HIDDEN GEM? : Helm Audio True Wireless Earbuds REVIEW

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“Guys so welcome back to a brand new video today s video. We re gonna gonna look at a pair of truly wireless earbuds from a new company now it not from a company that has actually released anything before except for the company. They were with before if you ve heard of one more and their triple driver headphones. This is a group of guys that branched off from that company to start their own thing and i must say the first product.

I ve tried for them i m pretty impressed so the pair. We re gonna look at are the helm audio true wireless earbuds. So first off these retail forward. 99.

So that s actually a really good price point. There s a lot of competition in that. But if they can do something pretty impressive. It ll be worth your.

Money so first off some of the features of these is its bluetooth 42. It s ipx4 rated. So it s not really waterproof. But if you re going to exercise and run and stuff like that sweats not gonna bother these it even says mud resistant.

But i m not really sure i would submerge them into mud. They do get 100 hours of standby time battery life on these is only three to three and a half hours and so with the case you get about fifteen hours which is okay. But it s not anything special now as far as the distance goes. It says like 70 feet.


And i found 70 feet works like if you re in an open area. But if you re in a house and walls start getting involved you can kind of expect to be around 50 feet. But at least that s much better than some that don t work by the time you put it in your pocket. These have no problem as far as connection goes.

I think this is one of these stronger connections. I ve had out of truly wireless earbuds because some are hit or miss alright. So let s go ahead and look inside the box. Now.

I do want to say that on the outside of the box. This says production run number one and this is like number 17. So this could only be the seventeenth pair that they made in the beginning out of their first run. So i don t know where they re at.

But i do know these are officially released on their website which i will put a link below and they re only 99 you do get a microusb cable. But my complaints would that still stands. I think in 2019. It should be usb see where you can give fast charging and then most of the newer devices have usb see so it s nice to not have to carry around so many cables.

Now the case itself is actually nice you can see that it s like a smoked display that you can see the earbuds underneath. You can see the microusb charging port on the sud and then you can see the battery indicator lights underneath one of the complaints that i do have about these earbuds is this case is a pain to open. It s not one of those you can just kind of slide your finger in and easily open. All the time.


Sometimes it just seems like it takes a little bit of effort. Which is not a big deal. But if you re in a hurry. You don t want to mess around with this thing.

So inside the case you can see where your left and right or marked and then you see a little button. Now that is my biggest complaint with these for some reason. When you take the earbuds out and put them in the case. It doesn t automatically disconnect from your device.

And start charging like all the other ones do you actually have to sit them in the case and then hit the button and the button somehow turns them off and starts charging them i can t tell you how many times. I actually put the earbuds in the case forgot to hit the button. They re still connected to my device. So the battery is still running and they just died so that right.

There is a feature that i don t know if they fixed in the final run. But i know was very annoying with this one now also inside the case you get your usual small medium and large silicone ear tips. But these also come with the comply foam tips now if you ve never used those before and you re used to using silicone tips. It is a whole different experience.

But they do tend to stay in your ear much better so for working out that s a huge plus. So the earbuds themselves. I can say this honestly is one of the most unique looking truly wireless earbuds. I ve seen yet it s kind of like a diamond design.


This is the all black model. But they do offer them in an all white at first when i saw them online. I was very worried that this was gonna look pretty feminine and then most guys wouldn t want to wear these things. But i can honestly say once they came in they look pretty rugged inside the ears.

They just have a very nice look to them and they don t feel like you re wearing a piece of jewelry that was one of my concerns. But i didn t have that issue so the single button on each one of these depending on which side you re touching. You re right will have your track go forward your volume go up you have your play. Paul s button and then the left you have the skip backwards you also have your assistant button so if want to open google assistant you want to open siri you re able to do that with the earbuds themself you can see the two point connectors.

This is what connects inside of the case to start charging these and then you can see where the e left and right is marked right above the ear tips now again first when i put these in the wingtip is a little bit different design than what i m used to so. I was able to stick them in my ear. And you kind of have to twist a little bit just to get the wingtip to stick at the front part of your ear. Most of the other wingtips kind of sit further back so at first.

I just couldn t get a good seal and i thought something was wrong. But then i figured it out everything became very easy and then the sound became absolutely amazing. That s right there is where the 99 more than makes it worth it now the sound signature of these is what s impressive you have very bumping punchy bass that has that exact same signature sound signature of being fun and exciting really punchy based that you can feel the highest come through extremely clear. But the mids.

I felt with this having a somewhat warm sound signature. We re kind of pulled back now it s not a huge complaint. But if you re somebody that likes to listen to classical likes to hear clarity and vocals. That is the one department.


These are just kind of pulled back just a tad again that s a very very nitpicking thing because like i said the sound signature. I think is more geared towards fun and exciting. It s not there to critique every little sound if you re going to be exercising and running that s the sound sing that you want and that s what you get with these now surprisingly enough the sound stage is pretty open. I was able to kind of pinpoint where instruments were coming from and if you re watching a movie you can kind of feel that environment around you and for truly wireless earbuds that s pretty impressive because most of the time it feels closed in it feels very tight inside.

And i didn t get that with it definitely felt more a little more open than most truly wireless earbuds. Do so. The one thing. I gotta say is i m very excited for what helm audio has in store for us.

I know they have open back headphones and this and being very impressed by one more. I m excited that a company branched off. And we have more products to try from somebody different so at a hundred bucks. I think this is one of the best truly wireless earbuds that you can get at a hundred dollars or below.

I think it lacks in some of the features as far as a long battery life being completely waterproof. But as far as sound it more than makes up for everything else so guys. That is my review of the helm audio tru wireless earbuds if you are interested again like i said there is a link below to their website. But thank you guys so much for checking out this video.

Thank you guys so much for checking out all the other videos and as always guys make sure to ” ..

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