How To Add a CD Player To Any Vehicle With a USB Port

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“Technology is great andy s new in monster strains with carplay and android and iphone. Iphone. Compatibility are wonderful for what they do a lot of people find themselves lost. They can no longer play a cd in their vehicle.

I ve got a cd player actually three different cd players which i have to offer one as a version one and version two which we call in our site. And the third one which actually record c s puts it onto a media flash file and actually transfers. It and converts it and allows it to output into vehicles that don t normally accept cd players right into your existing usb..


So how do you get a cd to play and show up on your index screen and be controllable to your on screen display as well as the c remote controls basically the answer to all that stuff is really simple actually and we got it all figured out for you thankfully right there these dual usb s. I have an md port right there and that s the one i m going to use and that one happens to be compatible. That this model cd player that we offer so simple d cd players when you see them in the box. There.

You have an usb extension. Cable. A double sided mounting tape and in here..


This is what makes it all work. So right here. This is the actual cd player. I mean it doesn t seem like there s a whole lot to it and never we shouldn t have to be a whole lot to it to be honest with you so this is what it is it s a single unit cd player all built into one simple slim sized compact chassis on the backside there s one cable and one cable only just a usb it s a 30.

Standard usb male connector you can take this unit you can mount it in a knock out panel on your dashboard or set a console you can mount it say depending on what your vehicle is of course you can drop it in there to a vertical installation you can go horizontal. If you have a knockout power on your dash glovebox or wherever you got something let me show you how this thing works in a actual vehicle. You ll be amazed to see how easy to say goes..


So there you can see i got my usb that did right here. I ve got a disc good old boy music you know we like that down here my radio on right there switch it over and there you can see seedy. It s my good ol boy music you can see but depending on how you file your music. If you have it like on a burnt cd.

You can put your track on there and you can see what your names are if you do it that way otherwise. If you just take a wriggle. A store bought cd like i got going on here..


You can see you there to usb source. Just like you can factory equipped that s what you want that s what we get ” ..

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