How to ACTUALLY Farm VALORANT BETA KEYS! (Valorant Closed Beta Key Giveaway) Valorant

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“You ve click on this video. My name is sigma pink and if you guys guys watch this figure. Can have the best shot in skating to the valerie closed. So let s hop right into it roll the intro alright guys so i wasn t gonna make a video on this topic.

I really didn t think it was worth my time. And i thought everyone understood fully how to get the drops. It s not super complicated. But people seem to be confused on the methods to actually form these keys effectively so far.

I ve gotten eight keys and i m gonna be giving away five of them in this video alone so make sure you like comment. Subscribe and hit the bell notification. If you want one of these five keys. I m gonna be announcing the winners of these keys in my next video guys so we re have a little bit of story time.

And what made me decide to actually make this video so extreme environment on my youtube channel just the other day and someone came into my my livestream in the chat and their name was like strix vallon or something like that and they were like i m a well known a valiant youtuber and i just i just have one question. How do you actually get a valiant key and i was like you know that s kind of a fair question. It s kind of weird you not yourself as a well known of valor in youtuber and you don t know how to play the game. But you know i go i go ahead and explain to him how to get the key.

But out of curiosity. I click on shaolin like if he s a valiant youtuber like what kind of videos could he be making. When he doesn t even have a key sure enough first video on his channel. How to get into the valerii closed beta and it was like one of those dumb fortnight videos where i was like yeah if you press x y.

B. Xxx bby. You re gonna go ahead. And get a free key and it was just like this long super winded thing.


It was like make sure to like this video and subscribe in the next five seconds. So that you get your vowing key and it was like it was just 100 bullsh. So i m here to help you guys out get your key. If this video helps you at all go ahead and smash that dislike button.

And tell me to commit toaster baths in the comments down below. So the first thing we need to know to follow me switch keys is where to actually get them from so a lot of people know. But not everyone knows to rinse out the basics is you need to watch twitch and watch valor nt on twitch now you ll see a lot of streamers have drops enable their drops on in their in their respective titles. So you can trust most them.

But make sure it s as drops enabled down below right here because i have seen some twitch streamers. Who are going ahead and putting drops enabled on their streams and yet they don t have drops enable to look for that that s really really shy ste. But what do you expect from like a bunch of a little sweat goblins. You know what i m saying.

But after that you need to make sure in your settings. You go ahead. And you have connections and you have your riot games. Account hooked up so zeus.

You re gonna need to make an email. A twitch account and a riot games. Gal. I just used the same username email and password for all this write it on a list and make multiple accounts now i ll explain any multiple accounts in just a second.

I have one more bone to pick with ology streamers. You need to try and find a streamer that s gonna host someone else after they re done streaming who also has drops enabled. I ve noticed summit 1g is really bad about this he actually just ends his stream instead of hosting someone else has drops because i think he doesn t really want people to get access to the game. Because that means less viewers for him now.


I don t know i mean i guess. It s a good business move for him. But it s kind of shady not gonna lie the next thing you need to do is i notice a lot of people aren t watching with sound okay or i see other people that are like dude. Like i have like 50 streams pulled up.

I ve mostly watched like 500 hours in the last two days. However vac uses bullshit derp line. There s no keys and they they sent me a screenshot and it s like 500 tabs of valance streamers. So i gotta explain something so twitch you can only give one viewer to one stream on twitch.

If you have sound off and you should or your stream is paused. You don t count as a beer. So you need to have your stream going so if you have bad internet or i have good in it i m still writing this on 160 p. You notice.

I have sound on. But no sound is coming from that see what you re gonna do is you go to your your volume mixer right here you go to your google chrome whatever you re watching on and you just mute. It you know so you can pop in mozilla. Firefox.

And watch youtube on the side. And have sound. What i m saying you ll see schumer saying. Oh.

You know you get better. Chances. If you follow. And you subscribe.


That s not true they re just looking at their own self interest that s kind of bullshit. I want you guys to waste your money. I mean wasting a fall is really a big diff. I still think it s kind of crummy now after that i was talking about multiple accounts.

So you might not be able to pull up multiple streams. However what you could do and you can do this on the same browser so we have one account signing on google chrome then you can go into mozilla firefox internet explorer sign into another account do the same thing you can also use incognito mode. You could probably win a bunch of these incognito mode. Tabs and sign under a lot of them.

But that might be kind of pain in the ass. So you just use different. I would just use all the different search engines. Personally additionally you can do it on your phone.

You can do on your laptop in my office. Right now i have three desktops. I have my phone. I have a tablet and i have a laptop and on all of them i have google chrome mozilla firefox and internet explorer on different accounts farming keys and so far i ve gotten eight keys and i m gonna be giving away five of them in this video alone so make sure you like comment.

Subscribe and hit the bell notification. If you want one of these five keys. I m gonna be announcing the winners of these keys in my next video guys so another thing is people are buying accounts. No that is not a good idea to buy accounts right is saying they re gonna ban through the bots accounts.

I don t necessarily believe that but what i do believe is people do get a key are gonna try and sell their accounts and then they re gonna change the password after you ve paid them so watch out for that just farm these keys. If you do what i did the probably key in less than 24 hours. Unless you have a really bad luck and soon you might arrange it that i mean you can go click on another video. There s no other method around here this any faster and go away some more of your time.


Watching youtube videos. But 24 hours you know you go spend your day. With your girlfriend. If you re like little acne covered cunt go spend the day on tinder you know there s plenty of thoughts.

They re gonna you re gonna be way out of your league. That might actually message you back just because this whole corona bullshit and if you guys looking forward to more valiant content subscribe hit the bell and if is video helped you all make sure to smash that dislike button and tell me to kill myself in the comments down below. I ll see you guys on the live streaming in my discord and peace out guys have a great night i m gonna leave you guys with the rest of this footage to hit that sweet sweet 10 minute mark youtube. Really seems to like that really gets youtube off makes me shoot big ropes.

If you also want to touch the youtubes g spot for me. It s that nice little thumbs up button down there it loves it when you caress that thing and that ll help me with the whole youtube algorithm bullsh. I ll catch you guys later enjoy this footage of valor and dream. Cal dude.

No one wants a drink on target revealing area found them oh. That was some sense of spice planted one enemy. Remaining enemy remaining doulas happy. She s back i bet back up i got it i got the whole good though.

I m so mad revealing area that viper rushed. Now no tents last player standing. I know exactly where bullseye taken out ” ..


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