Homebrew 20 Meter Dipole Antenna — Home Depot / Lowes Part 1 – AF5DN

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“My folks dave here af 5vn today. I m going to show you how i i made this little 20 meter dipole antenna. All of the parts came from lowe or home depot with the exception of the peel peel 239. Which i picked up at fry s and i ve had these for a while everything else today.

I bought today had to make some modifications that s actually a piece of plumbing to get it to work right this is going to be a very low power inexpensive easy to make antenna that i m going to be using on my qrp 20 meter. Q. Rp rig. Now i want to tell you why i built this i ve been building my q.

Rp rig with all mfj products up to this point. I ve actually had a 20 meter dipole antenna on order from mfj for four weeks four weeks. Now this didn t this is not probably the quality that the mfg will produce. But this took me an hour to make one hour and i ve had the mfj on order for four weeks.

Okay so this is temporary. I didn t cancel the order this is temporary we re going to hook. It up and try to get a signal and i ll show you the insta build right now okay folks what i want to be showing. You today is the build up of this 20 meter antenna dipole for this qrp radio.

Now keep in mind. This radio is only going to put out seven to maybe ten watts of power. It s very low power. So the wire that we can use doesn t need to handle a whole lot of power.

The connectors that we use don t need to handle a whole lot of power okay the ground wire. Doesn t need to handle whole lot of power. So everything here. I picked up at home depot.


Me lowe s and they re all the least expensive items that you could use for this project. I m going to set this out of the way here let me go through this real quick. These are the tools that we re going to be using it s the flat bladed screwdriver for what i m going to use this for a philips at work they socket. These will you talk about those in a minute.

I ve got 2 pvc end caps. Now i just i didn t put these in a vise or anything because this is mine. I m not selling it not giving it away not making it for a friend. It s it s kind of a test.

So i just eyeballed drill walked a little no big deal that s for the peel 259 down to set in okay. That hole is for the wire to come out okay this hole. These holes are for these little bolts. Okay and then i got a little piece of pvc to go in between no big deal that s all for you stan the screws these are just sheet metal screws that s what i m going to use to hold these on i m not going to drill put nuts and bolts on it.

But i m done the way i hang this there should be no strain on this connector. So that won t be necessary now i need about 17 feet of wire on each side of my dipole. The least expensive way. I could get a 14 gauge wire was to buy 2 20 foot packs.

So i ll cut about 17 feet off of each one of these ok pvc glue to glue all that junk together. Here s a little ground wire. Again that will go to this which is on a piece of rebar pounded into the ground that s just for safety now these guys here. See if i can explain what they re for and you will see them the finished.

But just so you can get an idea those are going to be on insulators now home depot and lowe s neither one had regular wire insulators. So the end of my dipole. This would be this to simulate that i m going to be using that wire. But they ll simulate the end of my dipole.

I will be wrapping the wire around something similar to this okay you get the idea..

This is the end of the antenna now. What i ll do try to get them to end this little cheesy wire. Here is i ll take a piece of probably paracord or something. Like that you have to imagine this being paracord run that in there like this tie.

It off okay. This will be paracord here s my antenna right here and then you can see i made an insulator where i can tie this paracord up that i ll be using as an insulator. Very inexpensive this was like 50 cents. I would have used a regular wire insulator.

But they didn t have it okay no big deal alright so i m going to get the i m going to move the camera around just a little bit. And we ll set up and start building. This thing okay so the first thing. I m going to do is to cut my left and right or round and feed or what are you going to call my wires and this little radio here you can see on the dial here the center of the dial in the single sideband mode is 14 to 50.

Now i m not going to be operating this antenna in cw mode. I don t have the cw module in there yet and i m hoping the other antenna that i have ordered we ll cover that this is just a quick thing throw up real quick. So we take our formula. I m shooting for fourteen point.

Two 500 megahertz my your formula is going to be the total length will be 468 divided by the frequency over each leg length will be 234 divided by the frequency. So by doing that i come up with one six point four two one zero five two six three blah blah blah goes on forever at how much paper. So basically we converted that to 16 foot five and one sixteenth of an inch for each play now. I m going to go crashing airy and add one inch on each side that the total length in will be two inches too long.

But that s okay i can adjust that if i need to keep in mind. I m going to be folding the ends in also so what we need to start out with is cutting the wire. Now unfortunately my goofy little tape major here only goes to it s a 5 meter tape. I ll be too easy minute 16 foot.

3 4..

Of an inch. So yeah. I m going to have to do the little you know pull it out so far and move the tape that s okay we can do that alright so me write about all right basically be rid of this fix that in a minute all right sorry about that looks like when i tilted that down. I must have dislodged the battery okay.

This is not a tv production. This is you re seeing it live well maybe not it s recording. But you get the idea we re just we re doing it okay so right. There is my 16 foot mark.

So then i go another instead of five and a sixteenth. I m going to go six in 1 16. And cut this bad boy right there. And i got a little bitty.

Like you say. This was 25 foot a little bitty chunk left over here. I ll just discard that now that i m pretty good i hit the trashcan twice okay. I m gonna go ahead and try to detangle this just a little bit before i get the link on it okay.

So i don t particularly care to measure it so i already measured one. I m just going to line them up and get the same length good. Now diagonal cutters usually work better. But electrician snips do okay and again we got some extra wire here notice.

This is less wire than that other piece that s typically why i don t measure if it says 25 feet. I don t believe them and i don t measure from you know try to remove some from one end. I ll actually start and measure. The whole thing alright.

We re coming pretty good there so we got our two pieces of our dipole..

Now. Let s see what s next alright next is this bad boy right here. So. What i do is i m going to attempt to mark a couple holes here probably a sharpie would be better for this but i got to there the in all of these holes.

I ve just been hand pump and drilling. I m okay we got to put it device you want to measure. I say go for it if i were making these professionally. I would be using templates and then it would be build the template one time and then every product from then on would be exactly the same sometimes with these they do make these little end caps.

That are flat. And they don t have all this raised lettering on it if you can find those that would be better. But in lieu of that you know just do what you got to do to make it work all right so we re done with the drill. Now the way.

I m going to be working mine. I ll come up here to the top piece. Now and assemble that i ll go right in there the challenge for guys with fat fingers okay maybe. But you got to do what you get in there can i get that one started on the end.

These are just these are just strain relief. So i m not going to have an electrical connection out here you ll see that a minute all right summers gonna tighten these guys that before as i can and you know what to say this is that this is a temporary thing. I m trying to get it out as cheap as possible because i have a another antenna on order. Okay there we go that s that piece done alright.

So let s ” ..

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