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“Guys. It s candice from alligators today. I m going to do a video like like kind of a homeschool curriculum update say what we re actually doing yeah at beginning of the year. I had these grand ideas and how much curriculum.

So and it changed things at since then and i think we re on my third month of pen school. So this kind of gives us time to figure out what s been working what s not working. So this is just to say you know we dropped some things we changed some things. And this is more of an updated curriculum.

So i m just doing this one for me at is my second grader so this is just my second grade homeschool curriculum stuff this is what we use let s start with english but we go waxes. I m going to start this um. My daily learning notebook from confessions of a home schooler. We started the first week with this and i show that in my abu ghraib and curriculum video.

But we completely rocked it because that is just just wasn t working with me. And i think if i had like older kids that d be great. But to me little ones too much too much so i dropped it. But we do use the notebook itself and this is where i keep her like extra stuff mcnish.

She has a film. She s working on and her all about reading games in her book report. So she pulls out and her story. The world stuff.

So this kind of where she keeps extra papers and then this is our like schedule. The she knows what s happening and these are just like some really nice printables from this reading mama calm. So that i printed out and laminated to put in here. So she knows which were it s a sentence or is there any story kind of what to look for we can check back on these sift reference sheet.

I m waiting business so meaningless and what i see on sunday is i just take if there s any worksheet and she needs to do i have monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday and i stick the worksheet in the musta dividers. So you can tell we did not do this today get down to that so and it s friday. So she has all this work and so eventually get to it today some that we haven t even started. We have done zero for today.

We just went we went grocery shopping instead so not so that s kind of our update on this for english. We still do i read allows and she s ill. So that s her reading journal. I have kind of changed our main journal to a more homeschool all around journal.

It s kind of where i keep everything so. We read aloud she narrates in judo at draw. Two pictures in here love to put her history things in here like this her cave painting. And her narration for history.

And her coloring pages for history mat field trip story. Any little extra things that we do i just cut and glue. In here. This can be did a craft for a and i felt bad naming her out.

So let her do and i just put in here even though national areas okay. You know just not expected to earn money in here for scientific method for psych experiments. Lab reports. She puts in here and then and i actually and i just started doing the english for the thoughtful child her her exercises questions in here.

And i just write the date at the top..

So i kind of know when i go back to look at it so that s what we do and then this week. We are so also started to learn our spelling test in here for pretest was in here on monday. So that s what we do for that i m english. The thoughtful child.

We have step back a little bit from it we do it like maybe once a week. And i was trying to do it like two days a week tuesdays and thursdays with the most that girl packet. But it would come down to it so we get to it and i m like okay let s do this lips. If we have the time we do this.

But if not i don t worry about it to do this. Again my girls are fighting me. So harlan apps. Right now is usually go to bed.

But they take a nap from 1 00 to 3 00. It s not very hot and even one of them are sleep. They just been whining and crying in the red. But they need a nap like there s they re tired anyway.

I m tired anyway. Oh we re doing all about reading level one still. When i did my curriculum video. I was saying we were to start the first week with this and then change to english this awful child all then we switch him back to this because i mean it really needs to she needs that snow she needs some multi sensory.

She likes to move the tiles. She just needs that and at the beginning. It was slow it was boring for her but now that were on lesson 24. We re about halfway through we re slamming down because she was doing like three or four lessons a week and now we re just taking our time through it and because right now it s working on her weaknesses.

She likes to rush she likes to rush through a sentence. She doesn t like to look at words. She doesn t like to break down words. Doesn t she just what sounds right for her in that sentence.

She ll put there without even like looking at the words. So we are learning to take our time right now you know she i don t know she just the way she sounds that words is very phonetic. Very phonetically like it s not in the nest. They blend the words that are like she was do cook ask tough tough act and then kind of in remind guess what that word is and then this is you know you say that first but then you blend it together go cat and blend the sounds together.

She won t live down together at all so we are just working hard on doing that and getting her to take her time and to actually start blending the words together and stop this i don t know i don t know i don t know if it s the best thing. I don t know i m doing the right thing. But we re working on it. But we really do like all about reading now that we have i ve seen it working and i ve seen how she s reacting to it we really do like this and we ll be moving on to level 2.

When she s done with this so we won t be changing that up and they were handwriting. We do here any without tears. We like this she does this every day so we i told her when she gets halfway through it with through with it she could do is start the kickstart cursive. So and just i want to take one page from that in a week.

And she s excited to do process. So maybe that ll help her you know from switching her bees and bees and p. s and q s and maybe hopefully. Cuz.

She still is switching a lot of her letters..

And numbers for p s and nines and q s and sevens and three so i really am on assignment about that another thing. We are still doing and we haven t changed. Those our spelling work work out be level be you know my days. I do with some pretext.

We do the lesson throughout the week and then on fridays. We do a spelling test and it should get forward to bottom then we work through those throughout the week and i ll test her again on those words. You know periodically out full one or two words. That she s gotten wrong with other tests and add it to her spelling test those friday s so i like it as spelling the belly workout.

Now that s that s it for english brevis. I m going to go ahead. And do a mac go mac. Last year for first grade.

And for kindergarten. Mia says. Hated math with a passion like reading a math. He heated and special eye mask.

She just could not get it and she you know kindergarten. The grade teacher told me she didn t know i kind of tend to know how to write this in or anything like leave out number sense whatsoever. And as a her preschool teacher. Because i taught the preschool and a talk with her and kenzie four weeks old.

I was like what how okay i know that and you know she did know it. But yes cuz we moved and we had all these changes when i family with the move into a different school and all that stuff stuff she just that s just one of the things that happens with it one of my biggest thing for homeschool to was between me and yet. I worked till from 7 30. To 5 30.

And my job was half an hour away. Sal doesn t give me some just. 6 15. And it was making dinner.

And don t know this stuff and like after dinner back then we d go ahead and do homework because my husband was just like i came to the homework with our excuse. She has a little attitude problem last year. So uh we were i mean it was a real struggle i mean there are times. We ve fought like crazy them fighting with the six year old.

I m too old to be fighting with my six year old. And i mean we were our relationship was not good like it was oh i just i hate to say. But we just did not want to spend time together. Because we just fought over homework so bad that just puts strain on our relationship and i hated it and i was like what can i do.

But was nothing i could do i mean we had a duke work. And you know i should have just put my foot down like no we re not gonna do him with this year. And because it s causing a stressful environment for her but we just did we just did the homework we bought she cried. I yelled.

It was just it was a rough time so i was not looking forward to that at the beginning of this year. Just knowing that that s what was going to happen. But he surprised me and she doesn t fight me on matt that s her favorite thing to do so you love math and our relationship has gotten so much better and anyway. I m rambling so dang weird over max.

It s horizon..

We love this and we started out with one lesson a day front and back and you know she s violet. The second week she was getting overwhelmed to the gaia. I can t he do this i can do this and so we stepped back. I did we did one lesson a week.

So we did the front on tuesday back on thursday. And we added some other little math sheets on monday wednesday friday from the most that girls christmas. A pack. So that s what we ve been doing up until now and now that she s kind of gotten back.

She s getting back on track. She s able to do one lesson front and back on tuesday and one lesson son back on thursday. So that s kind of what we re doing right now for math. So we really love for items.

I ve done review on it and check that out if you want to see more. But we do love horizons and also we add in some right now. We do an addition flashcard. So we add a system to it.

And she hates flash cards to deliver flash cards. So. But we do do everyone come i ll just stir just to do it. But she just she doesn t do flash cards.

Very well. She s not a memorization person well. Which is nice. I guess i m as a flashcards person.

That s me who wants to do flash brezhnev all right um just some extra stuff. But walk history store. The world. We do we start assured.

It s like come do every day with history. And it was just kidding. It was getting too much so i changed it up breeches to history one day a week. My kids are screaming um.

We just do history one day is one day a week and that s that we just do it like not a chapter. But like a section there like chapter six. We just did got big stable ham. So there s to that and then next week.

We ll do juices go to egypt so we ll slowly make our way through this we probably won t finish it in one year. But that s just what we re doing and we don t do the narration and the map work and stuff that goes along with it or the activity science. You know i had these i love science. When i doing my favorite subjects.

And it s one of me at favorite subjects that still up science. She loved tines day and i was going to try to do that two days a week. My original plan was story the world monday wednesday friday is thursday tuesday thursday nope not gonna do that so now you re doing history on tuesdays and science on thursdays and i do not have a science curriculum. I thought i was gonna buy some i became frumble girl was gonna buy but i was gonna buy i like three or four ideas.

I think it was either going to buy this grammar..

Say biology of the grammar space or something like that from elemental science. But nope. I didn t get that and then i was like well maybe i ll do it exploring nature with children and when we will just do a nature study nope. I didn t do that i have a whole bunch of science books so we literally we just read and one thing that i kind of changed up.

We have done it yet. But this is our first month. I got a kiwi crate for me at and this one we re going to build this building and water wheel. So we re going to do that for science this week last week.

We made a palutena s unfirm me at birthday she got a science book the curious kids i m curious kids. A science experiment is something. But she loves that book so we do experiments out of that on thursdays and just talk back throughout the week. So there s something extra that we do we don t put a big focus on it.

But it is her favorite thing to do science and math. She loves it so hello another extra thing is i got this course stream fun feeling journal. We love this we love it theo shows a lot of coloring. And she s she left art.

So it as writing in insted. A little bit of crew. Said yesterday in major study and drawing and if we love that blood so that s a really great thing and i think it s spears for dyslexic children. So just because she is this is really great.

The thoughts and stuff is really great for her and the logic worksheets are really awesome so that s another thing and the last thing. I believe you know we also do like of a free well and she reached to me and time seems right now. But she does piano and she does handle lessons once a week for 30 minutes. But we try to do piano practice trips weeks like at least like 10 minutes a day.

If that i wouldn t budge. 10. This is all she can about handle it and then i can handle with having a little ones. Who want to bang on the piano watch.

It saying it so and we perky juror uses the expanding adventure club. We like these she really went under as well with them. And she s really favored there. But is it to do pretty good at piano.

Yeah. We ve got a couple weeks. Without a piano lesson just while we get our from school schedule and routine straight. But you know we re back on track and we re doing it again so that s one thing she does several times memorizing the notes like reading music.

But you should. 7. So he gave me some suggestions for my computer games that work on that so i decided try this week. And she does horseback riding on thursdays so that something check this girl scout and because i think that s it so that is our updated homeschool curriculum.

Now i thank you for watching um make if you have any comments and questions leave it in the comments below and i will link everything in the description box beneath me um push that red button if you want to subscribe to see more videos. Thanks bye. ” ..


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