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“Well here s what the screen looks like of the tomtom. 60. Asses and sam sam and i apologize for the way it looks because it s dark outside as can see i m sitting at the rest area and what i switched on a daytime mode. But basically there s your out right and you can choose either north you can choose either north up or straight up right like for example.

Now it shows the actual way the road is going highway 401. Going southwest as a lake right you can click this button here and the route changes to basically the road will go all the way always will be pointing this way right. Now the screen looks kind of fancy really 3d. And then on the right you see.

Here. This. Information your eta basically shows your eta in distance. And you can change.

You can choose kilometers or miles. And when you drive over here at the bottom. I will say what road you re on now over here we get this like a couple of dots. You click on that and you get into this screen.

Where you can pretty important you can change the volume or or you can mute it altogether and then over here you can choose you can choose the daytime mode or nighttime mode okay so now this is daytime oh and i go back and then over here. You have this i mean. It s really like i don t like this too much because it s i m used to categories..


You know like menus. Where you can search for a specific category over of you know place of interest over here. All you see is just search. That s where you enter you know either the address or part of a name you see enter an address or name.

And then here you change where near me or different different town. I don t know like you don t have categories. Then this is a character out so here you can you know edit your route find alternative avoid something on this route and and this is all by the way. This is all touchscreen right this is traffic at safety cameras.

My places. That s where you add some custom points of interest you can find parking gas stations right so bigger there s just two categories that you get parking and gas station. What the heck then over here they have connected services. If you want to pay some money they ll give you traffic and safety cameras.

As you know it is offline so so i ve been disappointed in this you know i was expecting a typical menu mode or setup and here we go into settings right so here s that s where you change the appearance you can change the size of the text and buttons. You know just it switches to night colors of course automatically. And you know what is this automatic zoom based on row type ok 3d. Or you see it only gives you either 3d or 2d in direction of travel which i don t think sounds like where is not up if i choose this one then the road will always point straight up and it s possibly an advanced advanced model so these are maps that s where you change maps.

I don t know why would i want to do that here you choose how you plan your route so for example. I want i want to be asked what to do and i just was punching in like my first destination. It never asked me anything..


It has fastest time eco friendly route. I like this one yeah. Most eco friendly. So you can save fuel.

This is good. And that s it sounds and warnings language in units. You know and then we have this where it gives you a guided tour. I feel this is good she just select the location press hold and release that s something new.

So you can just choose a location on the map and right away. It shows you what s happening there and to drive to this location tap the drive button yeah. Some 3d guidance view is shown automatically when you start driving of course you know in a city. It looks good you can see like the buildings.

The way they are and to change. The view tap this button. Yeah okay. That s what i showed you guys before you tap that one and it changes from this we have to change the route.

I guess you tap somewhere tap. The route for options. Okay and then you can do that yeah..


It seems like jana. It s like learning at different language. So you got to learn to open the main menu okay you click that one yep. I already learned that myself to navigate to an address or point of interest tap search and the main menu.

Yeah. That s what i figured see there s no categories here okay. So you can just type. The word like restaurant or truck stop and yeah of course.

I didn t do this yet because i just got this in the mail today you know like i bought it two days ago on amazon it cost about 200 bucks. So that s it so got a tour about tomtom go. Sixty. Installed maps you see you ask canada mexico.

Why did my wife come on okay. I guess. It s catching the too much darkness from the outside and that s it so the voices are pretty nice it s samantha not sure i guess how she talks language english mom come on english country units whose voice okay. It was there over here sorry your voices hi.

I m samantha i can read aloud. Signposts road. Numbers and street names all right is that all you can do key you have reached your destination..


Oh well well you see this one does not read street names you have reached your destination yeah. There s this guy again he does not read names of streets and roads you have reached your destination you have reached your destination. Where is this english thailand you have reached your destination. Ben new zealand you ve reached your destination grab.

You janos dogs and chill. You re gonna get down yes for the ride man listen to it again you ve reached your destination. Great generals togs and chill. You re gonna get down cheers for the ride man no you have reached your destination.

You have reached your destination capri you have reached your destination well lots of iq gotta wash with a steam. Oh no really well spanish oh yeah so spanish mexico i d you gotta wrestle destino hmm. But so the only voice that you basically can use if you wanna hear the names of streets is this one samantha hi. I m samantha i can read aloud signposts row.

Numbers and street names. Yeah. That s it so that s a quick introduction to tom tom 60s 200 bucks on amazon thanks for watching. ” .


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