How the term “lukewarm” was created

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“Brad can you come here. What is it i m trying to do a mud mud mask. Where s the mud it s in the sink. I believe you ve failed.

I experienced doubt early in the process. But hearing what you have to say now is crushing any hope that i had left do me a favor come touch this water and tell me what you think are you drinking that no i ve just been touching it very nice. How can i turn down this offer from my best friend you joey. You wouldn t dream of it.

I haven t yet that s a very interesting. What s running through your head right now go well. It s very wet upon impact. And it stays that way pretty consistently when you keep your hand around around in and and inside of it i will say i m not seeing any bubbles.

Which is raunchy more specifically how do you feel about the temperature of the water. It s definitely cool. But you know what the longer. We stare at each other the more i want to say it s actually warm exactly that s what i m saying because at first.

I was like oh. The nerves in my hand are deteriorating with age..

I must be temperature confused. But now you re saying what you re saying and i m like this water is the one who is confused yeah. No you re totally right. This.

Is freaking wild luke. Come here no brad don t do that why what s wrong. I don t know i i just i don t have a good feeling what is it i m trying to clean out the sink well because we have you can you touch this water and tell us what you think yeah sure thing okay. This water is neither cold nor hot although let s be honest.

It s more warm than it is cool. But if i said it was warm. I would be compromising my integrity as a human being because obviously. It is not warm brad and i literally feel the same way so what do we call this thing guys.

There obviously isn t a name for it yet. Oh my gosh guys we just discovered something i feel like lewis and clark well you can be the indian woman hell yeah. I get to culture you boys assuming you don t try any funny business. The only business.

I m interested in is the sharing of knowledge and goods wonderful is there anything you would like to know my new fangled friend ah well yes actually i do these mud masks. That you do you don t apply the mixture directly to your face..

Do you i thought you put. It brad are you the one who keeps clogging the sink with all this mud. I m just role playing let me roleplay with you i swear to god if you re the one who keeps filling the sink with mud every week. And i m the one who cleans it up every week.

I m gonna beat your ass luke. I m just trying to culture myself right now and you re getting in the way my education joey warm no actually i think your name was sacagawea no i mean um for the water. What do you guys think oh. That s unique are you gonna try to fit in your last name.

Too. I don t want this to be about me so i appreciate your suggestion. But i am going to have to pass really because just to me it really seems like you put your first name in front of the word warm and called it a day. I see why you would think that because of the coincidence but i cannot confirm such an allegation.

You know it s kind of like street names that sound like somebody s last name a. But but it s not sick. But it s actually not okay. Like what oh mommy would you look over there chestnut of that isn t a laugh name that s a type of nut.

I used to go to school with a guy named chip chestnut his middle name was monk. So we used to call him chip monk chestnut..

I m literally not lying to you guys whatever you re saying right now is absolute bs. It s not seriously guys. I m telling you this kid had big cheeks and he was really hairy. What are you talking about you re digging yourself a bigger hole guys cross my arms.

I ll never lie i am telling you the truth right now and i m gonna be honest. One day. I saw him pick up his cafeteria tray and bolt up a tree. Yes.

Where nice 1 2. Person. This is pure schlock look. I m the one who discovered this water.

Why shouldn t i be the one to get credit look at you you re going mad with selfishness you want to take all the glory for yourself i poured the water this is my doing this never would have happened if it weren t for me yeah well i m usually the one who pays the water bill. This water is as much brad warm as it is joey warm and what good is that if you have nothing to pour it into. I m the one who bought this glass at target. I m the one who recommended you use that target when you recently moved to la.

I m the one who gave up my career as the barnes noble barista to move to la and pursue fame okay we re talking the big league. I m the one who messaged you on instagram and said i love the latte artwork that you post to the designs are really intricate have you ever thought about moving to la to pursue the big league..

I m the one who said thank you that s very sweet of you i would love to. But i don t have a place to stay i m the one who said you re welcome to stay with me for one week to see if you like it. Yeah. I m.

The one who came here and had a really good time with you and i let you stay for three months because i really enjoyed our time together and i said why don t i just move in and pay rent. Because it s obvious we get along super well and we went hiking together. We played basketball together you wingman for me. When i met mariah.

I witnessed your first kiss the two of you standing on the sand with wet clothes. We walked to chick fil a that night and we spent the whole night. Talking about her true love became real that night. I could see it in your eyes.

You re my best friend joe my best friend brad. ” ..

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