunch of 4k clips.

And you need them down converted into 1080p or maybe you need them converted. Really really low into like thumbnail clips something you could just quickly send over line on like a on line message system. There s a whole lot of different possibilities of what you might need and this will do it all for you so let s get started. This is really easy.

And it s a feature that a lot of people don t know exists. Within adobe media encoder so if we go over here let s go ahead and create ourselves a new folder. So i m gonna right click go to new folder and we re just gonna name. It watch.

All i have to do is take the watch folder and drag it over. Here in to watch folders..

This is a view. If you go up to window. You ll see right here watch folders make sure that s selected it might be down here and in the bottom right panel or maybe in the bottom left panel. But in this situation.

It s right up here and watch folders in the top right panel i m gonna click and drag it over into the watch folders and you ll notice that it adds inside the queue down here. Now. This is just a list of all the folders that media encoder is looking out for it s looking out for changes that happen in this folder. Once the change is once it recognizes changes it ll automatically begin processing right down.

Here is the list of outputs. So if you ll notice. There s already an output folder within here right when we dragged it in media. Encoder went ahead and created this folder for us and you ll see that by.

Default it s going to create an. H264..

High bitrate source and it s going to send it right into that output folder. We can create as many folders like this as we want let s go with a 1 just we just call like maybe low res. So low res and then if we go over here into this we can click on if we go back into the watch folders. We can click on our watch folder here in the list.

And then go to add output. This little button in the top left of the panel and then now we have another sort of folder or another. It s gonna go down a list. And it s going to first convert into this and then we can convert it into this so let s go into here.

And let s just go with match source adaptive low bitrate. So now this is a really really low quality version. I can click on output folder. It s gonna bring up where we want to put it and we re just going to go back and click low res click select folder and you ll see that now the output goes.

There and we can create 50 100 200 of these now of course. It s going to take substantially longer because every single clip that we add is gonna have to go down this list..

But if we need it for our production. Then that is perfectly ok add as many as you need and be here next thing. We need to do is we need to just drag. Some footage in here.

So i m going to go ahead and grab some of these videos right here. There s just some videos from a trip to japan and we can drag them all right into the folder. The folder route so what i mean by that is we don t want to put it in one of the subfolders. We just want to drag them right into the empty space so we re gonna click it drag it on over and then it s going to copy all the videos in there.

And you can see that the videos have sorted transfer me in here and look at this they re already beginning encoding even though we re still copying the encoding has already started. We have finished up the encoding. I went ahead and just jump. So the b encoding was done because it was messing with the way that it was recording my screen.

But you ll notice over here is that all the files that we dragged over are completely gone. All that s left is the files that it can t convert which are xml files..

What is done is every time it converted a file. It is added it into the source. Which has then is just the original one so it actually moves it out of there otherwise it would just keep converting it over and over and over again and you ll notice that it creates this little file structure of when they re all completed as well then we can go into our output. And you ll see that it has the four converted ones in the where we sent the output.

Which was the match source high bitrate and then in the low res. We have before that our with the adaptive low bitrate and there we have it that s how simple it is you drag everything in it begins. The conversions. It moves everything for you and it puts them all in the right folder a really easy process and something that is great to have if you re constantly converting your videos.

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