Hisense 50″ H5 series Smart TV review by Average Joe

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“There attention kmart shoppers walmart shoppers best buy shoppers wherever you might have bought this this hisense smart tv sorry my videos there it is catching up slow focus on dark. Just quick review from average joe here on the hisense 50 inch. Smart tv. Purchased this at personally at walmart and have been very satisfied with it thus far it you know obviously.

It s mounted on my wall. Here. And so uh all smart tvs. Nowadays and new tvs.

Have that capability..

This one here. I didn t really have to adjust anything as far as the brightness or anything like that i mean certainly you can adjust it to your own personal levels. But this one has netflix amazon vudu and youtube right on the remote itself. I believe there are more apps than that if you search through the store.

But for now let s just see if we can get something to come up youtube. Perhaps so there s amazon now switch it over to youtube. But just a simple click of the button on your remote control and your right to where you want to be on these apps. There s youtube and so um.

It s a you know a really nice tv for the price..

I think this was i know it was under 400 off to look and see what i paid. But i m pretty sure was maybe closer to 300. And it s a 50 inch tv. And it s not real thick.

I have to get mounted on the wall back here and i was able to do that myself as you see in my other videos. I do a lot of things myself. So yeah. So there s a nothing to complain about thus far with this particular tv.

Let s just put on something and and see how it goes..

But you know it s got a good sound quality for the you know tiny little speakers that are in it and the volume. I found to be pretty good on it um let s see here. It s doing a little ad. So skip the ad here using the remote control let s your l.

Let it run. But nevertheless. It s got a good picture again this is our bedroom television and so we don t have any complaints. We were able to hook up directv to it without any issue of course and yeah.

I mean it s not 4k tv..

But it is a it is a 50 inch tv. And it s got hd and and so we are enjoying it and don t have any complaints. So i would recommend again if you re interested in in getting a television a nice cheap one. I had never heard of this brand before i m not even certain makes it but this one s working out for us.

Very well and no complaints and so if you re looking for a good 50 inch tv. That doesn t have to be 4k. I would recommend this one if you have any questions make sure you ” ..


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