Hollow Knight- Secret Room: Godtuner s Workshop

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“How you doing the day. My name is rhea and thank you so much for for stopping by today. We re playing halle night and i want to show you secret room that you can only get to after you completed. The first three pantheon s so the first thing you need to do is actually leave god home by just jumping off leaving the area whatever you got to do once you make your way out of god home.

All you have to do is use your dream nail to get back in every single time. You do this you have a 2 chance to make your way into this secret room. Which this isn t the secret room. It s kind of like with the mender bug.

How you had a 2 chance of getting the mender bug to spawn literally..

The exact same thing you have to do this over and over again. Until you finally make your way into a secret room called the god tuners workshop. It s something that s like really really hard to get into just because one you have to have all three pantheon s complete in to a 2 chance is it s so low after doing this a hundred times. You ve got to two out of a hundred chance to get this or 1 out of 50.

So you might be doing this over and over again. But let me just cut to the end and show you what it looks like when we actually get it done wow. I got super lucky with this one because normally it takes no man. I got super lucky with this one because with the 2 percent chance of finding.

What is it called the mender bug..

I got super lucky with this one. Because you have a 2 chance to find the mender bug and that one took me about 45 minutes. And this took me about seven minutes worth of trying to get to here and as you can see it s just as desolate dark place. It s just kind of like a junk pit right.

But you can see that it s still like semi dreamworld you can see like the the dream signs in the back. But you can t get up here at all there s there s just no way up and so if we come over here gods of our fortune seek thee. We shall to devote our all so if you inspect this thing right here you ll leave and you ll never be able to come back here again. I m pretty sure that you can only inspect this place once what gods to save us all from our silent mind and that s pretty much it there s no other no other dialog these winds carry us to the dear gods.

And i don t fully understand it i don t know why this would be here let me know down in the comments below..

What do you think this area means. What do you what do you think. It is there s there s not a whole lot to dream nail other than that one guy there this area looks very much like the halloween cliffs. I don t understand what it s talking about the the winds taking you to the gods.

But just a really really interesting area and let s see if it does or says anything we ll go to leave. Temporary tuning device. Built of car pace. Ok.

What happens..

If we use this if we attack. It oh savage intruder no right thou has to trespass within such sacred memory begone begone sacred memory. Very interesting because that thing that we were using the dream nail on it looked very much like the god seeker. Which is the very last thing that we see before we fight the final boss in any one of the pantheon s which is really interesting like i wonder if the god seeker was trapped at one point.

And that was a memory and somehow the gods released the god seeker. I don t know let me know down in the comments below. What do you think this means. It s a really interesting secret room like i said you can only get there once and it s only after you beat the first three pantheon s and as you can see i have not beat the fourth pantheon as of yet don t worry i m trying i m trying thank you guys so much for stopping by my name is drea and i ll talk to you getting more ” .


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