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“Back for another basic tutorial on google drive starting out today. We re going to to be getting into your my drive. Here. And i m going to be showing that efi create a file or a folder.

How easy. It is to go ahead and rename those documents. So just a stress kind of how important this is naming is everything think of google drive a lot like your jade drive and turtley on the network. You want to lay it out the exact same way that your jade drives laid out.

So you want to have organization..

So it s easy for you to navigate through and find the files that you re looking for and so that it s easier for you in the long run. Whenever you re sharing documents with staff or students and they re sharing documents back with you obviously organization is going to be very important in that and it could become very overwhelming very quick depending on how organized you make it in the beginning. So just to start out. Here.

You can see i have a test folder and a test document sitting out here in the my drive. Which is the base of the google drive to rename this the show how simple. It is all you simply have to do make sure that you re in google chrome. It doesn t work in ie in firefox.

But it s definitely not as fluid as it is in crump so using google chrome..

I m gonna go ahead and right click on the document come down to rename and this is show you can rename it whatever you want this case wanted to use in doc. And then again just to kind of recap through those that method again if you come up here to test folder. We right click go to rename and more label this student folder that just goes to show. Realistically how easy it is to rename these folders and documents just as an example to show how important it would be to go ahead and stretch her out your google drive in the beginning.

I ve gone ahead and set up here in my little training account a 2014 folder. Which would be used for say next year in the 2014 2015 school year if we click inside of there i m planning in the future to have a student folders for my students to share folders with me to turn in their files. I may create a dropbox type folder in here for each class period that i would use to say give assignments out to the students. If you re not going to be using something like edmodo or scala g.

To do that but inside here inside the student folders..

You can see that i ve gone ahead and broken down each class individually. So this is my first period english. I would recommend coming up with some type of naming scheme on how you would distinguish which period in which class you re teaching in my case. I m doing two digits zero one in english for my first period english.

Oh. Two english for second period of three technology. Two for technology for third and fourth period. Technology classes so just to restate that organization is really going to be crucial and everything that you do was google drive prime an example would be here in my second period class.

These are folders that i have shared to myself with my other training account as an example of how the student folders would look there are multiple ways that you could layer this out..

And we re going to be deciding more or less as a group on how we want those to look so that it s uniform for the students. But in this case right now. I m planning on first name last initial second period. So that whenever these students share those folders with you you know automatically that you can take that over into your second period in english.

So that s a lot basically it for this video. I know i want to look into a little more detail than just renaming the files and the folders. But it s information that you re definitely going to need to know in the future. Thanks for watching you ” .


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This video gives a breif overview on the importance of naming and structuring out Google Drive. It also shows how easy it is to rename files and folders created using Google Drive.

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