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“So the other day. I had another one of my brilliant video ideas. I definitely definitely didn t it this one from ryan trahan that definitely not but this brilliant from the big brain of george meaningless is to offer people more money than their items are worth on the facebook marketplace. I m genius.

I i know so i invited bj s mario over because i am banned from facebook can i show how am i to talk no use my facebook ban no you have a genuine have been banned from face. Why are we using my facebook marketplace. You re not going to five things with my money george. We re gonna highball people and facebook marketplace.

So i ve also we re gonna offer them more than their listing it for listening right are you going to get sued. No you aren t you want don t worry james. It s all on me. We re not gonna save that browser going on marketplace.

Let s see what we ve got going on in the marketplace. Today can i say i know you can t see us currently george is in control of this absolutely a playstation vita or shall we message him with hello rather. Oh. My god why didn t we make a new facebook account for them because you need to wait like months for your fake facebook at us be active for months so am i gonna get banned off facebook.

No you probably won t probably your friend. The more i have been in the market for such a device for many months now many years many months years is pushing it a bit many months now. I mean no one s bought a ps vita for at least six. Yeah yet none have come by my way.

I guess you could say i ve been unsuccessful in my quest. He doesn t want this if this may be fate. I will double your your asking price 120 pounds. No make it 100 and 110.

So we ve done it wrong. I ll give you nine see if it comes with a kiss can you kiss me as well for this price. Handsome. Yeah.

He s been on facebook for 2007 and his pictures not of him. Yeah yeah. Stephanie s middle okay you give me key kabul maybe. She he snuggle snuggle or my love in the world.

James ii. He know we should we should we should make like a like a username like psv to hunter for 20 or something like that z x. James e. I take it my facebook is gonna now be i m just gonna be having to respond to these people for the rest of my life.

Mini cooper. Why me what s a piece of machinery. That is unfortunately unfortunately i have too much money oh why not mock me sir. What do you mean ha.

Don t get aggressive. Unfortunately. It s a little too mini for me are these used with your earwax. Oh my god they used question.

Mark question mark. If so i ll pay more yeah. Give me 90 pounds. That love give me this snuggle.

Then wink give him a winky face maybe. He thinks that s some kind of playstation console. The ps not the playstations take on the games. One go up.

No no no no no there was a good one playstation 4 games. Me in hyde park. Yeah. Funny.


But make it rome at least. What are you okay are you okay do you need a snuggle no baby that s good straight. You ll know all right let s look for a new. I am.

I m confused. I was give him a winky face and leaf that was shot you go to the peaceful games 1000. I ll be like a few 5 grands what games should we just both qaddafi 4 18. I ve been looking for this rages.

I would like to inquire about fifa 18 words like to inquire about your copy of ea sports. 18. I am willing to pay the full price of ours feel free for you can keep the rest of all that alive okay so we interrupt this really epic and amazing melius video to bring you an important message from stay sponsor expressvpn now it s rare. I go online without turn this thing on anymore if you know a vpn is vpn essentially spoofs your locations make it look like you re somewhere else you can use this to access region lock content like netflix from other countries.

I hope my netflix here we ve got the uk one. But if i go in here and then just switch my location then refresh and then i ve got american netflix. It s pretty sick. I personally use this to mainly watch the us office since they took it off uk netflix.

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Me meanness and possessed maybe we should leave him to us to his magic. Okay. Oh. My god this is a bad idea shall.

We ask you about the mini cooper. I just say yeah i ve looted don t worry really yes we try and read somewhere for a hundred pounds a month wait that one s one pound. I ll give you two if you cook all of my meals well you serve as my chef. We should go in and be like do you have an iphone 7 do you have it in black have size.

6. You have size 6. I have dainty feet. Oh.

You smell dainty da. I empty. Yeah. Why yeah.

I have dainty feet. No. No surprises. People are applying as quick as they are nice garden nice garden smiley food unfortunately.

I m not interested that s my son is he s willing to pay 600 is this a fake id message going will this get me into clubs well this is b into clubs. I m 40 wow. That s my know how to spell log think son from runescape. She s actually taking it seriously.

George. The best part is at any point. Anyone here could just search my full name is buying their iphone. 6s can i have the child in white though oh you paged you ve graduated eunuch.

Yes. That s gonna fit this giddy graduate. Is wow okay. No this is telling it to harassment.


George good. Bye laughter. It was inquire no very good salesperson. How hard do you reckon.

I can slam this was about to get and they re saying this home for free. I think i should tell them that their local in that cell fair. I think giving this helps away for free. It s not such a good idea not such a good idea.

I would be willing. I was be willing to provide to pay you ve a for twenty pounds of my arm gave you for christmas. But folks answer me this what is so static about this home. What is so standing about this i will i receive a lot of electrical switch control of wrapped.

Oh here we go oh. It accepts a thousand to look at your ugly burglar and she s headed back a picture himself. But if it comes with the square of god with a square foot garden fresh garden of fresh garden. I won t be able to refuse johnson.

I m a big fan of mr. Johnson is that haha did he sign this in prison. Well if we got this man to dig up his daughter. Some reason.

I think he s not going to do that before so house is so cheap on it wow. Say i will pay ten pounds. If you hand deliver if you a hand deliver this we have a mariachi band singing a rendition please reply soon dying for april how much to put their hands to her oh no no how much to hold my hands yours look strong. Beautiful.

You ll get out the block. All these people huffed. I know can we do it at the end of this video. I want to leave it for a few days.

What oh she blocked us the conversation this looks good unfortunately. I don t have a good day. Oh. That s a waste of potential those hands look wonderful women should feel lucky to feel the embrace of your palms.

I m just gonna compliment anyone 500. 700 pounds for a lamborghini. That s pretty. It s a pretty good deal.

I think. Hi oh. No it s not i ll. Give.

You 50. K. Oh. I m.

A handyman are you gay dude. No thanks. Fair enough. I appreciate the courtesy.

Want something to shatter over my dad s head. If i can pick up today. I like women s thank god oh. We got the cat scratcher bet passive aggressive would it work for my dog sixteen year old son no i wasn t in prison bargains group unfortunately i only shop desired you reckon.

He just has no idea who had him johnson he s just like oh. It s just like trying to trade it off like he s born for a low price. He s trying to trade it off the sign by people on the register men watch men watch. This is a lovely men watch and watch poor men will hush erica.


We should go for what exactly do men watch. But sigh. Ryan what do men watch exactly exactly i never reply from the cat yes it definitely will oh cool. He s six foot six.

But he dresses up as a cat sometimes he really likes cats. The movement to be them have you ever seen the musical guy you ve ever seen the musical cats. I see it at least once hey. Ma.

If i purchase your goods you come with me. I will give you 200 pounds. My wife got fed up me my wife have been looking at getting a bunk beds of some time. Looking at getting.

These two boys for a minute ever since. Jared was introduced to our relation. She s been waiting for me to sleep in and they re in a different bed. She s been hoping i d sleep this way.

But i like to listen to you see so this looks like the perfect purchase. I will give you 300. Oh as a thank you smackaroonies okay 300. Smackeroonies okay so we go move it they wait for people to reply.

James is gonna go off on his account and reply to all these people. So yeah. See you in a sec. Okay so we re back a day later and james has messaged some of the people from yeah.

One thing. I noticed about my facebook is now as part of my timeline. I do have them listing personally view. So i don t know if that s going away anytime.

Also adam johnson that he d love to see that i ve got a few messages. The black kettle was so unfortunately. Which was a very going experience. She s marta is available.

Though what it s now half price liar fiend ida. Barred the kettle. How can i help you make fake id in it it didn t answer your question. Really.

No. Unfortunately. We won t be getting into any club anytime. Soon.

George yes. It is please send your name and pose clothes and color. I will post it tomorrow. My name is bill gates.

I live in mumbai. Please just have the shoes. Send me your postcode and full name. How would you like pay pay power bank transfer bitcoins.

Okay should i send you my wallet. I want the shoes. I will send you a shoes after you pay me it appears. We have reached a stalemate and i don t know about you maria.

I like my bread to be fresh. You like your bread to be maria yeah. Then i raise you this send me your wallet and the shoes. And we go from that yes.


She removed the item. Unfortunately. Rao. Said what gv.

I need them to be yamir. Oh yeah will this be possible yeah he sent me a photo of your assurance. I like them waxey yeah spike home yeah. This one was weird yeah so we did this huge spike home.

One eye. And they just sent us this. What what s your reaction. Hello.

I am god and i am using you to send this over i am coming and if you deny me on earth. I will deny you in heaven hands. You are not ashamed of me send it to 40 friends weary crying about buying a house. These classics is a friend now i call that a win.

Yeah. I consider that a win. Don t just send that to everyone here they all need jesus. Oh.

My god this was boring. I send them the pictures. Why do you want the bed frame or mattresses. As well have the match has been used before brand new everything 139 for the bed frame.

Only 219. With two mattresses. I m not interested than sorry oh wow. He s replied.

No they are brand new with our furniture company. We sell new like there s only of course. We got so this is the one we asked for ea sports. Fifa 18 for the full price yeah.

I m not sure poufy you do not understand just how important that game is to me. Sir i would simply refer you to the following. I sent him this link. It was an eden hazard team of the tournament card alright which is incredibly rare.

I wish to acquire it for private reasons if you aid me in my quest. There will be benefits. So this one and he said. A picture of this that s not it a 14 day trial of ultimate team.

He was trying to sell this for over a ground nah. We want the full fee for a team for a grand today. I said. I was a bit more optimistic can you assure me that i will pull the special one.

I jabbed this one. I sold the game itself with the ps. So this whole charade has been for nothing ok well fair enough. I ll take the rest of the games for 1600 pounds on one condition.

What s that subscribe to me me that s ok so we re going to leave. I hope you enjoy staves video be sure to check out james. His link will be in the description and on the end screen. If you want to see another video like this then be sure to let me know yeah anyway guys hope you enjoy today s video.

If you did be sure ” ..

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