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“Youtube today i m going to be showing you grant 2003. I just got it it from my iphone and i ve got to say it s pretty legit so m gonna be showing you i m sure there s a glitch. I don t think so i mean get up at any one. I guess and so it s not really well i mean a glitch.

Trapping anyone to put there s a difference now all right well let s just get started all right well um. It kind of x s me out when i started recording so hopefully. Though i have a oh i have a hooker in my car. So that s how it so i m going to show you how to get the extra life.

I m not sure okay. What the heck. This is this is the name of the car had its bitching on me or something and how to hook her in here. So because i m even letting me turn oh.

There you go. It was like really laggy mommy. Say the car like that it wasn t even convertible well actually i can t show you the health glitch. Because i already did it i forgotten.

I can t i don t know how to waste life. Without actually dying so once again i run over or something see you just you won t pick up a hooker you just go up to them like that and eventually they re going to come in after they check out your ride. Or something or you or whatever they are doing and then eventually will come in and once once you get them in you just go to a quiet place and whatever like somewhere far from the streets and other people and then for every shake your car does you regain health as you see and i have 125 health which that s not normal and i got it because um. I did it and after you after you finish doing it i ll just kill them just get your money back.


So that way you know it s not a ripoff you know they give you health. But you know do it again alright so see what my going alright well since i can show you that why i already explained it to y all. But i can t show you all right now. Maybe i ll make another video showing.

Y all. Or something. You got. Oh.

Me too. And well. I guess. I m going to show you where you could get armor as you can see i also have armor.

I mean i can t get it. But i m pretty sure so be there i m not even sure i could get no i can t get. But it s still gonna be there so we re gonna have to go head over there with the hooker in her car. Well um.

After this. I m just going to show. Y all. Where to get put on a little.


Austin man. I m heading towards my place. Ah sorry about that guys well. I was heading toward that s what i was about to say is where you can find a really fast car and you could just go to the paint shop and just change the color.

There so it s pretty fast god this is really laggy tommy. I don t know if you guys could tell this is really lagging on it s like so slow turned. It as fast as possible anyways here s the car over here. There is um.

You do need a other another car to get it. Though. Because then you wouldn t be able to break the glass. You know you can t see that there s glass.

There s just glass there right here it looks like it s like right through. But watch me see the little pass see ya alright yeah i m getting out screw you hooker. I m not a killer. I don t know the time for that see she gets back in now.

I m not gonna wait for her fuck that arma one hooker. Oh yeah. She wants to give i can fuck you i m out all right so this is a really good car it s pretty fast. But you kind of have to get used to controlling it handling it because it s a little too fast and when you re trying to drift.


It goes crazy okay. So see where i was going ahead for the armor alright just going to make a left right right now don t miss it oh god i hope our car. Doesn t flip over right here. Probably will note of the board.

Okay yes. It s good progress right. I haven t unlocked. All the maps so tough so weather so so far this is um.

All i found out on this map. I didn t god don t like going crazy. Because keeps glitching on me lagging a lot right on let s see i forgot where i was going i tell you i m going to right way down banked out of the way for it kind of almost memorizes entire map you alright. Let s just head over there looks crazy and try to drift or something that wasn t even a drift.

I was just like a little turn. I was trying to make come on turn to the so freaking fast. But keeps lagging on me earner. Let s see let s see alright.

We make a left right here you okay yeah. I don t know if you saw that you re like froze for a second. There doesn t like exit out or something and say like fine all right. It s a were my car is invincible have you not seen what it just went through that s kidding.


Yeah. What s that oh just little arrow. All right let s head over here right here you could drop cars off right or was it right here on this little thing or here. Look what happens.

If i try to drop this one off. Yeah so fuck you even though this badass car and even though it s all crashed up still fuck you and there is the armor at first i thought this was like a star you know so you can lose the cops or something. But its armor. I can t pick a dogs up my i already have armor and it s all the way.

So yeah. Um. Just so you could get a good look at that in the map. So yeah right there i ve it unlocked much.

I think i m on my way to knocking the second matthew. I don t know why i chose all the stuff. But it s whatever though alright well thanks for watching um comment like subscribe. If you haven t already comment.

Anything like anything at all alright well thanks for watching guys. And don t forget to hit that like ” ..

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