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“Was good y all. Welcome back to a brand new video before we get into into it i do my shoutout of the day yesterday. I asked out who is favorite role player of all time my favorite comment comes from this guy whose name is p. Jn highlights.

Who says my favorite role play of all times. Jamal crawford. The do comes off the bench and straight up balls. And that s facts that s what i was thinking so he s definitely one of my favorites.

A lot of people said jamal crawford. But that was my favorite comment yo. I am extremely excited for today s video. My boy.

Marco who has been supplying us record this for a long time it s not that i hit him up ask him to make quizzes he goes out of his way to create quizzes. Because he wants to see me plan marco. You the goat earlier this morning and he hit me up saying yo. This is the best quiz.

I ve ever created and marco s always providing us with bangers so this is his best one. I was like i gotta. See what it s about i click on it i see the title and we re a we re ready to take can you guess the nba player by the emojis man it s let s not waste no more time let s go link submit in description hopefully. I don t forget if i do just just comment and i ll see it for any questions.

Marco for te mozi questions really you went out of your way for this night. And i really appreciate it i definitely think this is going to be a banger as you can see i have not played it just yet at the bottom. 40 let s go. This is not based off and being knowledge.

It s based off like riddles. This is like nba riddles you feel me ok first one the goat y all. Know who the goat is king of this now let me stop. It s mj jordan.

Easiest question matchable easy 100 emoji. You know will table. I always kept away on it. And then he scored 100.

And then he slept with 100 um. A number 11 with a trophy. That s bill russell. 11.

Rings man. 11 rings. It don t get better than that it probably will never get better than that 11 range crown emoji. That s got to be king.


Oh. Wait is lebron. James. His name s not king.

Lebron. James. Number. 5.

Are we calling kevin to rank the snake is that what we doing no ok. But if it s not kevin to rank then it is the real snake and not in the bad way look like baba. The black mamba. We not talk about gotta breathe.

We re not talking about matt bonner. Which ought not be black mamba. Okay just like strong arm emoji. I m thinking i saw white side okay.

Because you know when the side get the blacks he throwing up some guns. He won t have id to see that he 280 285 is that what you always say i don t know so we ll skip it for now. We got plenty of time for the questions well we ll come back and try to figure it out number seven it s a penguin. What nba players associated with a penguin.

Wait penguins are birds when a day player had a last name bird. Larry legend books. Yeah. We re going to pass on that that s too broad are we just talking about smart nba players steve nash.

No wherever you got lebron lebron super smart. I don t know we re skipping. We ll skip it we ll come back to it i don t waste much time yo. Okay.

Farkle you kidding me cuz. These are kind of tough angel maybe any nba player nicknamed. The angel there it does the easy one okay let s get back to the easel and caramel on the mailman. You don t live on sundays is what i is what i heard from somebody okay one i m thinking about no no no the djembe mmm tombo.

Know who else does that my no bowl did that it s my new pole. I don t know who created it though then maneuver play before dikembe. Yeah. Right yeah.

Manu go play. Before the king. Day. So.


The kimbe. Did it as homage to i don t know that s gary payton here we got all in your skin clapping. Oh. You know that defense you don t like nowadays are you trying to clamp somebody up you pull up your shorts you clap and smacking around that was gary payton after like what one of these almost be super confident and i m gonna get it wrong.

And i m like oh flash gotta be dewayne way. He always finds a way into my videos in some way. A snowflake. Okay snowflake cold.

The ice man george garrigan. Created a finger. Oh he did it okay. So this supposed is a little weird.

Some people see it as like praying you know and some people said is like high five. I see it as praying that s always like when i want to pray for somebody. I m probably saying that it was great so who prays it s like thing you pray to depending on you know i m not. Assuming.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Religion.

But people pray to jesus somebody. Went by jesus shuttleworth. In the movie. Ray allen.

Let s go um. That s a question. And you know the answer is allen iverson ha. Ha.

It s working out great a leaf that leaf is very canadian you might as well talk canadian flag bit andrew wiggins no are we talking about players that play there now demar derozan i know he s like canadian but he plays in canada let s just name a bunch of canadians. Steve nash is from africa by he s canadian and and that s right here we go that s hiking the dream alive. Why give me a minute a one there we go i didn t have to i didn t have to google it or anything. It s just a name that i always give wrong okay i get that wrong more than yanis believe it or not now okay.

That s a plane who nickname is a plane the jet kenny the jet smith i mean it could be jason terry. But kenny the jet smith was the first one so. Kenny smith. There we go there we go circle.

And the chocolate bar white chocolate jason williams. This is this is insane. This is insane okay. It s a gun mo specifically.

It s a pistol..

And there is only one player that had the nickname wait mayor love bitch. There we go pistol. Pete maravich. Just a red circle right circle set a zero it was a zero.

But they go zero. Oh whatever you want to say. It was there right okay movie rolling highlights human highlight reel comedy glucan can i decide this last thing. Yes there we go i mean i knew how to spell dominique.

But it just would ve taken off okay top hat and a rabbit. You pulled the rabbit out of the top hat. That is considered magic magic. John song all right we re almost there right oh really oh twenty five said like we can go on forever.

Cm. Tracy mcgrady. No let s get it let s get it that s the only tm. I could think of that s dirk dirk nowitzki.

There we go baby boy. The german flag. He s a gem that s lance stephenson because of the blowing of the ear of lebron yo. It s crazy polish hammer that s our marcin gortat that is curry steph curry the big ticket kevin garnett okay.

It s getting too easy now it get it so easy. Marco okay. So as i say that we get it oh wait no no no no spud webb spud webb. I m gonna feel bad.

But i don t know what slide that is is that okay it was the french flag. I just won i wasn t completely sure. But now that i got a right like that s confirmation right. What is that is that like a cantaloupe that s a cannibal right.

I m not big it s a fruit. I m a basketball not through all right cantaloupe yeah. We re skipping the rain man shot him i have this i took a minute. I had to think about who the rain man was shot him there we go tear grows that kareem abdul jabbar yes.

Okay mighty mouse who nickname was mighty mouse oh my god this is nothing mighty mouse was mighty mouse mighty mouse was that damon todd a meyer you meyer meyer it s damon stoudamire okay all right we got them in the half that s enough time to do this damon stoudamire okay. This is not cheated. I know what is it boy you boys this case video. You thought the best event.

Davidsdottir money there we go um a ghost. We got a minute left and we still got once we got to go back to will skip this for now. Oh. That s matter metta world peace makes sense and the last one right okay go back ghost ghost ghost.

Nobody nickname is like the ghost if i could be ghost says booth ghosts are bogeyman demarcus..

Cousins. Okay. What else do we forget that one the cantaloupe that one don t know come on come on come on oh my god are we really just gonna miss these pm. Oh.

My god that s jerry lies cuz when you when you trade march something that s trademark trademark logo the logo is jerry west 30 seconds come on put it together come on we got this kiddies and get this 30 seconds time liner down. What is this it s a it s a melon mmm. I am a guy oh my god boy okay five seconds over ten seconds these three i don t know i got to see it i got to see it and then the last one i have no idea 36. I m proud of it i m proud about our sheykh diesel.

Okay. It s something is there a nickname. I m forgetting the belt that has to do with that i don t know tim duncan. Trying to put that together okay.

Dennis rodman. Dennis rodman is far from an ancient marco. But i may be missing. Something maybe a nickname too got a little bell mail man.

We got the okay we got to go all the way to the end. So can we go the other way make it faster. Yes okay wait 40. Whoa whoa 40.

It s the king and the goat. Me thank you thank you marco this is this is far thank you all so much for watching. This was incredible this was fun my brain is hurting a little bit. But it s worth it because i got a 90.

I m proud of that so take us so much for watching let me know in the comment section. Below. How good you did because this is this is one we really got to think. This is not now.

Let s just put them together puzzles and stuff. Which is sometimes this one in this case. It works cuz. It s steel basketball later.

But okay. What s your favorite basketball. Nickname to be set out of the day for tomorrow of course. You gotta leave it like first.

I ll see you guys ma ana tomorrow s going to be a different type of video boys. But hopefully you guys are rocket with it again i told jobs don t try to bring some more stuff to the channel tomorrow s gonna be a banger eyes need gotta click on it and tell me what you think alright take y all. ” ..


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