Horizon Zero Dawn Pop! and Mystery Mini Unboxing!

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“Everybody i am mark and i m here with my friend deema. What s up up what s doing this first fun pillow unboxing. I m only doing my second it s gonna be rough. But we re here to unbox horizon zero dawn both team.

And i are huge fans of the game. So somebody thought it would be appropriate. If we would get together and do this unboxing share a love for the game. And these figures.

I heard the music i saw the washers like i m into it all i needed to hear was hunting robot dinosaurs. I was like i m in i mean i don t care what the rest of the game is i ve got a watcher right here. If you haven t played the game you re missing out first of all but these little guys are a pain in the rear. Because they re always looking for you a little their little face starts flashing and then if you re me you just hide in the tall grass until they go away you don t know how you fight man.

No way boom. No i m done i play all my games sneaky whether it s skyrim or whether it s this i sneak. I sculpt oh man you can trust. I can t turn my back with me now ecc is way more adorable than they are in the game.

I walked around with a business just what you looking at things and then they go like this they go hmm and that little thing flashes. And you know they re looking at you and when you re in red and then you just come on good so good i love the detail and so yours is the exclusive. So it s got the i ve seen you light yeah. This is the one that i like that s what you know has roughly view yes you in trouble you i ve got a lloyd who is the main character in the game.

So this is the character that you play actually if you have not you play again as a little baby right remember the training all right yeah. You do you she starts as she starts. It s kind of a toddler and then she grows up and then she has some awesome powers you can see your little focus right here that enables her to like sort of get targeting details on the monster. She s fighting or enemies that she s fighting her and i think it s awesome actually to see a female character take the lead in video games.

You don t see that a lot. And she was cool like i really enjoyed the game. Her story was great the voice acting was awesome alright. Know what i have eclipsed coal trees here one of the bad dudes in one of the menus.

Yeah these guys are kind of like on your tail. The entire game..

It s never good news when you see them. But that is a cool mask in pop form. I have to say you find them easier to kill than the robots yeah. I would say that when i saw people i was more anxious to fight them than i was robots yes.

Then i m then i m hiding in tall grass or climbing. Things what sneaking up from below by grabbing them. Yeah. Yeah.

That is a cool mask that looks really really cool and then we ve got errand who is i don t know how to describe and i have a little game. I m on the edge steal an agent bargain. I never really trusted him i have to say i always thought he was gonna double cross me. And i m not sure that he ever actually did i will say though that is a really cool pop mohawk.

I mean you know that s that s some pretty awesome hair styling as far as a pop sculpt goes. So you ve got arond here who s supposed to help out a aloy but like i said. I m skeptical of his intentions. I m gonna have the watch or watch him just to make sure that nothing untoward is going on all right let s get to this your mystery mini.

So we ve got a full set of mystery minis way more characters and in dinosaurs than or even in the pop line. So let s see what we got here i love opening these things up i ve got something really special. I can feel it i ve got a mystery mini watcher so this guy is the mystery mini version of this one so you can see that look baby want it does look like a little baby watcher. Yeah.

Not the same thing as a baby watcher. David watcher. So where d you hide from that thing yes. I was still terrified embarrassing.

When did you have two little packets right here two two that is you know what that is oh snap. We ve got a tall neck. It was extra long you have to assess some assembly required on the tall neck bring the bowl. If you don t know how to do it i won t here right now i will break it i would go here s a tonic that one there dad is look at that thing.

That s awesome well that s why they had to break it down into two pieces to win yeah. It wouldn t fit in the box..

Otherwise. That s really close these things you actually as a lloyd climbed to the top of it and then once you re up on top of it you get to survey. The land around you and then it kind of reveals different secrets and whatnot about the actual land that you re playing in but that s how you basically gain information about the world is climbing tall necks. Which is always kind of terrifying they don t hurt you no no no but you can fall.

I also like to stand on it and shoot them stones down. There i did that a few times. Too it s pretty nice right cheap. But it s better than you hiding the grass.

I got a grazer. Oh yeah. These guys are not super dangerous pretty cool it s like a robot dinosaur. Deer mm hmm and they ve got these little things on the back that if you shoot them they re easier to kill.

So if you re really good at sniping they make for good hunting. What are the less terrifying beasts yeah grazer but i still died a lot of their hands and i m not very good in case. You haven t been able to discern that fact oh yeah. It s a rare one i get it i get mr.

Billow back the bellow back do you think this is the fire one or the frozen. I think. It s a fire ants has got a little yellow later those things are hard to kill. I suppose yes obnoxious when i saw those coming.

I knew it was not going to be a fun a few minutes of gameplay. But i ll try to launch your arrow into the into his proverbial back. Yeah you got to know what you re doing later. Should.

This sack off of the sect of spiders oh. No thank you like it next. Round is something cool. I bet.

It s a couple dirt. It s it is yeah..

That s pretty cool these things walk around and they make the robot dinosaurs really really angry. I would say they re sort of like the villain as in terms of which dinosaurs you re dealing with they re they re the they kind of control them and make them really angry. But that s cool look that s a no looking one it s like kind of dinosaur slash insect and then they shoot a bunch of missiles right there which is again not fun. If you re a oh boy kind of hit a hit yes blows.

There. She is a lloyd in mini form very cool well further right here and then i have her mentor rost right here. So this is the guy that kind of teaches her how to hunt and sort of her adoptive father. If you will and also awesome mystery.

Mini. Braids. Right there kind of hairstyle. Yeah.

Silence soon. Simon. Silence. Silence.

Silence. Portrayed by lance. Reddick by law. In every.

Sci. Fi. Movie. Ever.

Made. He is awesome. He s in fringe. Oh.

Yeah. Oh yeah..

A million other things great. Voice. Pre nineteen. Now.

This guy definitely up to something oh. I don t trust it or devon your son. But he does a lot of questionable things in the game. I don t know how i feel about silence.

But but i did like the portrayal a lot and that s a cool looking figure who i got sawtooth these things are scary these are like the saber tooth tiger dinosaur slash robots of the game they are terrifying articulate very hard to kill they stalk you slap you oh man. This is really cool looking this one s coming home with me right there mister sawtooth your role. But sharon the great return errand in mystery mini form so we ve got them in pop and mystery. Mini and i have got thunder jobs.

I remember the first time the aoi sees this in the game. Oh it s like yeah well i don t think you could say that family friendly. She s definitely terrified remember she says something like those are obviously built to fight. But you know my tactic was always blast the little gun off of them and then used the gun.

The disc launcher and against them to be an effective technique one lift oh heelys the head of the eclipse. The head yes because he s a little focus right over here. Yeah. They re like they also find the focus things that allow them to all of the like technological information.

Because everybody sort of lives in this world. Where they re primitives. But some of them have really awesome technology and really get too much into it you kind of find out why that is as you play the game. But they have access to the same technology that alloy does that sets up some some struggles.

There there you got it we got a full line of mystery minions. We ve got pop if you like playing horizon zero dawn definitely check out all of these you re gonna want to collect them all there s so many amazing little little critters here to battle and and see that was me. But when playing the game pretty much every time so thanks for joining us and play and collect horizon zero dawn bye. I don t have a sight enough ” .


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