How Much Fun Can You Have in BALI with $100 in 24 Hours?

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“Much fun can you have in bali. With 100 in 24 hours. We re about about to find out what s up guys today. I m heading from papua new to east timur.

But i purposely scheduled a layover in bali. So i can make the fifth episode of this series. I m really excited because this will be my third time in bali. And it s just a magical island all right guys i just arrived it s 9 54 pm.

And the clock starts now it s time to pull out some local cash and inflation. Here is insane. A hundred dollars is one point three nine million rupiah that s right i m a millionaire. I hopped in a grab taxi to my hotel hello coming brother.


Which is located in the heart of seminyak aka. The party district. This is the cheapest private room. I found online last night.

But it surely does the trick. I grabbed a quick beer and then walked around to find some street food for dinner nasi goreng fried rice indonesian dish alright guys it s about 1 am and i m calling it a night second prepare for a long day of exploring. Tomorrow good. Night.

My 6 00 am wake up call has me up and ready for the day. I rented a motorbike for 4 for the entire day. It s so easy to rent and they don t even ask for your name or driver s license. Motorbikes are the best way to get around except.


It s a little challenging to drive on the left side two hours later. I arrived in the central uplands to a stunning place called the tag along rice terrace a beautiful display of steep rice plateaus behind tall waving coconut trees it s so freakin hot outside walking up the steps i popped in a cafe for lunch to get to meegeren. Indonesian. Fried noodles and a banana shake to pull me down.

Sep. 2015. And then i hit the road to go temple. Hopping.

Bali has more than 20000. Hindu temples and each one is as great as the next. I visited both the tirta empul and battlin temples. Then back on the road to my favourite town on the island called a booth where i visited the famous monkey forest literally surrounded by thousands of them just eating fruit and hanging out.


I m starting to get exhausted by this heat. So i need some energy kopi luwak aka. Cat poop coffee they come out the poop and then they collect and then we wall street ready to clean the poop is it good yes good isn t this strong fully charged it s time to make my way back down to seminyak. But my tank is low in bali.

When you run out of gas. You can get it on the side of the road. Why not grab a fresh roadside coconut more power hello finally. I arrived on kuta beach to watch the sunset.

You know bobby has so many cool things like the jungle. You got monkey volcanoes. But the beaches here unbelievable man. I knocked down two beers and then i realized something funny so i just added it up and i ve only spent about 50 bucks.


So far on a full day of activities. That s how cheap bobby is guess that means. I got a fall out on dinner and a massage dinner. I spy a seafood tent and i m going for the butter crab last.

But not least a full body massage to relax after a crazy day alright. Guys it is 904 pm. And i m about to jump in a taxi and back to the airport over the last 24 hours. I got a hotel room.

Three beers nasi goreng mega ranked banana shake coconut coffee a motorbike petrol to temple tickets monkey forest butter crab a massage and two taxi rides for ninety four dollars and six cents and that is how you have fun in bali. With a hundred dollars in 24 hours i m drew pinsky and if you like my travel videos please click subscribe and join me as i plan to ” ..

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